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{ Monthly Archives } February 2008


Here’s a clip with the final minutes from Emir Kusturica’s short movie, Guernica.
“FAMU student film, the story is based on a Antonije Isaković novel. It tells the history of a Jewish little boy facing the fear of the anti-semitism. His father brings him in 1937 to the Exposition Universelle in Paris, where he discovers [...]

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Citroen C4: Roof

For all the people that feel unconfortable and stressed when driving, this one is for us.
The spot was directed by Jan Wentz at production company Gang Films for creative agency Euro RSCG.
Post produced entirely at La maison. Editor was Thierry Hoss. Visual effects: François Dumoulin (supervisor), Christiane Bregmestre (producer) and Eve Ramboz (artist).
Computer [...]

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In the beginnings…

“Imagine the story of creation shown thru the cold lens of Science, and evolution told as a biblical tale. It’s a head-spinningly complex splitscreen experience and demands repeat viewing.” (Source: VFS)
“Duelity is a split screen animation that tells both sides of the story of Earth’s origins in a dizzying and provocative journey through [...]

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Duelity: Evolution

In the beginning…

“If thou shalt believe the Book of Darwin, t’is billion years after the Big Bang that we behold what the cosmos hath begat: the magma, the terra firma, the creeping beasts and the mankind, whose dolorous and chaotic evolution begat the gift of consciousness.”
That’s one story.
“Dal Vangelo secondo Darwin si evince che solo [...]

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Duelity: Creationism

In the beginning…

“According to the records of the General Organization of Development (GOD) it took a mere six days to manufacture a fully operational universe, complete with day, night, flora and fauna, and installing Adam as its manager to oversee daily functions on Earth.”
That’s one story.
“Secondo i registri del Dipartimento di Infinita Onnipotenza (DIO) ci [...]

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Robots are “dancing to pounding electronic music” in this short film by Peter Ocampo, final year project from his course at Bournemouth NCCA.
Nothing that you haven’t seen before, but still there’s something to see here.
The soundtrack is Hooligan Spirit by Hybrid, courtesy of Distinctive Records.
Robot “danzano al ritmo martellante della musica elettronica” in questo corto [...]

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Warning: nudity.

Fire, your only rivers run… no wait, that was different. Well, it’s not that important. All you need is to keep your eyes open and watch this short, which was supposed to be here last week.
The short has been realized by Pierre Michel for the creative agency Melba. In fact Fire Flower is a [...]

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Coke: Video Game

You give a little love and it all comes back to you

Time to post this cinema spot from August 2006 (also aired during Super Bowl in 2007) where Vice City is washed clean by sugar water.
The spot has been directed by Smith & Foulkes (Alan Smith and Adam Foulkes) at Nexus Productions for the [...]

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Young Galaxy – Come and See

HD Video available below!
Is it coincidence or connection?

We live in a world where too much people which is not afraid to push the red button, and not out of courage. They’re just dumb enough to not realize what they’re doing.
Young Galaxy is a Canadian indie pop duo, whose members are Stephen Ramsay and Catherine McCandless. [...]

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CryEngine2: Realtime Like No Other


CryTek delivers the second version of their 3D engine with a real time remake of the first Bravia advert. With teapots.
Also available a comparison between the real one and the computer generated version.
CryTek inaugura la seconda versione del suo motore 3D con un remake in tempo reale del primo [...]

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Yeasayer – Wait For The Summer

HD Video available below!

The best new thing the new year brought us so far, finally available in high definition, courtesy of our friends at Mixtape Club.
Yeasayer is an experimental band based in Brooklyn, New York. The band members are Anand Wilder, Chris Keating, Ira Wolf Tuton, and Luke Fasano. (Source: Wikipedia)
Wait for the Summer is [...]

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GQ: The Ideal Man

…doesn’t exist.

This clever commercial depicts the ideal man, the man with all the things women dream about. Basically, a clown…
The spot has been directed by Minivegas for creative agency DDB. Soundtrack: Eyes without a Face by Billy Idol.
Questo sagace spot raffigura l’uomo ideale, l’uomo che ha tutte le caratteristiche che le donne sognano. In pratica: [...]

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JOEL COLOMBO – Nematostella

Starlet sea anemone (Nematostella vectensis)

The concept behind this short is detailed on CG Talk by its author. Mixing the shape of a sea anemone, whose DNA resemble human DNA structure, platonic solids, nice music, it’s too hard for me trying to make a sense out of it.
Still, I’ve had to go thru my archive and [...]

