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The fox you lug over your shoulder
in a dark sack
has cut a hole with a knife
and escaped.

The sudden lightness, makes you think
you are stronger
as you walk back to your small cottage
through a forest that covers the world.

(William Collins)

Billy Collins: The Hunger - MPEG-4 clip
Another one in the Billy Collins Action Poetry series produced by the Sundance Channel.

Directed by Samuel Christopher, animations by Superfad. Poetry, obviously, by Billy Collins.

Un altro nella serie Billy Collins Action Poetry prodotta dal Sundance Channel.

Regia di Samuel Christopher, animazioni di Superfad. Poesia, ovviamente, di Billy Collins.

Billy Collins Action Poetry: The Hunger

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Hunger.
[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 3 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Hunger.
[Format: Quicktime - Size: 3 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]

WATCH: Guarda Hunger in finestra.

DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Hunger.
[Format: Quicktime - Size: 6 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]

WATCH: Guarda Hunger in finestra.

WATCH (LOW RES): Guarda Hunger in finestra.
[Format: Flash Video]

LINK: Visita SüperFad.

LINK: Visita Billy Collins Action Poet.

LINK: Visita Samuel Christopher.

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