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Drench: Brains Dance

Rhythm is a dancer,
it’s a soul’s companion,
you can feel it everywhere

Lift your hands and voices
free your mind and join us
you can feel it in the air.

Drench: Brains - MPEG-4 clip
Brains, from Gerry Anderson’s puppet classic Thunderbirds, performs “some pretty amazing dance moves” to the sound of the Snap’s Rhythm is a dancer.

The spot has been directed by Ringan Ledwidge and produced at Rattling Stick. Editor was Rich Orrick at Work Post. Creative agency: CHI.

The ad was shot with a real actor performing all the dance moves. Then, a team at The Mill, led by James Sindle and Barnsley, put in Brains. Some parts are from a real puppet, some are recreated in 3D. Try and guess which one are real.

Brains, dal classico a pupazzi di Gerry Anderson, Thunderbirds, si esibisce con “dei notevoli passi di danza” al suono di Rhythm is a dancer degli Snap.

Lo spot è stato diretto da Ringan Ledwidge e prodotto presso Rattling Stick. Montaggio: Rich Orrick presso Work Post. Agenzia creativa: CHI.

Le scene sono state girate con un ballerino umano. Dopodiché, il team di The Mill, guidato da James Sindle e Barnsley, ha inserito Brains. Alcune parti sono di un pupazzo reale, altre ricreate in 3D. Provate ad individuarle.

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Drench: Brains

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MAKING OF: Dietro le quinte, featurette.

LINK: Visita The Mill.

LINK: Visita Rattling Stick.

LINK: Visita Work.

IMDB: Pagina di Ringan Ledwidge


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