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Onitsuka Tiger: Concoction

With no apparent effort, some oriental martial arts master performs difficult deeds. Whatever it has to do with shoes…
The spot has been directed and animated by Belief Design. Creative director: Marcelo Petrella. Designers: Brian Dodge, Josh Lewis, Stanley Ng, Marcelo Petrella, Max Springer.
Animators: Jason Carpenter, Michael Carpenter, Anibal Koliren, Josh Lewis, Stanley Ng, Marcelo [...]

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Clarks: Feet Factory

Turns out that Geppetto was in the shoes industry. Or maybe it’s Pinocchio who find his vocation there. Who knows…
Feet Factory has been directed by Scott Otto Anderson at Indy Films. Director of photography: Oliver Lawrance. Producer: Florence Tourbier.
Creative agency: CumminsNitro, Melbourne. Agency Producer: Jill Wheeler. Art Director: Carolyn Davis. Copywriter: Matthew Page.
Edited at Guillotine, [...]

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Blue Jays: Fishing

Watch this…

Some kids do learn faster than other. Baseball player Aaron Hill did, according to this commercial, at least.
Fishing has been directed by James Haworth and produced at Partner Films.
Creative Director: Duncan Bruce at Publicis, Toronto. Art Director: Mark Spalding. Copywriter: Miles Markovic.
Director of photography: Tico Poulakakis. Editor: Leo Zahartos at Blue Highway. Visual effects: [...]

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Moon Avenue Box Man

Well, that’s basically about a man leaving boxes in the middle of Moon Avenue. Actually in midair…
Here it is, another short movie from Christopher Louie and Bill Barminski known together as Walter Robot.
Beh, in pratica si tratta di uomo che lascia delle scatole in mezzo a Moon Avenue. A mezz’aria in effetti…
Ed eccolo, un’altro [...]

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More Tweaking

I’ve spent some time tweaking the server. Everything seems fine from this side, but if you’re experiencing malfunctions, please let me know and I’ll look into them.
Speso un po’ di tempo a configurare il server. Sembra funzionare da qui, ma se avete qualche problema, fatemelo sapere che me guardo cosa si può fare.

What Barry Says: Clip Updated

A high resolution clip for this visual essay by Simon Robson is now available, for your viewing pleasure. Old links have been updated as well.
Una clip in alta risoluzione per questo saggio visuale di Simon Robson è a vostra disposizione. Ad ogni modo, ho aggiornato anche i vecchi link.

REFERENCE: Il post di SIMON ROBSON – [...]

RAJNEEL SINGH – Big Bad Wolves

Contains excessive offensive language,horror violence and brief nudity.Viewer discretion is strongly advised…

Chain smoking gangsters discuss the true meaning behind the classic fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood in a re-elaboration of the Like a Virgin scene from Reservoir Dogs.
The movie, based on a sketch written by Chris Kerr, has been directed by Rajneel Singh and [...]

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DANIEL BLOOMBERG – The Greatest Gift


If there’s something worst than being late at the show is to leave when it’s about to start. That’s what happen here…
I actually thought it was gonna be some sort of social commentary, with a xerox machine ingurgitating stereotyped chicks, but I was proven wrong, in the end.
The short movie and/or unofficial music video for [...]

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The Checks – Tired From Sleeping


A man and a woman. In synchronized split screen. An understated, emotional music video, something uncommon nowadays.
The Checks are a New Zealand rock band formed in 2002. Members are: Edward Knowles (vocals), Callum Martin (guitar), Sven Pettersen (guitar), Karrel Chabera Jr. (bass) and Jacob Moore (drums).
Tired from Sleeping is featured on their latest album, entitled [...]

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Ikea: Bad Day

Ma che bella giornata…

A guy tries to have breakfast at home, but things just keep ketting worse and painful. To watch too, ^^…
The spot was developed at New Deal DDB, Norway, in the year 2000. Bad Day was directed by Calle Astrand, then at Radical Media, now represented by Dab Hand Media. (Source: Duncan’s TV)
The [...]

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Into a deep dark world we fall,so dark that we can’t see at all…

Darkness and light conjure a claustrophobic metaphore of our existence in Ori Ben-Shabat’s latest piece called BOXeD.
Voice over (and more) by Mike Tate. Produced at Spy Films.
Luce ed oscurità evocano una claustrofobica metafora della nostra esistenza nell’ultimo di Ori Ben-Shabat, intitolato BOXeD.
Doppiaggio [...]

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Mika`s Marshmallow Train

From New York to L.A.

From a dreamscape to the next, Mika travels from “the comforts of her bed through a bubble driven space trek, a confrontation with jello, a stop in a candy filled wonderland, a labyrinthine journey inside the belly of a dinosaur…” You’ve got the idea.
The short has been written and directed by [...]

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In every family, the relationship between brother and sister is of love and hate at the same time. The Addams The Draculas This vampire family is not an exception.
The short movie is the work of three students of the EESA school: Adrien Barbier Lambert, Adrien Annesley and Lâm Le Thanh. They also did the [...]

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IFC: The 2006 Spirits Awards

“The IFC Independent Spirit Awards needed the feel of a major awards show while remaining true to its eclectic, independent roots.” Exopolis “created a show package that captured this dichotomy with a textile inspired ocean theme (the show is in a tent on the beach) — at once casual and imaginative, while still maintaining [...]

