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M.U.T.H.A. Truckas

Poop Monster Sighted at City Limits…

M.U.T.H.A. Truckas - MPEG-4 clip
Vampyron, the Green Goon, Wolfie P. and Demonatra the robot are on the road (again?) to fight villains such as Colonel Corndog with the help of Captain Crimpjuice.

The teaser for a show created by Matt Clark, Ben Joseph and David Arquette. Animated at Man Baby.

Vampyron, il Goon Verde, Wolfie P. e Demonatra il robot sono sulla strada, per combattere nemici come il colonnello Corndog con l’aiuto del capitano Crimpjuice.

Il teaser per uno show creato da Matt Clark, Ben Joseph e David Arquette. Animato presso Man Baby.

via Vimeo
M.U.T.H.A. Truckas

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LINK: Visita Manbaby.

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