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Her fingers of rain stroke my mouth.

“A man lost his love. He decides to go out and find her in the night of Hong Kong, only to realise that it’s not with her he’s in love, but with the city itself.”
Seeking You is a love letter to Hong Kong written (and directed) by Jean-Julien Pous.
The [...]

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Ford Kuga: Blank Canvas

We keep following the same old design rules.Imagine if we could start again with a blank canvas.

Open your mind to the infinite opportunities that life gives. Yes, I’m delirious…
The spot has been directed by Nicolai Fuglsig. Shot over four days at Universal Studios backlot in Los Angeles.
Director of photography: Toby Irwin. Editor: Rick Russell. Creative [...]

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PEDRO EBOLI – A Pug`s Life

animal were emotionally harmedduring the making of this film.

Life sucks. Especially when you do too…
A Pug’s Life is a petite tragedie by Pedro Eboli, a student of the Vancouver Film School.
Voices: Graham Peterson, Julia Hilton.
La vita fa schifo, se fai schifo a vivere…
A Pug’s Life è una petite tragedie di Pedro Eboli, studente della [...]

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Nothing to say here. Or maybe too much? But feel free to leave your comments.
A short movie by Ramon Bloomberg.
Nulla da dire qui. O forse troppo? Ad ogni modo, lasciate pure un commento se volete.
Un cortometraggio di Ramon Bloomberg.

via Sul divano

DOWNLOAD: Scarica The Fence.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 29 MB - Running Time: 3 min.]


Phoneheads – Roll that Stone

papa’s on his knees‘cos he can’t tell the wood from the trees…

Sometimes I feel exactly that slow… Than I realize it’s not me: it’s just my bowel.
The Phoneheads are Philipp Maiburg and Michael Scheibenreiter, a drum and bass duo from Düsseldorf, Germany.
Roll that Stone is featured on their 2005 album entitled Buddy Language.
The music video [...]

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IWC Schaffhausen: 140 Years

non è più triste il mio camminoa Portofino, I found my love.

Swiss luxury watch brand IWC launched a new vintage collection based on some of their classic models.
“This 10 minute movie portrays all six watches within a narrative story told by F.A. Jones, founder of IWC. The movie consists mostly of still images along with [...]

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Dionysos ft. Olivia Ruiz – Tais-toi mon coeur

Je ne te reconnais pas

It’s a shame I never posted this beautiful video, the story of a heart broken into pieces.
Dionysos is a French rock band. The members are: Mathias Malzieu, Éric Serra Tosio, Michaël Ponton, Guillaume Garidel, Élisabeth Maistre, Stéphan Bertholio.
Tais-toi mon coeur, featuring Olivia Ruiz, is a track from their latest album, entitled [...]

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Euro 2008: The Unhuggables

Football on the Coke side of life™

Better watch soccer alone. There’s some weird people around…
The series of spot has been directed by Andrés Fogwill at Landia. Executive producer: Claudio Amoedo.
Post production: Che Revolution Post. Music: Daniel Fainzilver.
Creative agency: Santo. Creative directors: Maximiliano Anselmo, Sebastián Wilhelm, Pablo Minces. Producer: Abigail Harding.

Il calcio meglio non guardarlo in [...]

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Patates Sautees

Dans la vie faut pas s’en faireMoi je ne m’en fais pasCes petites misèresSeront passagèresTout ça s’arrangera

Don’t worry. Everything is gonna be alright.
Patates sautées is a short movie by three students of the LTAM (Lycée technique des Arts et Métiers) in Luxembourg.
Edouard Caplain directed and designed. Characted animation by Viviane Karpp. Visual effects by David [...]

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The Young Republic – Modern Plays

Love is stronger than anything. Including girlfriend kidnapping robots landing from their flying saucers.
Modern Plays is featured on 12 Tales From Winter City, the latest album by Boston band The Young Republic, released on September 2007 for End of the Road Records.
The music video was directed by Daniel Scheinert. Don’t let its lo-finess mislead [...]

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The Adventures of Mary the Braveheart

Protecting Children Worlds.

Narrated by Miranda Otto, this fairy tale follows the story of Mary as she tries to fight the heartless Bacteria Ogres.
A PSA for the Sydney Children’s Hospital designed and directed by Jonathon Dower and Kelly Baigent at Tui Studios.
3D graphics made at FSM. Head of 3D: Jamie Dower. Animators: Ferry Taswin, Robert Grbevski, [...]

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Sigur Ros – Gobbledigook

Warning: Not Safe For Work.