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ANDRAS KETZER – Le trippin

Le trippin’ is fineespecially the details

Another short movie from Mr. Andras Ketzer, this one perhaps is not new to you. Joyrider Films produced.
Everything, in this kind of a motion graphics version of Foutaises (as someone referred to it somewhere, can’t remember where…) is made by a single person, except the music by the Led Zeppelin.
Altro [...]

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VINCENT MOON – Tango apasionado

Buenos Aires, 20 décembre 2001

Inspired by the suggestions of the music by Astor Piazzolla, and following the steps of Yiu-Fai Lai (whatever this means…) Vincent Moon visits Argentina in 2001. Not the best moment for a leisure tour.
This short movie get together some of his thoughts and some of his still photos from that adventure.
Ispirato [...]

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una tierra libre.

Dancers are transformed into abstract shapes by Mario Cavalli’s signature visual style. The result is something so dynamic and ethereal that no thumbnail can capture it. But I tried my best…
The short has been devised, produced and directed by Mario Cavalli, founder and director of Colony Media.
Director of photography: Chris Lopez. Editor: Simon [...]

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ISAAC E. GOZIN – Both… But Maybe Sunset

When I grow up,I want to be…

The right decision at the right moment can fuck up your whole life. Kieren (Cesar De Sutter) knows it better.
Both… But Maybe Sunset is a short movie directed by Isaac E. Gozin. Written by Bert van Dael with Isaac E. Gozin. Produced at Daily Dolores.
Post production by Urga. Editor: [...]

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KINDA – Le musicien

Sometimes you can’t see any good results out of your efforts. But just don’t give up: the worst it can happen, after all, is pissing off your neighbours…
Le musicien is a short movie starring Arnaud Delaube, directed by Kinda’, based on an idea by Olivier Defaye and produced at Aoki Studio. Production management: Makiko [...]

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Some Links

New links: CR Blog and Oh My God?! I Think… I´m a Pseudo Indie…
Revisiting: Stung and L’oreille en feu!
Welcome back: SiouxWIRE and Promo News.
Nuovi link: CR Blog ed Oh My God?! I Think… I´m a Pseudo Indie…
Rivisitazioni: Stung e L’oreille en feu!
Bentornati: SiouxWIRE e Promo News.

Josh Pyke – Fill You In

and then the very next day it began to rainand it rained right through me.
(Better video available in the links below!)

A beautiful music video created by Jason Peacock as his final year project at the Brunel University where he studied Multimedia Technology and Design.
Fill You In is featured on Josh Pyke’s album from 2005, Feeding [...]

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One eskimO – Hometime

In a world intoxicated by pollution, a strangely assorted team (an eskimo, a giraffe, a monkey and a penguin) will resort to extreme measures to let the stars shine again.
One eskimO are a four piece indie band from London, consisting of Kristian Leontiou (vocals), Adam Falkner (drums), Martin Waugh (guitar), Jamie Sefton (bass and [...]

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Regina – Paras Aika Vuodesta

Poom-chapoom poom cha

A fresh mix of illustrations and live action in this music video, with a touch of Humpty Dumpty and no wall.
Regina is a band from Finland, consisting of Iisa Pajula, Mikko Pykäri and Mikko Rissanen.
Paras Aika Vuodesta is featured on their latest album, entitled Oi miten suuria voimia! and released in 2007.
The video [...]


10 Things you can Do to the Earth: Clip Updated

The Roman Coppola short movie for Live Earth is now available in a much better (yet not perfect) format. Enjoy!
Il corto di Roman Coppola per il Live Earth adesso è disponibile in un formato, non perfetto, ma decisamente migliore!

REFERENCE: Il post di 10 Things you can Do to the Earth (According to Satan).

X-Makina: Clip Updated

This fantastic stop animated movie is finally available at a very good video quality.
Questo fantastico corto in stop animation è finalmente disponibile in buona qualità.

REFERENCE: Il post di X-Makina.

3FM: Graffiti


Dutch radio 3FM adds more than a touch of colour to the world. A lot more.
Creative directors and designers: Nando Costa and Linn Olofsdotter. Live action director by Nando Costa and shoot with a still Nikon camera in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Now, he has his own design studio, Nervo.
Animation Studio: Nakd. Animators: Renato Ferro, [...]

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The Meth Project: O.D.

This isn’t normal.

A public service announcement for The Meth Project, “a large-scale prevention program aimed at reducing first-time meth use.”
It was directed by Oscar nominated director Alejandro González Iñárritu at Anonymous Content.
Edited by J.D. Smith at Final Cut Editorial. Telecine by Jonny McPheeters at Rushes.
Creative agency: Venables Bell & Partners. Creative director: Tom Scharpf. Copywriter: [...]

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Nomis: Damn Boots

The leg bone is connected to the head bone.The head bone is connected to the hip bone.The hip bone is connected to the rip bone.

Are some football boots causing injuries? Nobody knows for certain, but here’s a commercial that has something to say.
The spot was directed by Woof Wan-Bau at Nexus Productions, reminiscent of his [...]

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Renault: Fisherman

Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men…

A giant fisherman (actor O’Neal Compton) is using a very unusual bait for his purposes.
The spot has been directed by Eben Mears and produced at Psyop and Stink. Creative agency: Publicis, Paris. Visual effects by Mass Market.
Click for full credits, courtesy of Glossy.
Un pescatore gigante (l’attore [...]

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Ami: Keep on Smiling

Smile, whats the use of crying?You’ll find that life is still worthwhileIf you just smile.