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Gap: Pardon Our Dust

It’s, oh, so quiet…

It looks like restructuring a clothes store is more fun than it sounds. There’s even some dude with a chainsaw, chainsawing…
The ad was directed by Spike Jonze and produced at MJZ for the creative agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami.
Stimmüng Films is responsible for the music.
Sembra che ristrutturare un negozio di abbigliamento [...]

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The old new Meebo

The guys at Meebo worked hard to find a new scalable solution to run their growing network, and it seems they made it.
So, if you tried to contact me in the last two weeks, it’s very likely that your message never made its way to me. Try again. Now everything should work fine.
Lo staff di [...]



…e invece è zxxyxz.

Regular posting should resume tomorrow.
Here’s some links I’ve added in the sidebar lately. No time for a link review now…
Hot Stuff: Waterfront Studios, Transistor Studios.
Links: Short of the Week, Hemaworstje, Rino Castiglia, Jaxon Brooks, Noantri, Ehrensenf.
Revisiting : Sean Hodges, Feed.
Dovrei riprendere coi video domani.
Qui ci sono i link che ho aggiunto a [...]

[BEST OF] January 2008 – pt.2

Part two is what makes part one the first.
Le telecommande: first episode of RouDouDou.
Ectype’s End: duplicate and multiply.
S|Layer: graphic(s)…
The Magical Amount: Seriously?
Final Fantasy Versus XIII: emo!
Noah: game teaser.
Food Fight: Stefan Nadelman’s delicious short movie in food-o-mation.
The Making of The Tale of How: the tale of how the tale of how was told.
Kami: got friends?
Dahucapra Rupidahu: [...]

[BEST OF] January 2008 – pt.1

I need a little break. I’ll leave with the usual bunch of links from the past month. ’soon!
“Magnifique!“: Huge…
The Mirror: makes things bigger.
Le nouveau: don’t judge a book by its cover.
And She Stares Longingly at What She Has Lost: the title is longer than the movie.
Me and my Goldfish Were Going to the Pub: alcoholic [...]

The Panics – Don`t Fight It

Don’t fight itif you don’t know what it is

For some reason this reminds me of the episode from The Simpsons when Homer says he doesn’t remember he said what’s written in the speech balloon drawn onto his photo. Don’t ask me why.
The Panics are an Australian indie rock band originally from Perth, and currently based [...]


The Terrordactyls – Devices

You and I are meant for each other…

Just some plain funny (and cheesy, but in a good way) stop motion animation for your sheer enjoyment.The Terrordactyls are Michael Cadiz and Tyrel Stendahl. Michael was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Tyrel is from Tukwila, Washington.
Michael and Tyrel are also the authors of the video. The female voice [...]

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Freelancers Union: Bad Meeting

If we want better teeth,we need a better system.

“A designer’s presentaion for Globocomcorp gets off to an akward start and then goes way, way downhill.”
The spot has been directed by Lifelong Friendship Society. Director of photography: Ryan Luis Beltran.
Creative directors: Phil Gable and Julie Lamb. Sound designer: Bill Chesley at Amber Music. Mixer: Wilson Brown [...]

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Salmon Dance: Clip Updated

The video directed by Dom & Nic just won the Best Music Video award at Imagina 2008. So, I’ve uploaded a better quality video that floated on my hard disk for a while…
La clip diretta da Dom & Nic ha appena vinto il premio come miglior video musicale ad Imagina 2008. Ho messo su una [...]

ILIAS SOUNAS – Space Alone

It’s not good to be alone…
HD Video available below!

In space nobody can hear you crying. That doesn’t mean you’re not really sad. In fact loneliness is the cosmological constant.
The short film, one hundred percent Flash animation, is the work of Ilias Sounas.
I spotted Space Alone on online film festival Channel Portable, then on Bitfilm and [...]


Steren: GPS

Soluciones en Electrónica.

M.C. Escher meets Max Fleischer in this commercial where getting lost is the final destination. Something like that.
The spot has been lovely crafted by Punga and Rodrigo Valdés at The Maestros.
M.C. Escher incontra Max Fleischer in questo spot in cui perdersi è la meta del viaggio. O una cosa del genere.
Lo spot è [...]


Fuel for Life: Undress

Are you alive?