Inspired by I Know Where The Summer Goes, an exhibition of celebrated photographer Ryan McGinley, who also contributed to the making of the video, Gobbledigook will take you on a place where innocence is still alive.
Gobbledigook is the first track from Sigur Rós‘ fifth album, entitled Með suð í eyrum við [...]

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Funkstorung: Dirt Empire

Made of dirt are our cities, for we are the Dirt Empire.

Graphical patterns transform from the organic form of a blurry haze into to square shaped buildings, symbolizing “the distance to our origins in today’s first world culture.”
The song, featuring Nils Petter Molvær at the trumpet, came from Funkstörung’s 2004 album Disconnected.
The video is [...]

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Himsa – Big Timber

Explaius whyus the treeus is madimuss

A bad day in the forest for five sasquatches when they meet an amputee, pissed off Big Timber (Treeamus Pissedoffamus).
Himsa is an American melodic death metal band hailing from Seattle, Washington. Current members are: John Pettibone, Sammi Curr, Kirby Charles Johnson, Derek Harn (the only one remaining of the original [...]

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Canon: Journey

Photography is a journey

Digital photos are blended together into a journey in the world of football.
The spot has been directed by Andrew Douglas at Anonymous Content. Director of photography: Flor Collins.
Music by Michael Montes at Sacred Noise.
Visual effects done at Asylum under the supervision of Paul O’ Shea. Editor was Michael Elliot at Mad River. [...]

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The Observer Book of Books


Another nice and short clip for another book distributed with The Observer.
Directed by Simon Robson at Nexus.
Altra breve e succosa clip per un altro libro distribuito con The Observer.
Regia di Simon Robson presso Nexus.

via feed

DOWNLOAD: Scarica The Observer Book of Books. [Mirror][Format: Quicktime - Size: 1 MB - Running Time: 10 sec.]
DOWNLOAD: Scarica The Observer [...]

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JURJEN BOSKLOPPER – The Bird and the Earthworm

From Dutch illustrator and animator Jurjen Bosklopper, an extremely short movie about the daily routine of a bird.
Sound design by Bernard Coops. The movie is inspired by the animation serie Mole, created by Zdenĕk Miller.
Un corto brevissimo dell’animatore ed illustratore olandese Jurjen Bosklopper, sulla vita quotidiana di un uccello.
Progetto del suono di [...]

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Dookie Poo: What You`ve Become


Watch as Dookie Poo travels through some of the greatest classic arcade games of all time to save Chorocco Tofu.
The video has been directed by Manny Galán as part of the Dookie-Poo branding project, or whatever it is…
Music by The Montauk Project, that is Rich Albergo and Antonio Gabriele, from Long Island in New York, [...]

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Resfest 10: Brasil

Well conceived and well done is this short animation for the Brazilian event of ResFest 10, held in São Paulo in 2007.
The clip was produced at Birdo Studio. Design and concept: Rafael Grampá.
Animation directed by Luciana Eguti and Paulo Muppet. Animation: Gustavo Teixeira and Rafael Gallardo.
Compositing: Luciana Eguti. Sound design: Paulo Beto. Executive producers: [...]

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Hotel Relais

Pure Tuscany

Bante (previously here with the music video for the Magnapasta) just completed a corporate video for a luxury hotel company.
The approach was that of uncompromised black and white photography. The clip was shoot in a month with four Canon photo cameras and a Bolex H16 RX-4, a 16mm camera made in 1965, equipped with [...]

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Caachi is a website for “independent filmmakers to distribute by selling their films to a supportive audience over the Internet.”
I received their invitation, but really don’t have the time to explore the website in depth right now. Still, you could be interested in it…
On the other hand, if you receive a comment from a ranking [...]

All your Comments are Belong to Us

Hey hey! Here I am. Don’t worry, your comments and mails will be approved and answered (or spam filtered) very soon.
Ehilà! Eccomi qua! Niente paura, i vostri commenti e le mail saranno approvate e spicciate (o cancellate) al più presto!

Der Struwwelpeter: The Story of the Thumb Sucker

The thumb was in, Alack! Alack!

I never sucked my thumb, as a child. My fingers were too busy picking my nose…
The short movie, written and illustrated by Bob Staake, has been produced and directed by Wyld Stallyons.
The story is taken from Der Struwwelpeter, a book of nursery rhymes by Heinrich Hoffman, that can be read [...]

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YVES GELEYN – Dandelions

Watching buttercups cup the lightSleeping on a dandelionToo much, I won’t touch youBut then I might.

A “small pastoral requiem”.
The short is the work of Yves Geleyn, and it may reminds you of Eclats de suie. Music and sound design : Mark Webster.
Un “breve requiem pastorale”.
Il corto è opera di Yves Geleyn, e potrebbe ricordarvi Eclats [...]