AMI Insurance celebrated “80 years of service in New Zealand with a campaign focused on the smile. Interestingly enough, the ad focuses on women as the ones who must cope with the disasters brought on by the males in their lives.” [...]

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[BEST OF] February 2008 – Pt. 2

I’m still trying to get used to the fact that part two actually follows part one.
Happy Valentine: the magis are more than a month late.
Chocolate Love: romance and chocolate.
Corporate Whore: a professionist.
It’s Mine: parade balloons fight for some sugar water.
True Color: (don’t) be white!
Perfect Timing: most downloaded short this that month.
I’m Falling Forever: he’s good [...]

[BEST OF] February 2008 – Pt. 1

A brief and mostly random selection from the archives of the past month…
Mauvais role: it’s hard being bad.
Freewheel: love will set us free.
Bendito Machine: a classic.
The Janitor: he controls day and night.
Le Grand Mix: heading for the promised land of music.
Lost Odyssey: cinematic epic.
EA Fifa Street 3: crazy stunts!
Le programme du jour: meet yourself!
Forgetfulness: something [...]

New York Divided: Slavery and the Civil War

Cotton thread is the union.Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1846
(Excuse the compression. A better clip is available in the links below)

New York Divided is an “exhibit which draws from the New-York Historical Society’s rich collection to explore the turbulent half century of the city’s history with southern slavery.”
The exhibit spans thru several medias, including a website, and [...]

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RAY HARRYHAUSEN – The Story of Rapunzel

…and they lived happily ever after.

There’s some kind of holiday going on here, so I’ll go with the flow and give you a fairy tale and a happy ending. But don’t get used to it.
Rapunzel is one of four fairy tales realized by master animator Ray Harryhausen in “Three Dimensional Animation”, which is stop motion [...]

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LoDef: Behind the Scenes

It was a piece of cake!

And here’s a brief but entertaining look behind the scenes of the LoDef spot, where grown up kids play with their toys.
Ed ecco un breve ma divertente sguardo dietro le quinte dello spot LoDef, in cui bimbi cresciuti si divertono coi loro giocattoli.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Behind the Scenes of LoDef.[Format: MPEG-4 [...]

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LoDef: The Fight

Gentlemen, start your cakes…

Apparently Sony want to show you that lodef is a lot funnier than high definition. I’m confused. But this ain’t news…
The LoDef campaign was developed in 2006 at creative agency McKinney-Silver.
The spot has been directed by Ryan McFaul at Zooma Zooma and “went from concept to shoot in seven”days.
For some other cake [...]

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Unicef: Tap Project

Can you believe that guy?

“For World Water Day (March 22) Unicef launched the Tap Project, a campaign that celebrates the clean and accessible drinking water available as an every day privilege to millions, while helping UNICEF provide safe drinking water for children around the world.”
“Beginning Sunday, March 16 and culminating on March 22, restaurants [in [...]

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Bomb The Bass – Butterfingers

This is one of those videos based on a single trick all through its length. But it’s so well crafted, and so cute, that I can’t resist it.Bomb The Bass is the stage name for British musician and DJ, Tim Simenon.
Butterfingers (featuring Fujiya and Miyagi) is featured on his latest album, entitled Future Chaos [...]




You’ve probably seen this already, but when I first found this short, I actually watched the animatic instead of the short… Well, that goes for my list of things to improve: myself, I mean.
“Candy canes glisten, green frosted hills sparkle, and battered steel weapons glint in the setting sun. Tensions flare on both sides of [...]

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Festival qualite’

Opening a film festival can sometimes be like jumping into the void, something like that.
Festival qualité was made to open the Annecy Festival 2004 by four students of the Gobelins school: Pierre Perifel, Xavier Ramonede, Jun Frederic Violet and Remi Zaarour.
Two out of them (Pierre Perifel and Xavier Ramonede) are also authors of Le [...]

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Guinness: Seconds from Greatness

Your body no longer belongs to you…

The white team and the black team are fighting for the victory, while the time is tickling out and the beer is waiting for winners and losers a great after match celebration.
The spot was directed by Marc Craste, and produced by Sharon Titmarsh at Studio Aka. Post production by [...]

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Why do men kill?

War is a strange game. The only winning move is not to play. Even when it’s not global and thermo nuclear.
Tuzak (Ambush) has been written, directed and edited by Engin Baştürk who also did most of the computer graphics, from modeling to rendering.
Additional credits: character models and texture by Muhammed Eyüp Işin [...]

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MATTIAS MONTERO – Good Night Stockholm

Slut, you don’t love fashion.

When I first saw the short on nozap (you da man, now, dog) I was rather disappointed. But watching the short again, I’ve found it quite amusing. The weird mix of sexyness and sillyness really makes for me.
Also, two models (Annika Aschberg and Yamou Sosseh) making out can be part of [...]

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Vespa: Jump

This not built for jumping.This built for love

In this peculiar mix of animation and live action, we learn a good idea and a bad idea for things to do on a Vespa.
Animation and shooting were produced at Crush Inc, Toronto. Director: Sean Cochrane. Director of photography: John Lindsay.
Editor: Mark Paiva at School Editing. Music and [...]

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…don’t know what you’re looking for.

Stefano Bertelli shows us why stop motion animation is still alive and kicking. Because it’s funneh… No doubt, mister Blackton would surely approve.
A skateboard ride, some diversion with videogames, something to eat. There’s nothing you can’t get with a blackboard and some colored chalk.
Stefano Bertelli ci spiega perché la stop [...]