Another ad for Diesel? Yes, but in fact this is a replacement for a short movie whose clip is missing audio. While I repair my mistakes, enjoy this one…
All the spots in the Fuel for Life campaign have been directed by Laurence Dunmore at Gang Films for creative agency FFL. All the commercials [...]

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HONEST – I`m Falling Forever

Some say he is good luck.

Changing a light bulb is dangerous operation. You may find yourself slipping thru space and time; next time you’ll better follow the instructions!
I’m Falling Forever, directed by Honest, is one out of 30 short movies realized for the old Diesel Dreams campaign by Diesel Creative Team and Kessels Kramer Amsterdam.
Cambiare [...]

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PAUL RAPHAEL – Perfect Timing

Sure Thing!

A guy (Mike Paterson) meets a girl (Ivana Shein) in a cafeteria, reading a William Faulkner’s book, and tries several approaches to impress her, in a multiversical Groundhog Day fashion, if this makes sense to you.
This nice short has been adapted and directed by Paul Raphaël (of Felix and Paul) from the play Sure [...]

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True Color

Be white.

In a world of robots, the life is just black and white, in an endless cycle of alternation. Until somebody destabilise the estabilished order, and the party begins…
True Color is the work of two students of the French school Supinfocom: Bertrand Rey and Pierre Ducos. Music by Cedric Benoit and DJ Matsa from Lab-Rok [...]

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Water is my Eye

Teardrop on the fireFeathers on my breath.

In a mysterious cathedral, the sacred water drop is touched, giving birth to the man and woman. Separeted, they fell in love.
“They pass through the different stages of love, from naïve becoming aware of their sexuality, over the heat of desire, to pure violence and death.”
Water is my Eye [...]

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Coke: It`s Mine

Fra i due litiganti…
HD Video available below!

On Thanksgiving Day, at the annual Macy’s Parade, a playfully fight occurs between Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin and the classic superhero Underdog. That is, their giant parade balloons.
“They soar through the Manhattan sky hovering and tumbling amongst the city buildings, their handling ropes dangle beneath, as they duke it [...]

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Toyota: Harmony

Why not?

In this spot, part of the Why Not campaign, a brand new car is built and then decays into the natural set of the Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.
The protected environment didn’t allow the crew to use other materials than those found on the place. Also, the look of time-lapse photography has been [...]

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Because your desire for perfection will always be frustrated. Because sometimes you just have to let things be.
Yet another take on the loving robots, but with something to say in his own voice.
Instants is a short movie by two students of the French school EESA: Bastien Brenot and Nicolas Maligne.
Music composed by Nicolas Auger. [...]

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Serj Tankian – Beethoven`s Cunt

Find the little evil perpetrator,And feed him to the hungry alligator

It’s ten minutes I’m stuck trying to figure out how to describe the video. Well. Think of David Lynch meets Salvador Dali.
Serj Tankian is a singer, songwriter, poet, activist, and multi-instrumentalist, better known as the lead vocalist, and keyboardist of the alternative metal band System [...]

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Processes: Living Paintings (Live @ Phyletic Museum)

I could have just updated the old post with the plates adding a link to this clip, but it really deserves its own post.
Here’s a short video of Living Paintings projected at the Phyletic Museum in Jena, Germany. It’s not exactly like having been there, but close enough.
Video artist, director and producer Robert Seidel [...]

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The Meth Minute 39: For Kids!


It was about time that an animated series such as The Meth Minute 39 featured something for the kids, ain’t it? So, send your children to bed and enjoy the show…
Directed by Dan Meth. Additional art: Mike Zimmer, Daisy Edwards. Featuring music by: Dan Meth, Michael Karp.
Era ora che uno show animato come The Meth [...]

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Jurannessic: Clip Updated

A very good quality clip of this old trailer for the Annecy Festival is now available.
Finalmente è disponibile una ottima clip di questo trailer per il festival di Annecy.

REFERENCE: Il post di Jurannessic.

AMY M. PETERS – Corporate Whore

Toss me out the window,so while I’m downstairsI’ll be sure to pick upyour coffee:milk, two sugars.

Just been an hour at the phone with an old friend, sharing depressing chit chatting about the work as a programmer, which give me occasion to post this short movie.
Corporate Whore has been written, directed and produced by A. M. [...]

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Chocolate Love


Cute post Valentine randomness with romance and some (hot) chocolate. Get dirty!
The short video is the work of Jay Grandin and Leah Hayes Nelson. The song is by Brie Neilson, entitled No No No Yes.
Per il dopo San Valentino, un po’ di non sense, romanticismo e del cioccolato. Bollente!
Il breve video è opera di Jay [...]