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Imaginantes: The Dream Master

una pausa para la imaginación…

In future psychoanalysis, therapist and patient are connected each other by means of a sort of helmet that allows direct transmission of images and thoughts.
This is the premise of Roger Zelazny’s Nebula Award winner novel The Dream Master, briefly but vividly illustrated in this short movie.
“Imaginantes is a cultural proposal [...]

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Van Hollandse Bodem: Four Seasons

Everybody dances…
A background animation for a Dutch fashion show, animated by Mitchel Tan and illustrated by Sue Doeksen. Produced by Soe Soe Productions.
Soundtrack: Diversion and Outversion; both songs are by Mark Ronson from Version.
Ballano tutti…
Animazione di sfondo per una sfilata di moda olandese, animata da Mitchel Tan ed illustrata da Sue Doeksen. Prodotto [...]

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Man Man – Mister Jung Stuffed

Oh no, this manCrawls into my skin.

When she asked for a drink, you wouldn’t imagine you were about to pass by the whole collective unconscious. And when you came back, you wouldn’t believe your eyes…
The Man Man have been our guests before, with the video for their song Banana Ghost.
Mister Jung Stuffed is featured on [...]

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[REPOST] Chemical Party: Electricity

The world of chemistry.

UPDATE: the clip posted on Sunday was not supposed to be released. Here’s the final version. All links have been updated.
Chemistry is queerer than you might think…
Chemical Party is a spot commisioned by the Media Consulta MC TV & Filmproduktion GmbH for the Marie Curie Actions, a program “which provides funding and [...]

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Nuns with Guns

Your soul demands you watch this movie!

They’re not on a mission from God, I guess…
Nuns with Guns is a fake Grindhouse fake trailer which may eventually become an actual feature, who knows…
The author says: “Planned over a few days, shot over a weekend, edited over three evenings after work. I used Celtx in a [...]

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Ballistic Jaw Propulsion of Trap-Jaw Ants

To infinity, and beyond!

Where we learn that “the remarkably rapid mandible strikes of the trap-jaw ant can yield multiple functional outcomes.” (Source: PNAS)
Another short movie by Encyclopedia Pictura for the Wolphin DVD Magazine. This was featured on Issue #3.
Dove impariamo che “i veloci colpi di mascella della formica Odontomachus bauri possono avere esiti funzionali disparati.” [...]

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Mirror`s Edge: SCEE Trailer

HD Video available in the underneath links.

This game looks like a great idea, but… how are you supposed to play it? I was thinking it would be great on the Wii…
The game is being developed at DICE (Digital Illusions CE) for Electronic Arts, using the Unreal Engine 3.
L’idea alla base del gioco è eccelsa. Ma [...]

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Weebls: A Walk in the Woods

A rabbit goes for a nice stroll in the woods…
Un coniglio si fa una passaggiata nel bosco…

WATCH: Guarda A Walk in the Woods in finestra.
DOWNLOAD: Scarica A Walk in the Woods.[Format: Flash - Size: 3 MB - Running Time: 2 min.]
LINK: Visita Weebl’s Stuff.

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Alfa Romeo Mito: Proxima

Better video available in the underneath links.

Break from the tedious daily routine. Give your dreams some power. Horsepower.
One of the shorts commissioned to create to several artists, for the new Alfa Romeo Mito. Previously here: Escape.
Direction and cinematography for Proxima are by Kevin Phillips. Music by Sean Leonard. Sound by Colin Alexander. Actor: Trey [...]

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Lau Nau – Painovoimaa, valoa

Gravity, Light
what is world made of?of gravitywhat is it?light
light is a wide sheetunder whicha life of an animal
come to methis I want to show youmy only one

If you follow the thread, you’ll find out that sometimes (often?) less is truly more.
Lau Nau is Finnish musician Laura Naukkarinen. Painovoimaa, valoa is featured on her debut album, [...]

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Sexy Subaru: Sumo Carwash

Fire in the Taco Bell…

Japanese SUVs just got a little sexier…
The spot was directed by Jorn Haagen and produced at The Corner Store, Toronto. Executive Producer: Jennie Montford.
Director of Photography: Doug Koch. Steadicam: Bela Trutz. Editor: Mark Morton at School Editing.
Telecine: Gary Chuntz at Notch, Toronto. Audio post production: Paul Seeley at Wanted! Sound + [...]