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Honda: Do, Keep Doing, Do Some More

Brum. Brum. Brum.Bruuuuuuuum.

There is people who talks, and there is people who does; and all they do is to talk. But this has nothing to do with the next spot.
Half commercial, half short movie, Do, Keep Doing, Do Some More has been directed by Coan & Zorn at Not To Scale.
Animation: Luca Paulli, John Taylor, [...]

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MARKUS FEDER – Identitaet

You are so fucking screwed!

“The Landjugend presents you a short film about an old fellow being confronted with other peoples’ judgements about him and how he deals with it.”
Identität has been directed by Markus Feder, his graduation work for his design studies at the Ohm Hochschule Nürnberg.
Sound design by Wyzton Borrero.
“The Landjugend vi presenta un [...]

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Torture by any Other Name

Women enslaved by sex traffickinglose more than just their names

Our anonymous reader reminds us about this spot for the Helen Bamber Foundation, from whom I previously featured Lost in Fucking Translation.
Starring Emma Thompson, the clip delivers his message in a powerful and not smoothened by hypocritical euphemism.
The spot was directed by Steven Sander at Quiet [...]

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Close Up #22

Wow! I’m getting popular…
Italian magazine Close Up (ed. Kaplan) talks about me on its paperback version, with a six page article written by Alessandro Amaducci.
P.S. Visit Alessandro’s website to find out some of his short movies and videoclips.
Piccoli blogger crescono…
La rivista Close Up (edizioni Kaplan) mi dedica sei pagine della sua versione cartacea, con un [...]


RON GERVAIS – Mr. Potato Dead

Mr. Potato Head is a popular children’s toy, first sold in 1952 by Hasbro.

Where a classic toy meet a disgraceful tragic end in a kind of deconstructivist manner…
The short movie has been directed and edited by Ron Gervais and produced at Iamstatic and Electric Company.
Additional credits: David Greene worked on 3D animation and modeling. Randy [...]

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Playstation Network: Drawing Room

This is what could happen you play over the Playstation Network. I guess my mother would not exactly appreciate it…
The spot has been directed by Terry Hall and produced at Love, London. Director of photography: Kasper Tuxen.
Questo potrebbe succedere giocando sul Playstation Network. Immagino che mia madre non apprezzerebbe granché…
Lo spot è stato diretto [...]

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JOHN R. DILWORTH – The Dirdy Birdy

Mooning is the act of displaying one’s bare buttocks…

Love is strange sometimes. Manifestations of love are always strange. But I guess that showing up your ass takes the pie…
The Dirdy Birdy is a short movie by John R. Dilworth. If you don’t know him, his website and this Frederator’s post will be of help.
Additional animation: [...]

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MICHAEL THEODORE – Nocturne no. 248

Better clip available below.

I know I Just posted Color Dream no. 246, but Michael Theodore just updated his website with a new short movie. You’ll like it if you liked the former.
Even the soundtrack has been composed by Michael Theodore. Matt Dane plays the viola, Christina Jennings plays the flute.
Lo so, ho appena postato Color [...]

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Ron Paul: The High Tide

We have to mind our own business.

I had a different plan for today posting, but this is so huge that… Well, bye bye plans!
It’s a magnificent piece of old fashioned propaganda for United States of America presidential candidate Ron Paul aimed at raising funds in order to air the promo itself in Pennsylvania for the [...]

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Humanity: Clip Updated

Finally found a good looking clip for this beautiful spot on Mattias Montero’s website, which is really really worth an in-depth visit!
Infine ho trovato un clip decente per questo splendido spot, sul sito di Mattias Montero, che merita davvero una vista più approfondita!

REFERENCE: Il post di Toyota: Humanity.
LINK: Visita Mattias Montero.

CAROLYN LONDON – Subway Salvation

This train is going local loco!

If you’ve ever fantasized on the next coming of God, I guess it really didn’t looked like this. There was probably no turkey at all, in your fantasies…
And then, if I ever met a god, the first I’d ask him is if he can sneeze with his eyes open. That’s [...]

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But, at least, they should have some, shouldn’t they?

PlaMeeKon (A Little Piece of Memory) tells the story of a grown up men who doesn’t believe in his childhood dream anymore, the dream being to find a hairy fish… A casual meeting will bring him back on track.
The short animated movie is the work of Sittitsak [...]

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Rexona: Futurisk

Future Ready Protection.

Nevermind! Just found a fifth spot from the same campaign than Heat Resistant. Credits should be the same.
The spot is the living proof that I could have enjoyed Minority Report a lot better if there wasn’t no Tom Cruise.
Come non detto! Appena trovato un quinto spot della campagna di Heat Resistant. I credits [...]

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Rexona: Heat Resistant

Proven at the hottest temperatureever recorded on Earth.

Again, one out a series of four five commercials involving a prank prone robot and a global warming aware kind of deodorant.
The spots have been directed by Matthijs van Heijningen at MJZ supervised by The Mill’s Hitesh Patel.
Director of photography: Chris Soos. Editor: Joe Guest at Final Cut. [...]

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Seeds of Change: Blush

Organic, not orgasmic!

Here’s one out of “a set of humorous idents Nexus Productions have created for the organic food company Seeds of Change.”
“Directed by Simon Robson, the idents contain witty and engaging sketches on organic life between a pair of wellington boots…”
Four idents are available on feed.
Eccovi uno di “una serie di umoristici spot che [...]

