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The Ramp

The Sacred Ramp is a test for our village.
A test from Above.

BMW: The Ramp - MPEG-4 clip
Let’s say you’re a German car manifacturer, and you need to launch your new car on the American market. What do you need? Well, a pair of wings, and a huge ramp!

The Ramp is supposedly a documentary by Jeff Schultz, produced at Bite the Bullet Productions, shot on location in Oberpfaffelbachen, Bavaria, Germany. Edited by Jeff Schultz and Justin Fong.

It is obviously more likely a mockumentary viral video for the BMW 1 Series Coupe, directed by The Vikings.

Songs: Sept with Smith by Talkdemonic; Run Off The Road by Ola Podrida; Teenage America by Black Before Red.

Mettiamo che siete un produttore tedesco di auto e volete lanciare un nuovo modello sul mercato americano. Che vi serve? Beh, un paio d’ali e una grossa rampa!!!

The Ramp è in teoria un documentario di Jeff Schultz, prodotto presso Bite the Bullet Productions, girato ad Oberpfaffelbachen, in Baviera, Germania. Montaggio di Jeff Schultz e Justin Fong.

Chiaramente si tratta di un documentario finto, lungo promo per la BMW Serie 1 Coupe, per la regia di The Vikings.

Canzoni: Sept with Smith di Talkdemonic; Run Off The Road di Ola Podrida; Teenage America di Black Before Red.

Rampen Fest

LINK: Visita RampenFest.
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DOWNLOAD: Scarica The Ramp.
[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 189 MB - Running Time: 35 min.]

LINK: Visita Oberpfaffelbachen.

BLOGGER: Visita il blog di Jeff Schultz.

LINK: Visita Justin C. Fong.

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  1. Anonymous | 6 April 2008 at 19:22 | Permalink

    Very cool.

  2. Anonymous | 7 April 2008 at 02:07 | Permalink

    much too long & not really funny.

  3. Anonymous | 13 June 2008 at 08:36 | Permalink

    I laughed several times. Loved it.

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