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The Observer Book of Art


Adam Bizanski works his magic and turns the usual popup book trick into an origami feast.
Creative agency: Wieden+Kennedy, London. Produced by Evyatar Doran. Art direction by Yael Komarovski.
Adam Bizanski, coi suoi trucchi da mago, rende il solito trucco del libro pop up, una festa di origami.
Agenzia creativa: Wieden+Kennedy, Londra. Prodotto da Evyatar Doran. Direzione artistica [...]

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Voicst – Feel Like a Rocket

HD Video available in the underneath links.

In space, everybody can hear you rock your way to the stars. So, let’s get it on!
Voicst are a three-piece indie rock band hailing from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Their name is South African slang, meaning manic energy. (Source: Wikipedia)
Feel Like a Rocket is featured on their second album, entitled [...]

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All she knew was that this was a different world…

One out of three short movies produced at Radium to promote Toby Barlow’s novel Sharp Teeth.
This one, based on an excerpt for chapter 7, has been directed by Limbert Fabian and produced by Matt Thunell. Audio: Frank Salazar.
Animated and created by: James Tobias, Nader Husseini, Mark [...]

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Cross Your Fingers + Crawled Out Of The Sea

Oh, you crawled out of the sea,straight into my arms,straight into my arms…

Another paper cuts music video even tho’, unlike Whatcha Got, scissors and glue were not needed in the cut and paste process.
Laura Marling is a singer and songwriter from Reading, Berkshire, England.
Cross Your Fingers and Crawled Out of the Sea (Interlude) are two [...]

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Drench: Brains Dance

Rhythm is a dancer,it’s a soul’s companion,you can feel it everywhere
Lift your hands and voicesfree your mind and join usyou can feel it in the air.

Brains, from Gerry Anderson’s puppet classic Thunderbirds, performs “some pretty amazing dance moves” to the sound of the Snap’s Rhythm is a dancer.
The spot has been directed by Ringan Ledwidge [...]

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Good News


aKido – Les humains

Parce que ces propos méritent d’être entendus.

When the villagers are performing a secret vote to besiege him, Monkey finds out and launches a massive attack to protect his reign.
aKido is the electronic rock band and pseudonym of the Montreal based composer and guitarist Kim Gaboury.
Les humains, featuring the voice of Canadian filmmaker Pierre Falardeau, was [...]

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Alfa Romeo Mito: Escape

Tomorrow, my dear, you will be mine! commissioned ten motion graphic artists to create shorts for the new Alfa Romeo Mito.
In this one, directed and animated by Andy Martin, “a criminal mastermind escapes from prison to search out the car of his dreams, steal it and drive off into the sun.”
The author says: “I created [...]

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Making “Whatcha Got Son?”, The Music Video

HD Video available in the underneath links

The making of the video for Trenchcoat’s Whatcha Got is also an amazing music video in itself. But above all, it shows the huge amount of work required by the cut out animation.
The director Rogier Wieland says: “I used a Canon XLH1 digital video camera to shoot live action [...]

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TrenchcoaT – Whatcha Got

HD Video available in the underneath links

Here’s an amazing stop animated video made with paper cuts, cardboard and several tons of sweat by Rogier Wieland.
Trenchcoat is a Dutch band comprised of Martijn Baak, Pascal de Haan, Jelle van den Bogaard, Tobias Duin, Gijs Pannebakker, Gido Tervooren, Pim van der Meer, Jaap van der Meer, Luuk [...]

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Peugeot 308: Wind of Change

Take me to the magic of the momentOn a glory nightWhere the children of tomorrow share their dreamsWith you and me.

Yea, in fact the song ain’t nothing to do with this spot, but I guess I’ll keep singing it while you watch it, ‘kay?
The spot has been directed by Bruno Aveillan at Wizz. Editor: Frederique [...]

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MARTIN SCORSESE – The Key to Reserva

…a secret experiment in filmmaking.

Martin Scorsese tried something never done before: the restoration of a movie by Alfred Hitchcock, a movie that has never been made… Or maybe not.
In fact, as you should know by now, it is just a sophisticated commercial for Freixenet. I tried to get a better quality version of this, but [...]

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Slamdance 2008 Opener

By filmmakers. For filmmakers.

A nice piece of motion graphics from Bitstate, for the Slamdance 2008 Film Festival.
Directed and animated by Pete Circuitt. Art director: Bill Sneed. Produced at The Ebeling Group.
Un bel pezzo di motion graphics da Bitstate, per lo Slamdance 2008 Film Festival.
Regia ed animazione di Pete Circuitt. Direzione artistica: Bill Sneed. Produzione: The [...]

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Anthropology: Pieces

For some reason, they are lowering the ransom.