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Radical Friend

But I would not feel so all alone,Everybody must get stoned.

Unconventional post for this blog, but I always hated conventions as you might know…
Julia Grigorian and Kirby McClure, better known as Radical Friend, have a brand new web/video experiment online.
Rock it!
Post poco convenzionale per questo blog, ma ho sempre odiato le convenzioni, come forse saprete…
Julia [...]


Saturday Waits: Clip Updated

Added a high resolution clip and some links to the post for this cute music video.
Also: no, I’m not a fattist — and is this even a word? — after all: clips are not human beings, unless proven otherwise.
Aggiunta una clip in alta risoluzione ed alcuni link al post di questo carinissimo video.
Inoltre: no, non [...]

They Might Be Giants – 813 Mile Car Trip

Four hundred and seventeen miles to go.

Here’s a video about a very, very, very, very, very, very, very long drive. And I don’t like driving at all…
The video has been directed by Pascal Campion. It is part of one of the weekly episodes of Disney’s Friday Night Video Podcast for Families to promote Here Come [...]

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Spoon – You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb

Now you know your way…

This is where paper cut outs will dance for you and, hopefully, entertain you all along.
Spoon is an American indie rock band from Austin, Texas. The band is led by Britt Daniel, Jim Eno, Rob Pope and Eric Harvey. (Source: Wikipedia)
You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb is featured on their latest album, [...]

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MICHAEL THEODORE – Color Dream no. 246

Are dreams in color?

Enjoy this fascinating “long shot of undulating, scintillating, shifting washes of color” (Source: Anipages Daily)
The short is the work of Michael Theodore, and has been shown at Siggraph Computer Animation Festival 2006.
If you’re interested, the author talks about his work flow on this antiville post.
Godetevi il fascino di questa “lunga serie di [...]

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Come and See: Clip Updated

Felix & Paul’s music video for the Young Galaxy is now available in beautiful HD.
Il video di Felix & Paul per i Young Galaxy adesso è disponibile in alta definizione.

REFERENCE: Il post di Young Galaxy – Come and See.

JOSH RASKIN – The Horrible Sounds

Kent Hugo said: “Found film, no budget, live humans and document, time pixilation, photo cuttery, computerization, one half HD.”The Horrible Sounds has been realized at Play Airways by Josh Raskin (writer and director, recently Oscar nominated for I Met the Walrus), Kent Hugo (previously here with L’or rouge) and Alex Kurina.
Music by EVAC AKA [...]

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The Presets – This Boys in Love

They Shoot Homos Don’t They?

Two guys are fighting in milk or some other white liquid while the band in singing and/or watching. Kind of a masculine (homoerotic?) version of Nessuno.
The Presets are a Sydney based electropop duo, consisting of Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes.
This Guys in Love is the second single for their forthcoming second [...]


Dupe: Declaracao de amor


A Brazilian cutie with her new gel powered sandals, makes the land she walks on to fall in love with her. Poor parquet is gonna have a big disappointment, though.
Declaração de amor (declaration of love) has been directed by Luis Carone and produced at O2 Filmes.
Post produced at Oca Filmes. Animation directed by Guilherme Alvernaz. [...]

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Diesel: Liquid Space

Italian design studio Abstract:Groove created these three gorgeous underwater fantasies for Diesel.
“In sheer Diesel style, Water + Space are the inspirations for the Spring Summer 2008 collection, two disparate worlds brought together by the power of imagination and the languages of fashion.”
Abstract:Groove is a collective that handles every aspect of its projects: direction, motion design, [...]


Liquid Space: Third Delivery


TAG: Tutti i post su Diesel – Liquid Space.
DOWNLOAD (720×576): Scarica Liquid Space, Third Delivery.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 12 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]
DOWNLOAD (640×480): Scarica Liquid Space, Third Delivery.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 6 MB - Running Time: 35 sec.]
LINK: Visita abstract:Groove.
LINK: Visita Diesel.
CODECS: not needed

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Liquid Space: Second Delivery


TAG: Tutti i post su Diesel – Liquid Space.
DOWNLOAD (720×576): Scarica Liquid Space, Second Delivery.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 15 MB - Running Time: 35 sec.]
DOWNLOAD (640×480): Scarica Liquid Space, Second Delivery.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 8 MB - Running Time: 35 sec.]
LINK: Visita abstract:Groove.
LINK: Visita Diesel.
CODECS: not needed

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Liquid Space: First Delivery


DOWNLOAD: Scarica Liquid Space, First Delivery.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 12 MB - Running Time: 40 sec.]
LINK: Visita abstract:Groove.
LINK: Visita Diesel.
CODECS: not needed

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Volkswagen Golf: Singin` in the Rain

Doo doo doo doo doo…

An oldie but a goldie, featuring the (then) internet sensation David Elsewhere AKA David Bernal re-enacting that Gene Kelly dancing scene from Singin’ in the Rain.
The commercial was directed by Ne-O and produced at Stink, London. Ne-O is represented by Spy Films in the US.
Agency: DDB London. Creative Director: Jeremy Craigen. [...]

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Huoratron – Dollar Dollar Troopers

There are no dangerous weapons; there are only dangerous men.

Play your war games to get more power. Or just do like me… Play Tetris.
Huoratron is a musical project of one man, Aku Raski, a Helsinki-based composer, producer and artist. His key instruments are two modified hand-held Nintendo Gameboy consoles. (Source: Sounds Like Suomi)
$$ Troopers is [...]