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PSYOP – Happy Valentine Day


A short “based on O. Henry’s The Gift of the Magi, directed by Psyop’s Todd Mueller and Jon Saunders and featuring the song Love in My Pocket by the VHS or BETA.”
Design: Jon Saunders. Storyline: Pete Sickbert Bennett, Todd Mueller, Jon Saunders. Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo. Producer: Nathan Jew.
Animation: Damon Ciarelli, Helen Choi, Eric Luhta. [...]

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ABC1: Crime Writer

Where you going, baby? has a huge coverage on the new broadcast branding of Austrialian TV channels ABC1 and ABC2. Here’s my pick.
Designed, illustrated, animated and directed by Marcelle Lunam at Zspace. Lilian Darmono also animated and illustrated.
Director of photography: Tristan Milani. Compositor: Clayton Diack. Producer: Nicky Marshall. Creative director: Marcelle Lunam. copre estesamente le [...]

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Le conte du crepuscule

If you’re in love with somebody that lives far from your place, this short will probably hit a nerve. In any case, it’s a beautiful work of animation.
The authors are: Flore Pipari, Béatrice Bonneau and Bastien Fauré, students of the French school Lisaa.
Se siete innamorati ma vivete lontano dalla vostra compagna, questo corto colpirà [...]

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Something for my ego

After the 1024th post and the 1024th visitor, today we welcome the 1024th RSS feed (and/or podcast) user. Hooray!
Dopo il visitatore ed il post, oggi diamo il benvenuto al utente del feed RSS e/o podcast. Urrà!

Processes: Living Paintings

Here’s a “35×16 meter full façade projection with a corresponding light choreography, ambient music and synced sound effects shown on the 2/2/2008 in Jena, Germany. It was especially created for the 100th anniversary of the Phyletic Museum founded by Ernst Haeckel as well as the Jena illuminated event, being part of the opening [...]

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Love Hurts: Behind the Scenes

And it’ll burn, burn, burnThat ring of fire…

The making of video for the SCADShorts film of this month is one half a surreal take on the main character, on half a collection of stunts of the victims.
Il dietro le quinte dello SCADShorts di questo mese è per metà una ripresa surreale del protagonista, e per [...]

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SCAD Shorts: Love Hurts

Love hurts, love scars, love wounds and mars.

Every 30 seconds, a human being is hit by Cupid’s heart shaped arrows. If this is not stopped, you could be the next one. Think about it.
Love Hurts is the latest installment in Dandy Dwarves‘ monthly SCAD Shorts, short movies made by students of the Savannah College.
The short [...]

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Morning Star Farms: The Artist

Don’t be so dramatic…

And finally, the secret behind Mona Lisa’s smile will be revealed tonight! Maybe.
This spot has been directed and animated by Yellow Shed’s Todd Hemker and Soyeon Kim. Thank you guys!
Finalmente il segreto del sorriso di Mona Lisa sarà svelato stasera! Forse..
Lo spot è stato diretto ed animato da Todd Hemker e Soyeon [...]

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St. Petersburg is More than Twice as Little as Moscow

Already posted this here, here and here, but it deserves another share of airtime.
An insanely funny animation project realized by 18 Russian animators, who made the entire film out of Post-it Notes.
The mind behind this animated frenzy is Andrei T. Bakhurin of the Bloody Circus of Scary Dolls.
The song is by Oppa Novy God [...]

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Best. Thing. Ever.So good!

I feel your pain for all those couples whose only aim seem to show how lonely you are, especially on Valentine’s Day…
So, here’s a nice short movie to ease your pain. The animation is very simple, yet the short is vastly enjoyable.
Noobies was directed by Benjamin Vu at SkyVu. Produced by W. [...]

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Change: Link Updated

The other short movie by Sebastián López and Sabrina Mottino also needed an update. Now it’s online again.
L’altro corto Sebastián López e Sabrina Mottino pure aveva bisogno di essere aggiornato. Ora è di nuovo online.

REFERENCE: Il post di Change.

Philips: Robot Skin

Shave it baby!!!

By popular request, here’s the spot for the shaving system that every men would buy. Sooooo… Does it ship in Bjork too?
The spot has been directed by Bruno Aveillan and produced at Short Films, London. Director of photography: Philippe Le Sourd.
Creative agency: DDB, London. Creative director: Stuart Buckley. Creatives: Mark Thompson, Dave Newbold.
The [...]