Victor Solomon sadly sent us the link to the last one of his five short movies adapted from Dan Rhodes‘ Anthropology.
This time the girl is not there anymore. She’s been kidnapped. And not doing very well.
Victor Solomon ci invia tristemente il link all’ultimo dei cinque corti adattati da [...]

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Links. More links. And even some more.

I’m falling behind with the reviewing of my bookmarks. Some of them are waiting for more than a year… Note that all the sites linked below have been found and visited: I don’t make link exchanges, except for a couple of dear friends.
Here they go: Protoones,, Ad Minister, Spy Films Blog, The Art of [...]


[BEST OF] April 2008 – pt.2

Part two, as planned…
Crushed by Velvet: a native has to go on a long and dangerous travel to get a new TV Set.
Ghost Story: non scary kind of ghost.
Frosch im Hals: Frog in the throat.
Flood pt. 1: a penny falls from the sky.
Gymnasts: amazingly agile athletes.
The Medieval Mind: Purple Haze!
Mathematics: The many perils of over [...]

[BEST OF] April 2008 – pt.1

It’s that time of the month when I have to take care of what have to be taken care of. Here’s some things from the past month for you to revisit.
Utrecht in Motion: The city… it’s alive.
Creation Museum: Yes. A creation museum.
Beware the Believers: meet Richard Dawkins, master of ceremony.
Kemonozume: an excerpt from episode one.
The [...]


Ruby is lured away from Gene, in a fantastic adventure involving a magician and some photographs. But thanks to a troupe of magic ants and a space-time distortion, she’ll find her way back home…
The short has been written, directed, produced and edited by Danielle Zorbas of Independent Llama Productions. Director of photography: Judd Overton.
Ruby [...]

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I Fucking Hate 6″ 45rpm EP

(it’s safe for work, despite the title…)

Sabi Pictures made this behind the scenes interview with Zach Sheenan and Matt Garrett, the filmmakers behind 6″ 45rpm EP.
Camera: Zak Forsman. Music: Yebot. Editor: Renée Day. Colorist: Addison Brock III.
Da Sabi Pictures, un’intervista con Zach Sheenan e Matt Garrett, dietro le quinte del loro cortometraggio 6″ 45rpm EP.
Camera: [...]

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6" 45rpm EP

Five bucks!

A rather complex name for a very simple short movie where we learn that, in the end, betting on love is a winning strategy.
Six Inch 45rpm EP, an entry at DVX Love Fest 2008, has been directed by Zach Sheenan with director of photography Matt Garrett. Producer: Alexander White.
Cast: Adam Lash, Allyn Rachel, Braden [...]

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MARTHA SUE – Worlds Within Worlds

within worlds within worlds withing worlds within…

“…botany, internal organs, and the idea of worlds within worlds. A loose narrative springs from the confusion of scale; the idea of life existing within seeds, creating landscapes at levels so large or small that they are beyond our grasp. With every change in magnification, it seems like a [...]

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ANDREW FERGUSON – The Street Magician

Blood. Sweat. Tears.

Talking about the forbidden fruit, meet a Charlie Chaplin-esque magician, while he tries to make an apple disappear from an unguarded fruit stand.
The Street Magician is the work of Andrew Ferguson, his final graduation film at the Sheridan Institute.
It’s amazing the amount of little new details I noticed every time I watched the [...]

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Honey Honey – Homeless Heart

Just the forbidden fruit and me.

Looks like somebody’s gonna get married. Or killed. Or both. Or maybe it’s just the same thing, ain’t it?
Honey Honey are Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe. They just released their first EP, entitled Loose Boots.
The music video has been directed by Michael James Johnson. Director of photography: Tarin Maja Anderson.
Sembra [...]

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Hunz: When Victims Fight

Hunz (real name: Johannes Van Vliet) is an Australian musician and motion graphic artist, involved in the demoscene of the 1990s. (Source: Wikipedia)
His debut album, When Victims Fight, will be released on June 2008 for Apegenine Recordings. Hence, Hunz made this short promotional animation.
Hunz (vero nome: Johannes Van Vliet) è un musicista ed artista [...]


Mazda: Red and White

Zoom Zoom!

Another Color vs White story (like True Color and De Blob) where the message seems to be that the Mazda will never be the way you want it to be.
The spot has been directed by Carl Erik Rinsch at RSA Films. Advertising agency: JWT, Dusseldorf.
Post production: Digital Domain. Visual Effects Supervisor: Jay Barton. Computer [...]

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Joga Bonito: The Chain

Can I kick it?Yes, you can!

A (not exactly recent) Nike campaign made for the United States market, another attempt to make soccer more palatable for the American tastes.
The spot is the work of Honest. And yes, is the same trick used more recently by Google in their Gmail: A Behind The Scenes Video. And yes, [...]

