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MARTIN SCORSESE – The Key to Reserva

…a secret experiment in filmmaking.

Martin Scorsese tried something never done before: the restoration of a movie by Alfred Hitchcock, a movie that has never been made… Or maybe not.

In fact, as you should know by now, it is just a sophisticated commercial for Freixenet. I tried to get a better quality version of this, but it’s not going to happen…

The Key to Reserva was produced at RSA Films for creative agency JWT, Spain.

Executive creative director: Alex Martínez. Creative directors: Rory Lambert and Carles Puig.

Director of photography: Harris Savides. Additional photography: Ellen Kuras. Editor: Thelma Schoonmaker. Visual effects supervisor: Rob Legato.

Music is taken from Bernard Herrmann’s score for North By Northwest.

Martin Scorsese prova qualcosa di mati provato prima: il restauro di un film di Alfred Hitchcock, un film che non è stato mai girato… O forse no.

In effetti, come dovreste omai sapere, è un sofisticato spot per Freixenet. Ho provato a procurarmi una versione di qualità migliore, ma non c’è stato niente da fare…

The Key to Reserva è stato prodotto presso RSA Films per l’agenzia JWT, Spagna.

Direttore creativo esecutivo: Alex Martínez. Direttori creativi: Rory Lambert e Carles Puig.

Direttore della fotografia: Harris Savides. Fotografia aggiuntiva: Ellen Kuras. Montaggio: Thelma Schoonmaker. Supervisore agli effetti visivi: Rob Legato.

Musica dalla colonna sonora per Intrigo internazionale, di Bernard Herrmann.

© Freixenet 2007
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MARTIN SCORSESE - The Key to Reserva

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LINK: Visita RSA.

LINK: Visita JWT.

LINK: Visita Freixenet: The Key to Reserva.

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  1. KristyAnne | 13 January 2010 at 07:10 | Permalink

    Thank you so much!!!!

  2. Saravanan | 26 February 2010 at 09:54 | Permalink

    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am a big fan of “Mr. Master of Suspense” Mr.Hitchcock. I am having the whole collection of Hitchcock 54 films. Now i am searching for his incomplete and some of his story outline were used in other films. From that I have taken a film called “The Spiral Staircase ” Its a film acted by Dorothy Mcguire actually the poster and scence was published in a booklet in 1980’s.
    The next one i have seen some of the posters by hitchcock. On that i seen the poster called “The Key to Reserva”, from the poster itself i found the touches of Hitchcock. So i tried to get that piece of work.
    Finally i found it in this site.
    Very Very Very thankful to you.
    This is a heartful thanks from myself and out Hitchcockians fans.

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