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Halbtraum - MPEG-4 clip
We’ll witness the crazy dreams of a sleep walker, suspended between the two worlds.

Halbtraum is the work of Marco Jeuring and Tobias Wüstefeld, done within four months at the FH Münster Fachbereich Design, a German design school.

Sound design: Florian Bodenschatz and Anja Driemecker. Voices: Kai Taschner and Oliver Rohrbeck.

Assisteremo ai folli sogni di un sonnambulo sospeso a metà fra i due mondi…

Halbtraum è opera di Marco Jeuring e Tobias Wüstefeld, realizzato in quattro mesi presso la FH Münster Fachbereich Design, scuola tedesca di design.

Progetto del suono: Florian Bodenschatz, Anja Driemecker. Voci: Kai Taschner, Oliver Rohrbeck.

as seen on CG Talk

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Halbtraum.
[Format: AVI - Size: 81 MB - Running Time: 8 min.]

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Halbtraum.
[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 62 MB - Running Time: 8 min.]

WATCH (LOW RES): Guarda Halbtraum in bassa.
[Format: Flash Video]

LINK: Visita Polygonic, sito di Marco Jeuring.

LINK: Visita Bilderzucht, sito di Tobias Wüstefeld.

LINK: Visita il sito di Florian Bodenschatz.


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