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Showtime: True Facts from Tudor England

It’s good to be king!

“Life for a commoner in 16th century England was violent, dirty, smelly, and overall quite dangerous. Even popular recreational activities came with the threat of death and dismemberment.”
“True Facts from Tudor England is a series of viral spots promoting the second season of the Showtime series The Tudors.”
The spots were directed [...]


Tudors on Sports: Cudgel Play

we like to imagine the Englishenjoying CIVILIZED GAMES likeLAWN TENNIS or FOX HUNTING.

TAG: Tutti i post su True Facts from Tudor England
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Tudors on Sports. [Format: Quicktime - Size: 15 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]
WATCH: Guarda Tudors on Sports in finestra.
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Tudors on Sports. [Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 9 MB - Running [...]

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Tudors on Surgery

All SURGERY and DENTISTRY was performedwithout ANESTHETIC of any type.

TAG: Tutti i post su True Facts from Tudor England
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Tudors on Surgery. [Format: Quicktime - Size: 23 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]
WATCH: Guarda Tudors on Surgery in finestra.
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Tudors on Surgery. [Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 11 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]
LINK: [...]

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Tudors on Royal Rights

Being KING OF ENGLAND had its considerable perks.

TAG: Tutti i post su True Facts from Tudor England
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Tudors on Royal Rights. [Format: Quicktime - Size: 20 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]
WATCH: Guarda Tudors on Royal Rights in finestra.
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Tudors on Royal Rights. [Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 13 MB - Running Time: 30 [...]

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Tudors on Manners

Look no further thanthe story of the EARL of OXFORD.

TAG: Tutti i post su True Facts from Tudor England
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Tudors on Manners. [Format: Quicktime - Size: 32 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]
WATCH: Guarda Tudors on Manners in finestra.
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Tudors on Manners.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 11 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]
LINK: Visita [...]

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Tudors on Greetings

In Tudor England, men would greet womenby KISSING them full on the lips.

TAG: Tutti i post su True Facts from Tudor England
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Tudors on Greetings. [Format: Quicktime - Size: 17 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]
WATCH: Guarda Tudors on Greetings in finestra.
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Tudors on Greetings. [Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 9 MB - Running [...]

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Tudors on Sports: Football

The goals were often several miles apartand there were no rules.

TAG: Tutti i post su True Facts from Tudor England
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Tudors on Football. [Format: Quicktime - Size: 15 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]
WATCH: Guarda Tudors on Football in finestra.
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Tudors on Football. [Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 10 MB - Running Time: 30 [...]

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Tudors on Corporal Punishment

Henry VIII was so paranoid about being POISONEDthat he ordered all poisoners should sufferthe WORST of DEATH.

TAG: Tutti i post su True Facts from Tudor England
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Tudors on Corporal Punishment. [Format: Quicktime - Size: 19 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]
WATCH: Guarda Tudors on Corporal Punishment in finestra.
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Tudors on Corporal Punishment. [Format: [...]

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Robyn – Handle Me

But you’re a selfish narcissisticpsycho freaking bootlicking nazi creepAnd you can’t handle me.

To promote the launch of the new album by Robyn, Blip Boutique made seven short videos or, as they call them, blips.
Here I posted one of them, but you can find the whole set on Blip Boutique website.
Per promuovere il lancio del nuovo [...]

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The Meth Minute 39: 8-bit

Press A to cock block

“Episode 33 of The Meth Minute asks the question: what if the entire cartoon series so far had been a 1980’s video game?”.
8-Bit specialists Ben Ross (visuals) and Niko Anesti (music) were asked to step in and explore this scenario.
“L’episodio 33 di The Meth Minute si pone la domanda: e se [...]

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Minipop – Fingerprints

Lullaby’s gone cold as nighthow’s it gonna change outsidefingerprints on every surfacelingering, not without purpose.

An old woman (Amy Dunton) is reached by a swarm of butterflies and entrapped into a cocoon. And the song goes on…
Minipop is an American indie and electronic band, based in Oakland. The members are: Tricia Kanne, Lauren Grubb, Matthew [...]

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Czeslaw Spiewa – Maszynka Do Swirkania

you come from helland I come from heaven

Meet “a pot of strange characters, warped in their own past glory.” Now they are old and retired, but at the “Café Czeslaw, the illusion of their success continues.”
Czeslaw Spiewa is a music project by Czeslaw Mozil, Polish musician born in Zabrze who spent most of his life [...]

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Phantom Planet – Big Brat

You’re always up to no good.

