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Edge: Wrong Direction

Are you pushing your kids in the wrong direction?

Edge: Wrong Direction - MPEG-4 clip
As a bad student and a bad driver who have had bad teachers, I can relate so much with this commercial.

The spot was directed by Fredrik Bond and produced at Sonny London. Creative agency: MCBD.

Post produced at The Mill. Editor was Tim Thornton-Allan at Marshall Street.

Come cattivo studente e cattivo guidatore che ha avuto cattivi maestri, mi ritrovo molto in questo spot.

La regia è di Fredrik Bond; produzione presso Sonny London. Agenzia creativa: MCBD.

Post produzione: The Mill. Montaggio: Tim Thornton-Allan presso Marshall Street.

Edge: Wrong Direction

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  1. Mimi von der Ostsee | 29 September 2008 at 13:59 | Permalink

    klasse! (great!)

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