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Fish Out of Water: Movie Night

Our imagination…

Fish Out of Water: Movie Night - MPEG-4 clip
Let’s keep it on the easy and funny with this short movie where three friends — Tumble (Joel Huggins), Chestnut (Gabriel Tigerman) and Fish (actually a fish) — are ready for a movie, brews and some popcorn.

But the whole thing will end with: an “epic love interest” prone to chocolate (Kathryn Fiore), imaginary beer, and a deep sea diver (Will Koehl) out of a Chris Cunningham nightmare.

Movie Night has been directed and edited by Ben Barnes and it is part of the Fish Out of Water comedy project.

Authors: Ben Barnes, Joel Huggins, Gabriel Tigerman. Director of photography: Mathew Rudenberg. Fish wrangling: Sam Hale.

Soundtrack: I Love My Car by Belle and Sebastian — opening title; Revolver by Ennio Morricone — Chestnut’s movie; Szamár Madár, Hajnal and Felbomlasztott Mentökocsi by Venetian Snares — Fish’s nightmare; Blooms and Blossoms by Freescha — end title.

Teniamola sul facile e divertente con questo corto in cui tre amici — Tumble (Joel Huggins), Chestnut (Gabriel Tigerman) e Fish (proprio un pesce) — sono pronti per una seratina tutta cinema, birra e popcorn.

Il tutto finirà invece in: una cioccolatosa storia d’amore (con Kathryn Fiore), birra immaginaria, ed un sommozzatore (Will Koehl) uscito da un incubo di Chris Cunningham.

Movie Night è stato diretto e montato da Ben Barnes e fa parte del progetto di commedia online Fish Out of Water.

Autori: Ben Barnes, Joel Huggins, Gabriel Tigerman. Direttore della fotografia: Mathew Rudenberg. Domatore del pesce: Sam Hale.

Colonna sonora: I Love My Car di Belle and Sebastian — titoli di testa; Revolver di Ennio Morricone — film di Chestnut; Szamár Madár, Hajnal e Felbomlasztott Mentökocsi di Venetian Snares — incubo di Fish; Blooms and Blossoms di Freescha — titoli di coda.

Fish Out of Water: Ben Barnes, Joel Huggins, Gabriel Tigerman

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