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SCAD Shorts: Love Hurts

Love hurts, love scars, love wounds and mars.

SCAD Shorts: Love Hurts - MPEG-4 clip
Every 30 seconds, a human being is hit by Cupid’s heart shaped arrows. If this is not stopped, you could be the next one. Think about it.

Love Hurts is the latest installment in Dandy Dwarves‘ monthly SCAD Shorts, short movies made by students of the Savannah College.

The short has been directed and edited by Christian Simmons. Producer: Josh Lind. Cupid is Jeff Crispi.

Cinematography and visual effects: Andrew Cook. Sound Design: Colin Alexander. Click for more credits.

You can decide/guess the ultimate title of this short posting a comment on the official website. The twist is that it must be an acronym of SCAD!

Ogni trenta secondi, una persona viene colpita dalle frecce di Cupido. Se nessuno fermerà questa strage, potresti essere il prossimo. Pensaci.

Love Hurts è il più recente episodio della serie SCAD Shorts dei Dandy Dwarves, una rassegna di corti realizzati da studenti del Savannah College.

Il corto è stato diretto e montato da Christian Simmons. Produttore: Josh Lind. Cupido è Jeff Crispi.

Fotografia ed effetti visivi: Andrew Cook. Progetto del suono: Colin Alexander. Un click per gli altri credits.

Potete decidere/indovinare il nome definitivo del corto postando un commento sul sito ufficiale. L’inghippo è che deve essere un acronimo di SCAD!

SCAD Shorts: Love Hurts

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LINK: Visita Scad Shorts.

LINK: Visita The Dandy Dwarves.


{ 3 } Comments

  1. ZenTan | 8 November 2010 at 05:08 | Permalink

    WoW! This is too funny… *Laugh Out Loud*
    I think we should capture cupid to stop this insane arrow piercings, cuz it HURTS!!!

  2. analisatamara | 28 February 2011 at 18:32 | Permalink

    OMG! Hysterical! Sigh. If only it didn’t hurt…I say we capture the little bugger and perpetrate some hurt on him! :)

  3. Mystic | 17 May 2012 at 15:27 | Permalink

    oh my, my whole class in hysterics about it :D

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