V for Vendetta: Domino

Anarchy in the UK!!!

Remember remember the fifth of November…
A montage scene from the movie directed by James McTeigue and written by Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski, based upon the graphic novel by Alan Moore and David Lloyd.
Ricorda per sempre il cinque Novembre…
Scena di montaggio dal film diretto da James McTeigue e scritto da Andy Wachowski [...]

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Sprint: The Monsters of Nascar

Better video available in the links below!!!

A commercial for Sprint, the sponsor of Nascar cup series racing featuring “a host of racing cars vying for lead position”. Also featuring an incredible amount of talents in its production.
The spot has been directed by Michael Mann and produced by Alturas Films. Director of photography: Dante Spinotti. Creative [...]

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Do Make Say Think – In Mind

Full house!

While the lady’s asleep, teddy bears are playing poker and having some crazy fun…
Do Make Say Think is an instrumental post-rock band from Toronto, Ontario in Canada. Members are: Ohad Benchetrit, David Mitchell, James Payment, Justin Small, Charles Spearin, Julie Penner, Jay Baird, Brian Cram. (Source: Wikipedia)
In Mind is the last track from their [...]

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The Pencil Could Possibly Be Mightier

…than the Word™.

“Indeed the pencil is mightier than the sword. Except it took three weeks instead of a quick stab to the heart to put this project to its end.”
Written, directed and animated by Peter Ng, The Pencil is Mightier is his entry at See What’s Possible, the Cut and Paste competition sponsored by [...]

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DAVID O`REILLY – Please Say Something (ep. 1-5)

…any answer will do.

“A new cartoon of love and loss in the distant future. Thirty second breakneck heartbreak internet turbodrama, emotion at nine thousand kmph…”
The short and/or series of five episodes, has been written and directed by David O’Reilly for Creative Review, and it’s influenced by the comics of Jason AKA John Arne Sæterøy. Audio [...]

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Ein Lichtspiel: Schwartz – Weiss – Grau

László Moholy-Nagy was a Hungarian painter and photographer as well as professor in the Staatliches Bauhaus. He was a strong advocate of the integration of technology and industry into the arts. (Source: Wikipedia)
Ein Lichtspiel: Schwartz – Weiß – Grau (Light Play: Black – White – Gray) “is a montage of shining machine parts, filmed [...]

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E4 Music: Titles and Idents

Great OffahFish Fud

Andy Martin designed and directed these thirty (30!!!) titles and idents for the new rebrand of E4 Music.
“Inspired by traditional Eastern European puppetry, the idents take viewers into a weird world inhabited by animal-headed creatures.” (Source: Creative Review)
Produced at Mr and Mrs Smith. Animators: Lee Cooper, Ned Miles, Andy De Vries.
Andy Martin ha [...]

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Schweppes: Burst

A moment of Schweppervescence.

Videos with slow motion explosions of water balloons are all over the place, but this spot has raison d’être, in my opinion.
The spot was directed by Garth Davis at Exit Films. Director of photography: Greig Fraser.
Editor was Jack Hutchings. Visual effects by Fin Design. Creative agency: George Patterson Y&R.
Sound design: Level Two. [...]

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Delhaize: Christmas 2007

Decouvrez la magie…

It’s never too late to enjoy the magic of Christmas holidays. Perhaps it’s too early…
The spot has been directed by Les Fraggleboo at Chez Eddy for TBWA Brussels. Design: Eric Guillon.
Non è mai troppo tardi per godersi la magia del Natale. Al massimo è troppo presto…
Lo spot è stato diretto da Les Fraggleboo [...]

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Orange: Fish


Where the fish eventually leaves the bowl and discover the immensity of the oceans.
Antoine Bardou-Jacquet also directed this spot, produced at Partizan. Creative agency: Marcel, Paris. Visual effects: BUF.
Nel quale il pesce, infine, lascia la sua boccia e scopre la vastità degli oceani.
Antoine Bardou-Jacquet è anche il regista di [...]

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Honda: Problem Playground

Isn’t every problem a playground?

The “clever and optimistic new ad for Honda, celebrating the car maker’s passion for problem solving and introducing the Honda FCX Clarity, the firts hydrogen powered, zero emissions car.”
The spot was directed by Antoine Bardou Jacquet at Partizan. Creatives: Sam Heath and Frank Ginger at Wieden & Kennedy, London.
Post production [...]

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Guitar Hero 2: Hero

She’s a woman, you know what I mean.

So, if you want to avoid the impact of an asteroid with the Earth, all you have to do is pretending you’re playing a guitar.
The spot was directed by Pete Candeland at Passion Pictures for creative agency McCann Worldgroup, San Francisco.
Sound design by Stephen Dewey at Machine Head. [...]

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Brandt: La colocation

La salle de bain…

If I’m gonna live in a shared apartment like that, where will I stick all my books and DVDs. In the washing machine?
The spot has been directed by Keith Bearden (previously here with The Raftman’s Razor) at Mr. Hyde Paris.
The creative agency was DDB Paris. Creative directors: Alexandre Herve, Sylvain Thirache. Art [...]

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You Come Into My House, While I Sleep?

Sleep now, but remember to wake up.

Appearences indeed can be deceiving, and the law of the jungle, and anything goes…
Look Mexico is an indie rock band from Tallahassee, Florida, comprised of Matt Agrella, Tyson Kuhlhoff, Ryan Slate, Joshua Mikel. (Source: Wikipedia)
You Come into my House… is featured on their debut full lenght album, entitled This [...]

