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PAUL RAPHAEL – Perfect Timing

Sure Thing!

PAUL RAPHAEL: Perfect Timing - MPEG-4 clip
A guy (Mike Paterson) meets a girl (Ivana Shein) in a cafeteria, reading a William Faulkner’s book, and tries several approaches to impress her, in a multiversical Groundhog Day fashion, if this makes sense to you.

This nice short has been adapted and directed by Paul Raphaël (of Felix and Paul) from the play Sure Thing by David Ives. The song is Nightlife, produced by Amon Tobin.

Art direction: Nicola Stuart. Editing and post production: Paul Raphaël. Director of photography: John Easterbrooke.

Jean-François Méan was producer and assistant director. Production manager: Chris Kang. Sound department: Patrick Garon Sayegh.

Un tipo (Mike Paterson) incontra una tipa (Ivana Shein) in un caffè, intenta a leggere un libro di Faulkner, e prova diversi approcci, in una versione multiversale di Groundhog Day, se questa cosa ha un senso per voi.

Questo bel corto è stato diretto da Paul Raphaël (di Felix and Paul) ed adattato da una piece di David Ives, Sure Thing. La canzone è Nightlife, prodotta da Amon Tobin.

Direzione artistica: Nicola Stuart. Post produzione e montaggio: Paul Raphaël. Dir. della fotografia: John Easterbrooke.

Jean-François Méan è produttore ed assistente in regia. Production manager: Chris Kang. Addetto al suono: Patrick Garon Sayegh.

© 2003 Double-Time Pictures

PAUL RAPHAEL - Perfect Timing

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LINK: Visita Felix and Paul.

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  1. Robin | 26 February 2008 at 03:08 | Permalink

    I think this would be a great possibility to get to know some girls, turning back time at some points in a conversation.

    LOL Great Acting with some funny gestures. Thanks for that one.

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