A bunch of guys is shooting a low budget zombie movie. But it’s all fake for real, or it’s really real… for fake?
Phantom Planet is an alternative rock band from Southern California. Big Brat is featured on their third, eponymous album released on January 2004.
The music video has been directed [...]

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Tricot machine – Les peaux de lièvres

T’as les joues rouges, boréalTes couettes noires virent au blancscomme l’asphalteIls tombent des peaux de lièvres sur Montréal.

Of knitting, mittens, hare skins, Canadian winter and red cheeks. A music video animated from more 700 real wool knits.
Tricot machine are Catherine Leduc and Matthew Beaumont. Les peaux de lièvres (Hare Skins) is featured on their eponymous [...]

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None of Us are Free: Burma

The None of Us are Free campaign, fronted by MTV, wants to “raise awareness about the hundreds of thousands of people that have suffered at the hands of the military regime in Eastern Burma.” The effort became even more relevant “due to this weekend’s cyclone that ravaged the area, killing thousands.”

Part of this campaign, is the short movie Burma, written by Carl Le Blond of creative agency Ogilvy & Mather, Amsterdam, and directed by Shilo Design. Music by Chopin.

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Burma: Sketchbook

Sketch book slideshow for Shilo Design’s Burma short film.

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Short film by Shilo for Burma.

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Burma: Times Square

Outdoor display of Shilo Design’s short film “Buma” in Times Square.

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WILLIAM BARR – Luftwaffles

HD Video available in the underneath links.

1940s. A British family discover the new taste sensation that’s taking Europe by storm by the German Emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm II. Just a a word of caution: don’t mention ze war!
Luftwaffles is a Pythonesque short film by William Barr. Additional special effects: Lorenzo Lavatelli and Jonathan Davis.
You may want [...]

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Orba Squara – Gravel

We can spend all day just hanging around.

Enjoy a relaxing bicycle between the green trees. You can leave your head on, but you’re not required to…
Orba Squara is the stage name of New York based singer and songwriter Mitch Davis. Gravel is on his first full length album, Sunshyness, released in 2006.
The video has been [...]

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Future is Today


“In the late 60s, a man walks down the streets of an american city… Suddenly, the city he is strolling down becomes more and more like a futuristic metropolis.”
The short could have probably benefited of some more refining, especially a better sound design, but I still like it.
The authors are: Kristijan Radosavljevic, Sébastien Bacchia, [...]

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“A stream-of-consciousness sequence of drawings inspired by the notion that systems of oppression become embodied by all who live under them, leaving a complex legacy that sinks deeply into the very fabric of a society and its people.”
Baobab is the graduation movie by Ceiren Bell. Soundtrack: She Male 808 by Massimo; Boloba, performed by [...]

Anthropology: Trick

My girlfriend told me she’s been the victimof nature’s cruelest trick.

Be sure to have your brain connected before answering tricky questions of your girlfriend. Even better: try listening to her.
Trick is the fourth installment in Victor Solomon’s series of short movies based on Dan Rhodes‘ Anthropology.
Assicurati che il cervello sia connesso prima di rispondere [...]

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A raccoon walks alone in the woods, to the haunting sounds of Behind the Bushes by The Knife, from their album Deep Cuts.
Doljer is a short movie by Adam Procter made with [...]

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Oxfam: Roar

Be Humankind!

Talking about justice, here’s a way to fight injustice: just mix equal parts Ghostbusters and Care Bears. Serve cool.
The spot was directed by SSSR at Passion Pictures. Animation and visual effects done in house. Director of photography: Mark Chamberlain. Editors: Klaus Heinecke, Jaime Rubio, Tim King. Post produced at Munky and The Mill.
The Be [...]

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Justice – Stress

Just easy as ABC…

Talking about ultra violence and crosses, here’s the controversial video for Justice that flamed the debate there on antville.
The video was directed by Romain Gravas (of Kourtrajmé) and produced at Soixante Quinze Productions.
Parlando di ultra violenza e croci, qui c’è il controverso video per Justice che ha infiammato la polemica su antville.
Il [...]

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PAUL ROBERTSON – Kings of Power 4 Billion %

Bury me deeper lest my love reach youin the eternal resting place.

Talking about old video games, do you remember those Japanese beat ‘em ups full of cute characters and ultra violence?
Well, Paul Robertson is well known for his sprite animations that mimic the dynamics of those games, but bringing it to the next level. Level [...]

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De Blob

Join the Color Revolution!

Talking about Nintendo, here’s the trailer for the Wii version of De Blob, a game originally developed by a group of Dutch students of the Utrecht School of the Arts for PC, and available as a free download.
The Wii version is developed by Blue Tongue. If the story reminds you of True [...]