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ROBIN KING – Ten Thousand Pictures of You

Woss id awl abaaaaahhht?

“An exhilarating rollercoaster ride through the animated pictures of Sarah’s world, as she’s seeking revenge upon the movie star who broke her heart.”
The short has been directed by Robin King and produced by Denise Hoey, who also plays the role of Sarah in the short.
Original music: Neil Douek. Directors of photography: Mirko [...]

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ALES MAV – Daphne`s New Broom

“A little witch just bought herself a brand new broom and she can hardly wait to take it for a test drive. Unfortunately not everything goes as planned…”
Daphne’s New Broom is a short animated movie made by Aleš Mav while attending the Animation Mentor online school.
“Una streghetta s’è appena comprata la scopa nuova e non [...]

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Let Us Kiss: Online Promos

Nervo created these animations for the launch of the Let Us Kiss website working with the brand’s Creative Director Rodrigo Butori.
“Each animation is completely unique as they’ve used a variety of techniques ranging from plain stop motion to complex 3D graphics.”
“Nervo’s music director created all of the music tracks and sound effects for the [...]


Let Us Kiss: Peacock


DOWNLOAD: Scarica Peacock.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 10 MB - Running Time: 10 sec.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Peacock.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 2 MB - Running Time: 10 sec.]
WATCH (ALT.): Guarda Let us Kiss in finestra.[Format: Flash Video]
LINK: Visita Nervo.
CODECS: Apple Quicktime – Flash
TAG: Tutti i post su Let Us Kiss.

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Let Us Kiss: Padded Landing

yay boobies!

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Padded Landing.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 10 MB - Running Time: 10 sec.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Padded Landing.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 2 MB - Running Time: 10 sec.]
WATCH (ALT.): Guarda Let us Kiss in finestra.[Format: Flash Video]
LINK: Visita Nervo.
CODECS: Apple Quicktime – Flash
TAG: Tutti i post su Let Us Kiss.

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Let Us Kiss: Mushrooms

badger badger badger…

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Mushrooms. [Format: Quicktime - Size: 9 MB - Running Time: 10 sec.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Mushrooms. [Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 3 MB - Running Time: 10 sec.]
WATCH (ALT.): Guarda Let us Kiss in finestra.[Format: Flash Video]
LINK: Visita Nervo.
CODECS: Apple Quicktime – Flash
TAG: Tutti i post su Let Us Kiss.

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Let Us Kiss: Ferris Wheel


DOWNLOAD: Scarica Ferris Wheel. [Format: Quicktime - Size: 9 MB - Running Time: 10 sec.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Ferris Wheel. [Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 3 MB - Running Time: 10 sec.]
WATCH (ALT.): Guarda Let us Kiss in finestra.[Format: Flash Video]
LINK: Visita Nervo.
CODECS: Apple Quicktime – Flash
TAG: Tutti i post su Let Us Kiss.

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Let Us Kiss: Falling in Love


DOWNLOAD: Scarica Falling in Love. [Format: Quicktime - Size: 10 MB - Running Time: 10 sec.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Falling in Love. [Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 2 MB - Running Time: 10 sec.]
WATCH (ALT.): Guarda Let us Kiss in finestra.[Format: Flash Video]
LINK: Visita Nervo.
CODECS: Apple Quicktime – Flash
TAG: Tutti i post su Let Us Kiss.

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…fly away

So… you are what you eat?
This beautiful music video for the song by Matt Cragle is the work of Charles Russell Huettner. Both of the are part of the Make and Send collective.
Following is the storyboard…
Quindi… sei quello che mangi?
Questo bel video musicale per il brano di Matt Cragle è opera di Charles Russell [...]

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Street Fighter IV: Chun Li vs. C. Viper

Following the the debut trailer featuring Ryu and Ken, Capcom released another cinematic trailer, this one with two female warriors fighting, just in time for Women’s Day.
A seguito del trailer d’esordio con Ryu e Ken, Capcom ha pubblicato un secondo trailer filmato, questo con due combattenti donna, giusto in tempo per la festa delle [...]

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Born Like Stars

Return to the Sun of Nothing…

“When Brad Seibel’s 2000 paper suggested squids brood, it was called erroneous. Years later, when Seibel had the opportunity to direct a submersible, he captured this footage confirming his hypothesis.”
Born like Stars is a short film put together by Encyclopedia Pictura (via Ghost Robot) in collaboration with Brent Hoff for [...]

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Tons of Balloons


Experimental film featuring a girl dancing naked amongst a beautiful white balloon filled room. Dehihi. Experimental.
The short, directed James Frost and Mary Fagot of Blip Boutique, won the Best Web Film award at the Swerve Festival 2007.
Film sperimentale in cui una ragazza balla nuda in una bella stanza piena di palloncini bianchi. Dehihi. Sperimentale.
Il corto, [...]

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The Meth Minute 39: Japandering

Is indescribable!!!

Japander: (noun) a western star who uses his or her fame to make large sums of money in a short time by advertising products in Japan that they would probably never use. (See: prostitute.)
And this is what this episode of The Meth Minute 39 is all about: japandering.
The short has been directed by Dan [...]

