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Dookie Poo: What You`ve Become


Dookie Poo: What You've Become - MPEG-4 clip
Watch as Dookie Poo travels through some of the greatest classic arcade games of all time to save Chorocco Tofu.

The video has been directed by Manny Galán as part of the Dookie-Poo branding project, or whatever it is…

Music by The Montauk Project, that is Rich Albergo and Antonio Gabriele, from Long Island in New York, United States. Audio by Explosion Robinson.

Seguite Dookie Poo nel viaggio attraverso i più grandi classici della storia del videogioco per tentare di salvare Chorocco Tofu.

Il video è stato diretto da Manny Galán come parte del progetto di branding (o qualsiasi cosa sia…) Dookie-Poo.

Musica di The Montauk Project, ossia Rich Albergo ed Antonio Gabriele, da Long Island, New York, Stati Uniti d’America. Audio: Explosion Robinson.

Dookie Poo: What You've Become

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