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CAROLYN LONDON – Subway Salvation

This train is going local loco!

CAROLYN LONDON - Subway Salvation - MPEG-4 clip
If you’ve ever fantasized on the next coming of God, I guess it really didn’t looked like this. There was probably no turkey at all, in your fantasies…

And then, if I ever met a god, the first I’d ask him is if he can sneeze with his eyes open. That’s a hell of a question…

Subway Salvation is a short movie produced at London Squared, directed by Carolyn London and animated by Andy London. Written by Carolyn London and Joe Barone.

Models and sets: Andy London. Edmond Hawkins assisted on animation and models. Director of photography: Takumi Inoue.

Sound production: Joe Barone. Sound mix: Scott McIntosh, Corey Bauman, Tim Leitner. Original music theme composed by Adam Roth and Scott McIntosh, remixed by Corey Bauman. God’s organ composed and played by Jeff Lodin.

Se avete mai fantasticato sulla prossima venuta di Dio, scommetto che non era così. Probabile che non ci fosse del tacchino nelle vostre fantasie…

Che poi, se incontrassi un dio, per prima cosa gli chiederei se è capace a starnutire ad occhi aperti. Che diavolo di domanda…

Subway Salvation è un cortometraggio prodotto presso London Squared, diretto da Carolyn London ed animato da Andy London. Scritto da Carolyn London e Joe Barone.

Modelli e set: Andy London. Assistente per animazione e modelli: Edmond Hawkins. Dir. della fotografia: Takumi Inoue.

Produzione del suono: Joe Barone. Mix: Scott McIntosh, Corey Bauman, Tim Leitner. Tema originale composto da Adam Roth e Scott McIntosh, remixato da Corey Bauman. Organo “divino” composto e suonato da Jeff Lodin.

A London2 Animation Production © 2003
LONDON SQUARED - Subway Salvation

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Subway Salvation.
[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 232 MB - Running Time: 8 min.]

DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Subway Salvation.
[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 52 MB - Running Time: 8 min.]

WATCH: Guarda Subway Salvation in finestra.
[Format: Flash Video]

LINK: Visita London Squared.


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