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New Amsterdam: Opening

New Amsterdam: Opening - MPEG-4 clip
Opening sequence for New Amsterdam, a TV series whose “main character is John Amsterdam (Nikolaj Coster Waldau), a brilliant NYPD homicide detective who is immortal.”

The sequence has been made at Pure NY by creative director and designer Johanna Marciano, producer Wendy Brovetto and animator Bryan Keeling.

Nominated for Best Main Title Design at the upcoming 60th Primetime Emmy Awards.

Sequenza d’apertura per New Amsterdam, serie TV il cui “protagonista è John Amsterdam (Nikolaj Coster Waldau), un brillante investigatore della omicidi, nonché immortale.”

Sequenza realizzata presso Pure NY dal direttore creativo e designer Johanna Marciano, dal produttore Wendy Brovetto e dall’animatore Bryan Keeling.

Nominato per il premio come migliore sigla ai prossimi Emmy Awards (60a edizione).

New Amsterdam: Opening

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LINK: Visita Pure NY.

IMDB: Pagina di New Amsterdam

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