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[BEST OF] January 2008 – pt.2

Part two is what makes part one the first.

Le telecommande: first episode of RouDouDou.

Ectype’s End: duplicate and multiply.

S|Layer: graphic(s)…

The Magical Amount: Seriously?

Final Fantasy Versus XIII: emo!

Noah: game teaser.

Food Fight: Stefan Nadelman’s delicious short movie in food-o-mation.

The Making of The Tale of How: the tale of how the tale of how was told.

Kami: got friends?

Dahucapra Rupidahu: mockumentary.

Our Last Video Ever: Celebrating Abba.

Laika: Zune Arts go to space.

Alive: the life of insects.

Fool Throttle: road rage!!!

La seconda parte rende prima la prima.

Le telecommande: primo episodio di RouDouDou.

Ectype’s End: andate e moltiplicate.

S|Layer: gra fica.

The Magical Amount: Maserio?

Final Fantasy Versus XIII: emo!

Noah: game teaser.

Food Fight: delizioso cortometraggio di Stefan Nadelman in cibo-animazione.

The Making of The Tale of How: si narra la storia di come la storia sia stata narrata..

Kami: amicici?

Dahucapra Rupidahu: animali mitologici.

Our Last Video Ever: celebrando gli Abba.

Laika: Zune Arts va nello spazio.

Alive: vita degli insetti.

Fool Throttle: rabbia sulla strada!!!

ARCHIVE: Tutti i post del 01/2008.

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