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RBC Blue Water Project: This Much

Let’s protect it together

RBC Blue Water Project: This Much - MPEG-4 clip
This spot made me thirsty…

Directed by Convert, the collective created by Adam Bluming and signed to The Ebeling Group.

Creative director: Rich Scurry. Executive producer: Mick Ebeling. Producer: Amy Fahl.

Animation: Karolina Sobecka, Joshua Harvey (previously: Abridged) and Rich Scurry. Illustrations: Jon Klassen (previously: An Eye for Annai). Design: Jon Klassen and Rich Scurry.

Creative agency: BBDO Toronto. Creative Director: Linda Carte. Copywriter: Rachel Abrams. Producer: Megan Flett.

BONUS: Two beautiful illustrations can be found on Jon Klassen’s blog.

Questo spot mi ha fatto venire sete…

Diretto da Convert, il collettivo creato da Adam Bluming e di stanza presso The Ebeling Group.

Direttore creativo: Rich Scurry. Produt. esecutivo: Mick Ebeling. Produttore: Amy Fahl.

Animazione: Karolina Sobecka, Joshua Harvey (già qui con: Abridged) e Rich Scurry. Illustrazioni di Jon Klassen (già qui con: An Eye for Annai). Design: Jon Klassen e Rich Scurry.

Agenzia creativa: BBDO Toronto. Direttore creativo: Linda Carte. Copywrite: Rachel Abrams. Produttore: Megan Flett.

BONUS: Due belle illustrazioni le potete trovare sul blog di Jon Klassen.

RBC Blue Water Project: This Much

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LINK: Visita Burst of Beaden, sito di Jon Klassen.

BLOGGER: Visita Burst of Beaden Blog.

LINK: Visita TEG – The Ebeling Group.

LINK: Visita Adam Bluming.

LINK: Visita Rich Scurry.

LINK: Visita Flightphase, sito di Karolina Sobecka.

LINK: Visita DSPRWXXIII, sito di Joshua Harvey.

LINK: Visita BBDO Canada.

LINK: Visita Royal Bank of Canada Blue Water Project™.

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