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Shots: Birthday

Shots are fired and a whole generation is affected and changed forever.

Shots: Birthday - MPEG-4 clip
“Injured veterans from the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq have two days with which to recognize and celebrate their lives.”

“Like all of us, they have a birthday, but special and unique to them, they also have an alive day which commemorates the day they were injured and had their lives nearly extinguished in the theater of war.”

All content and audio (and text) created by Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing, better known together as Impactist. Birthday is an clip created for Shots DVD Magazine Issue 108.

“I veterani feriti nei conflitti in Afghanistan ed Iraq hanno due giorni per riconoscere e celebrare le loro esistenze.”

“Come tutti noi, hanno il compleanno. Ma speciale ed unico, hanno anche un giorno di sopravvivenza, in cui ricordano il giorno in cui sono stati feriti, le loro vite quasi spazzate via nel teatro di guerra.”

Contenuti video ed audio (e testi) opera di Kelly Meador e Daniel Elwing, meglio noti insieme come Impactist. Birthday è una clip creata per il numero 108 di Shots DVD Magazine.

Copyright © 2008 Impactist. All Rights Reserved.
Shots: Birthday

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