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11890 TV Ads

Need a restaurant?

11890 TV Ads - MPEG-4 clip
There’s no doubt: anybody may find himself in need for a helping hand. Even hands!

Agency DDFH+B approached director Lorcan Finnegan of Lovely Productions to create these ads, after seeing his short Curiosity. Lorcan also borrowed his face to the fast food guy: look at the picture above.

Compositing and animation by Fergal Brennan and Lorcan Finnegan. 3D graphics by John O’Connell. Production: Brunella Cocchiglia at Lovely and Dave Brady for the agency.

Indubbio è che una mano può servire a tutti, prima o poi. Persino ad una mano…

L’agenzia DDFH+B ha contattato il regista Lorcan Finnegan di Lovely Productions per la creazione di questi spot, dopo aver visto Curiosity. Lorcan presta anche il volto al tizio del fast food: vedasi immagine in alto.

Composizione ed animazione: Fergal Brennan e Lorcan Finnegan. Grafica 3D di John O’Connell. Produzione: Brunella Cocchiglia presso Lovely e Dave Brady per l’agenzia.

thanks again, Lorcan
11890 TV Ads

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LINK: Visita Lovely Productions.

LINK: Visita DDFH&B Advertising and Marketing Agency.

IMDB: Pagina di Lorcan Finnegan

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