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Rainforest Sanctuary 2: Amazonia

Places of unparalleled diversity
and incomparable beauty
on the path to becoming just memories,
rainforests need our protection.

Rainforest Sanctuary 2: Amazonia - MPEG-4 clip
Amazonia is part 2 of Rainforest Sanctuary, a series of illustrations about the South American tropical rain forests by Tatiana Arocha.

Amazonia comes also with a short motion piece, created for The Green — a Sundance Channel programming dedicated to the environment — and posted here.

The author says: “these illustrations are my way of keeping these places alive. It’s my way of reminding myself and telling others that they are in need of protection.”

Tatiana explains how she expresses herself using many mediums: “When I’m creating a motion piece, I think about it as a print piece first; but when I create a print piece I imagine of how it can move.”

Artwork and animation by Tatiana Arocha. Words by Ismail Soyugenc. Music by Genji Siraisi and Barney McAll. Produced at This is Network.

Amazonia è la seconda parte di Rainforest Sanctuary, serie di illustrazioni sulle foreste pluviali del Sud America, opera di Tatiana Arocha.

Amazonia è accompagnata da una breve animazione, creata per The Green — programmazione dedicata all’ambiente del Sundance Channel — quivi postata.

L’autrice dice: “queste illustrazioni sono il mio modo di mantenere in vita questi posti, di ricordare a me stessa ed agli altri del loro bisogno di essere protetti.”

Tatiana spiega come il suo esprimersi passi attraverso più media: “Creando immagini in movimento, inizio col pensarle come statiche; ma nel creare immagini statiche immagino sempre come potrebbero animarsi.”

Artwork ed animazione di Tatiana Arocha. Parole di Ismail Soyugenc. Musica di Genji Siraisi e Barney McAll. Prodotto presso This is Network.

via Lumen Eclipse
thanks Tatiana!
Rainforest Sanctuary 2: Amazonia

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