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Damaged Goods: Preview


Damaged Goods: Preview - MPEG-4 clip
“In this tragic love story played out by porcelain figurines on the back shelves of a bric-a-brac shop, a poor, down-at-heel boy falls for a beautiful girl with shattering consequences.”

This is a two minute excerpt from a ten minute movie commisioned by Animate Projects.

The whole thing will air on Channel 4 (in the United Kingdom) on the 21th of September, along with the other shorts produced this year.

The movie was directed by Barnaby Barford and produced by Charlotte Bavasso and Christopher O’Reilly at Nexus.

Animators: Tine Kluth, Leo Nicholson. Co-producer: Luke Youngman. Music and sound design: Chris Branch and Tom Haines of Brains and Hunch.

“In questa tragica storia d’amore tra due statuine di porcellana, fra gli scaffali di un bric-à-brac un ragazzo povero e consunto si innamora di una bella ragazza, con conseguenze dirompenti.”

Si tratta di un estratto di due minuti da un film che ne dura dieci, commissionato da Animate Projects.

Il film completo andrà in onda su Channel 4 (nel Regno Unito) il 21 settembre, insieme al resto dei corti prodotti quest’anno per Animate.

Il film è stato diretto da Barnaby Barford e prodotto da Charlotte Bavasso e Christopher O’Reilly presso Nexus.

Animatori: Tine Kluth, Leo Nicholson. Coproduttore: Luke Youngman. Musica e progetto del suono: Chris Branch e Tom Haines di Brains and Hunch.

Damaged Goods: Preview

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LINK: Visita Barnaby Barford.

LINK: Visita Nexus Productions.

LINK: Visita Brains & Hunch.

LINK: Visita Animate Projects.

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  1. Matthew | 17 September 2008 at 22:40 | Permalink

    This is a fun video! Quality film with the right amount of tongue-in-cheek. Very good technically, too: It is mind-bending in the way they made look so flexible and mailable their subject matter – porcelain dolls.

  2. DeK - Delirium et Kaos | 18 September 2008 at 05:58 | Permalink

    Heh, porcelain stop animation is something I would never thought of before I just saw it.

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