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GABE SWARR – What the Shell?!

Talking about morning rituals, here’s what happened to Mario (of the popular plumber duo Mario and Luigi) one strange morning.
The short film has been written, animated and directed by Gabe Swarr, who used to be animator at Spümcø.
Backgrounds by Toni Mora. Music by 8 Bit Weapon. The movie was made as an entry for [...]

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Vitalic – U and I

Better video available in the underneath links.

Just because you’re schizophrenic it doesn’t mean they’re after you. And when I say they, I mean: you.
Vitalic (real name: Pascal Arbez) is a French electronic music artist. U and I is featured on his debut album, OK Cowboy.
However, this is not an official music video for the song. [...]

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Pip Skid – Pip’s Kid

HD Video available in the underneath links

Ordinary scenes from an ordinary lunch of an ordinary family. Or maybe not.
Pip Skid is a Canadian rapper and writer. Pip’s Kid is featured on his latest album, entitled The Pip Donahue Show, released on November 2007, and available for free download at Peanuts & Corn Records.
The song features: [...]

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Sam Roberts – Them Kids

The high priests are callingAll disciples back in the foldBecause the kids don’t knowhow to dance to rock and roll.

Like Love Game before, the video spoofs The Sims (The Burbs here) this time with a musical thematic rather than going on sex and relationships.
Sam Roberts is a Canadian rock singer and songwriter. His 2002 debut [...]

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The Republic Tigers – Buildings and Mountains

What’s the point of even asking?

Looks like carrying the ship is the new sport. Well, this is actually just a boat. But this is actually another video…
The Republic Tigers are a rock band from the USA. The band was formed in Kansas City, Missouri, by Kenn Jankowski (formerly of The Golden Republic) and Adam McGill.
Buildings [...]

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SCAD Shorts: Stolen Car Angers Detective

Copz: High Speed Pursuit

“Distracted by an array of pastries, ‘Dollar’ Bill Greenburg (Trey Hock) has his beat-up car heisted from right under his nose.” Appearances are deceiving, so be careful.
SCAD Short from May 2007, the film was directed by Kevin Phillips and written by Kevin with Ben Collins. Producer: Josh Lind.
Director of photography: Wyatt Garfield. [...]

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TODD HEMKER – Seven Corners


Sometimes what you really see when you watch it’s what’s not there. Or not anymore.
That’s as well the way I feel about this short movie, directed by Yellow Shed’s Todd Hemker.
Electric cello: Lowell Pickett. Saxophone: Lenny Pickett. Sound design: Jonathan Miller.
Be patient. The file is huge, but consider that a full quality encode would require [...]

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Bajofondo – Pa` bailar

A widow learns that tango can put her back on her feet in a moment. But you need a good beauty parlor for some pedicures.
Bajofondo (formerly Bajofondo Tango Club) is a South American music band. Members are: Gustavo Santaolalla, Juan Campodónico, Luciano Supervielle, Martín Ferrés, Verónica Loza, Javier Casalla, Gabriel Casacuberta, Adrián Sosa.
Pa’ bailar [...]

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We Save the Children: Clever

Plumpy Nut

Saving the children who are denied proper healthcare, food, education and protection. With peanut butter!
The spot was directed by Simon Robson and produced by Luke Youngman at Nexus Productions.
Animation produced by Libbie Doherty at Sixty40. Graphic design: Dave Hughes. Compositing and animation: Gillian O’Connor, Mark Facchin, Jason Morice, Daniel Fitzgerald, Evan Newby, Guy Jamieson.
More [...]

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Anthropology: Beauty

My girlfriend is so beautiful that she has never had cause to develop any kind of personality.

Beauty is the third installment in Victor Solomon’s series of short based on Dan Rhodes‘ Anthropology.
A girl can be quite a catastrophe…
Ecco il terzo appuntamento con la serie di corti di Victor Solomon basata su Anthropology di [...]

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Nike: The Next Level

U can has it?

A cool clip for Nike Football featuring soccer stars Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Marco Materazzi, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Ronaldinho and Wayne Rooney.
The spot has been directed by Guy Ritchie and produced at Anonymous Content. Creative agency: 72 and Sunny.
Visual effects by Chris Badger, Giles Cheetham and others at The Mill. Editor: Robert [...]

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Zune Arts: Masks

The new Zune Arts short (Mother Like No Other by Yves Geleyn) has just been released. While I try to get a decent clip, here’s an older one.
The masked soldiers of two opposing armies find out that sharing is much funnier and trippier than killing each other…
The short has been directed by Jonathan Garin [...]

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