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The Blue Seeds – Lost and Delirious

Well, there’s a man who lives and sleep with a giant bird that hosts a projector inside, piñatas never looked so creepy, and Psyche is killing Cupid. That’s a bad trip!
The Blue Seeds are Francois Dufault, Amelie Laflamme, Marc Chartrain, Patrick Hamilton and Roger Miron. They’re based in Montreal, Canada.
Lost and Delirious is [...]

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Halbtraum: The Making of


This clip doesn’t go very further into the technical details, but it’s very entertaining.
Halbtraum is the work of Marco Jeuring and Tobias Wüstefeld, done within four months at the FH Münster Fachbereich Design.
La clip non si addentra molto in dettagli tecnici, ma mi risulta parecchio divertente.
Halbtraum è opera di Marco Jeuring e Tobias Wüstefeld, [...]

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Are you OK?

We’ll witness the crazy dreams of a sleep walker, suspended between the two worlds.
Halbtraum is the work of Marco Jeuring and Tobias Wüstefeld, done within four months at the FH Münster Fachbereich Design, a German design school.
Sound design: Florian Bodenschatz and Anja Driemecker. Voices: Kai Taschner and Oliver Rohrbeck.
Assisteremo ai folli sogni di [...]

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The Tales of ASP: Me

Follow the light and you´ll never return

“A little eerie gothic tale about love, fear and death.” And the moral is: it’s all your fault. Always.
Asp is a German band comprised of Asp himself, Matthias Ambré, Tossi and Oliver Himmighoffen AKA Himmi.
Me is featured on their album Aus der Tiefe, released on August 2005 for Trisol.
The [...]

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Adidas Originals: Adi Dassler Workshop

Adi had them all.

In order to tell the story of the beginning of the company, the Adidad Originals 2008 campaign kick starts with this amazing stop animated recreation of Adi Dassler’s workshop, another great work from creative agency 180 Amsterdam.
The spot, shot in Prague, has been directed by Martin Krejci and produced at Stink, London. [...]

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MATT WHITE – The Old Man Who Cried Shark


“When a lonely old man is convinced he’s seen a shark in his freshwater pond in Pennsylvania, his struggle to kill the beast and prove his sanity creates havoc for his family.”
A nice student movie written, directed and produced by Matt White while at Tisch School of the Arts.
Editor was Mike Siedlecki. Cast: Ulga Campfield, [...]

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PLUS ET PLUS – Asics Tokyo Marathon Teathre

Sound mind, sound body.

One of three promos for Asics’ sponsorship of the Tokyo Marathon produced at One Dot Zero.
This one was made by Plus et Plus.
In the same campaign: the two other shorts realized by Seed and Hardstaff.
Uno di tre promo per la sponsorizzazione di Asics alla maratona di Tokyo, prodotti da One Dot Zero.
Questo [...]

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Short of the Week #10

I’ve been asked to write a review for Short of the Week. Check it out, and check the site out too, ’cause it’s worth it (the site, not the review…)
Mi è stato chiesto di scrivere una recensione per Short of the Week. Dateci un occhio e datelo anche al sito, ché merita (il sito, non [...]

J. J. WALKER – Word Up, World


“Without the usual facts and figures or gritty stock footage, the film serves to address the serious issues of this planet. Utilizing a simplified and colorful approach – a range of topics are addressed, from deforestation to gun violence.”
“By communicating in this universal language, the piece strives to add to a collective effort: to inspire [...]

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Supergrass – Bad Blood

I don’t get itThis bed ain’t filled with romance

Perhaps you’ve seen the same trick before, but it’s played well, and matches perfectly the music, so… Enjoy!
Supergrass is an English rock band from Oxford. The band consists of Gaz Coombes, Rob Coombes, Danny Goffey and Mick Quinn.
Bad Blood, to be released on 17 March 2008, will [...]

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The Meth Minute 39: Bob Meets the Beatles

Goo Goo Gachoo…

This episode “takes us back in time to a milestone moment in rock history: the day Bob Dylan first smoked up the Beatles. It got weird in that room.”
Directed by Dan Meth. Additional art: Josh Weisbrod, Claire Samuels.
Voice actors: Scott Kaufman, Tom Forget, Dan Meth, Marc Boxser. Music: Dan Meth, Andres Palmiter. [...]

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail in Lego

It’s only a model!

“As the title suggests, this internet classic depicts the famous Camelot dance number from Holy Grail, in Lego. Originaly produced as a special feature for the Holy Grail DVD, the film has also found new life on the internet…”
The animation has been realized by Tim Drage and Tony Mines at Spite your [...]

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Vampire Weekend – A-Punk

Look outside at the raincoats coming.

Yay! Bang the drum all the day. And night.
Vampire Weekend is an indie rock band from New York City signed to XL Recordings. The members are: Ezra Koenig, Rostam Batmanglij, Christopher Tomson, Chris Baio.
A-Punk is featured on their eponymous debut album, released on January 29, 2008.
The video has been made [...]

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A brief guide about Bridesmaids


A nuptial ceremony ain’t something you can leave to fate. Bride’s maids are there just to help you get the best from the best day of you life (yeah…)
A brief guide about Bridesmaids is a short movie by Yaniv Fridman, Amber Mackay and Nicolas Alexander, their final project at the Vancouver Film School.
The movie is [...]

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Eternal Dreamer: Clip Updated Again

Since I had to move it to a new location, I’ve updated the spot with a slightly better clip.
Dovendolo cambiare di post, ho aggiornato lo spot con una clip leggermente migliore.

REFERENCE: Il post di Michel Gondry, Eternal Dreamer.