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Josh Pyke – Fill You In

and then the very next day it began to rain
and it rained right through me.

(Better video available in the links below!)

Josh Pike - Fill You In - MPEG-4 clip
A beautiful music video created by Jason Peacock as his final year project at the Brunel University where he studied Multimedia Technology and Design.

Fill You In is featured on Josh Pyke’s album from 2005, Feeding the Wolves.

All animation elements were produced within Adobe After Effects; no 3D software was used in the production process. Take a look behind the scenes.

Un bel video animato, creato da Jason Peacock come progetto finale presso la Brunel University dove ha studiato Multimedia Technology and Design.

Fill You In si trova sull’album del 2005 di Josh Pyke, intitolato Feeding the Wolves.

Tutti gli elementi dell’animazione sono realizzati in Adobe After Effects; non è stato utilizzato alcun software 3D. Date una sbirciata dietro le quinte, va…

thanks Jason
Josh Pike - Fill You In

DOWNLOAD (1024×576): Scarica Fill You In.
[Format: Quicktime - Size: 98 MB - Running Time: 5 min.]

DOWNLOAD (640×360): Scarica Fill You In.
[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 45 MB - Running Time: 5 min.]

WATCH (LOW RES): Guarda Fill You In in finestra.
[Format: Flash Video]

MAKING OF: Guarda Behind the Scenes.

BLOGGER: Visita il blog di Jason Peacock.

CODECS: Apple QuicktimeFlash

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  1. Anonymous | 28 March 2008 at 17:10 | Permalink

    Hey, dek, did you by any chance find the mp3 somewhere?



    PS: tre repetita !!!!

  2. DeK - Delirium et Kaos | 29 March 2008 at 00:55 | Permalink

    No luck.
    But this is YAMB the software I use to put together encoded audio and encoded video. It can also revert the operation…

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