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White Red Panic

The teaser for the short movie by Ayz Waraich does exactly what its name implies: you’ll start waiting for White Red Panic to be released as soon as the clip is over. Or perhaps, even before. The teaser per il corto di Ayz Waraich fa esattamente ciò che dice il nome: inizierete ad aspettare l’uscita di White Red Panic non appena le immagini si fermeranno. O forse anche prima…
White Red Panic

WATCH: Guarda White Red Panic Teaser HD su Vimeo.
[Format: Flash Video]

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  1. Karen Abad | 3 June 2008 at 00:55 | Permalink

    Ayz’s work is consistently breathtaking and beautiful. A true master in his craft.

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