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Ami: Keep on Smiling

Smile, whats the use of crying?
You’ll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile.

AMI Insurance celebrated “80 years of service in New Zealand with a campaign focused on the smile. Interestingly enough, the ad focuses on women as the ones who must cope with the disasters brought on by the males in their lives.” (Source: Duncan’s TV)

The spot was directed by Darryl Ward at Curious Film. Producer: Matt Noonan. Director of photography: John Toon. Editor: David Coulson.

Creative agency: DDB, New Zealand. Executive Creative Director: Toby Talbot. Art Directors: Darren Wong Kam, Clara Mclaurin. Copywriter: Martin Brown.

The song is Keep Smiling from the soundtrack for Modern Times: words by John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons; music by Charlie Chaplin.

AMI Assicurazioni celebra “80 anni di servizio in Nuova Zelanda con una campagna imperniata sul sorriso. Interessante notare che lo spot denota le donne come coloro che debbono vedersela coi disastri combinati dai maschi nelle loro vite.” (Fonte: Duncan’s TV)

Lo spot è stato diretto da Darryl Ward presso Curious Film. Produttore: Matt Noonan. Direttore della fotografia: John Toon. Montaggio: David Coulson.

Agenzia creativa: DDB, Nuova Zelanda. Direttore creativo: Toby Talbot. Direttori artistici: Darren Wong Kam, Clara Mclaurin. Copywrite: Martin Brown.

Il brano è Keep Smiling dalla colonna sonora di Tempi moderni: parole di John Turner e Geoffrey Parsons; musica di Charlie Chaplin.

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Ami: Keep Smiling

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