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Amnesty: Bullet

vos pétitions ont du pouvoir

Amnesty: Bullet - MPEG-4 clip
Again to remind you that your petitions are more powerful than you might think.

The spot has been directed by Les Blins and produced at Festen Films. Director of photography: Thierry Pouget.

Creative agency: TBWA, Paris. Creative director: Erik Vervroegen. Art director and copywriter: Nicolas Moreau.

Visual effects provided by Chez Eddy, under the supervision of Jean Charles Kerninon and Christophe Delamare.

Di nuovo a ricordarvi che le vostre petizioni sono più efficaci di quanto immaginiate.

Lo spot è stato diretto da Les Blins e prodotto presso Festen Films. Direttore della fotografia: Thierry Pouget.

Agenzia creativa: TBWA, Parigi. Direttore creativo: Erik Vervroegen. Direttore artistico e copywriter: Nicolas Moreau.

Effetti visivi prodotti da Chez Eddy, sotto la supervisione di Jean Charles Kerninon e Christophe Delamare.

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Amnesty: Bullet

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LINK: Visita Amnesty International France.

LINK: Visita Festen Films.

LINK: Visita Thierry Pouget.

LINK: Visita Chez Eddy.

LINK: Visita TBWA France.

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  1. Anonymous | 3 June 2008 at 09:37 | Permalink

    Goddamn, this one is good!


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