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DANIEL JOHNSTON – True Love will Find you in the End

And so it goesyou win, you lose…

Here’s a weird piece of claymation which doesn’t really makes for an appropriate and ordinary Valentine’s Day video but… it makes for a lot of fun!!!
Daniel Dale Johnston is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and artist.
True Love appears on his album 1990.
The music video has been directed by London [...]

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C’est la mère Léontine qui a perdu son chien…

Good old Leontine has lost Totol, her dog, and now the cats are eating all her fishes…
I’m not sure if what happen is to be taken literally or there’s some double entendre I’m not aware of, but the trippy animation makes the short worthy enough for me…
Leontine [...]

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Fackin Family: Link Updated

Vimeo deletes, I reupload.
I’ve also updated the post for Waves, from the same authors, with some new links.
Vimeo cancella, io ricarico.
Ho anche aggiornato il post di Waves, degli stessi autori, con alcuni link nuovi.

REFERENCE: Il post di Fackin’ Family.

HP and Paulo Coelho: The Experimental Witch

Set out on a journey of discovery.

The experimental witch is an online contest for (aspiring) filmmakers, sponsored by Hewlett Packard.
Put together your own vision of Paulo Coelho’s last book, The Witch of Portobello, and send it in. The winners will be edited into a feature film. The rules can be found on Paulo Coelho’s blog.
To [...]

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You Are What You Shoot: Clip Updated

Uploaded a high resolution clip of this spot (via Stefan Andersson on CG Talk) and updated the credits (via Advertolog).
Added a link to Yannick Puig’s personal blog and to his interview on Videology in the post for I Lived on the Moon.
Caricata una clip in alta risoluzione dello spot (via Stefan Andersson su CG [...]

MIKA – Lollipop

Sucking too hard on your lollipop,Or love’s gonna get you down

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf when you can have all the candy in the world?
Mica Penniman AKA Mika, is a Lebanese born, London based singer and songwriter.
Lollipop is featured on his debut album Life in Cartoon Motion and was released as a single [...]

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TUBE AND BERGER – Straight Ahead

Just one more.

A Godzilla sized deep sea diver dance around the buildings of London without crashing them. Some scuba divers join in too.
Tube & Berger is the alias of producers Arndt Rörig and Marco Vidovic from Germany. Chrissie Hynde is an American rock musician, best known as the leader of the band The Pretenders.
Straight Ahead, [...]

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“No matter how much we admire to control the elements of our lives, the forces of nature will come and all we can do is hold our breath and behold.”
If you didn’t know that Crichton’s book has been turned into a popcorn horror movie, you might have inferred that I’m introducing Jurassic Park. But [...]

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El despacho: Link Updated

The short movie by David Muñoz is again online. I’ve also added the homosexuality tag as requested by our reader.
Il corto di David Muñoz è di nuovo online. Ho inoltre aggiunto il tag omosessualità come richiesto da un nostro lettore.

REFERENCE: Il post di El despacho.

DAVID LOBSER – Elephant Girl

“Part 2, in which Elephant Girl is carried away enchanted, together with other remarkable incidents.” And no, there is no part one. Not yet.
Elephant Girl is basically “a four and a half minute short film about “sisters” who enjoy more than just sisterhood!”
The short animated movie is the work of David Lobser and it’s [...]

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JULIAN GREY – Forgetfulness

Long ago you kissed the names of the nine Muses goodbyeand watched the quadratic equation pack its bag,and even now as you memorize the order of the planets,
something else is slipping away, a state flower perhaps,the address of an uncle, the capital of Paraguay.(Billy Collins)

Uhm. I can’t remember what I was about to tell you. [...]

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The Meth Minute 39: Behind the Scenes

Internet persons!

“This is a special look behind the scenes of The Meth Minute 39, featuring an interview with Dan Meth by animation historian Bethany Lipdip of Inside the Animator’s Studio.”
Well, not really. Enjoy!
“Uno sguardo speciale dietro le quinte di The Meth Minute 39, con un’intervista a Dan Meth dello storico dell’animazione Bethany Lipdip di Inside [...]

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Budapest: Link Updated

The short animation based on Billy Collins poetry is now available in high resolution, as well as all the other shorts in the series, at the Billy Collins Action Poetry website.
Il corto basato sulla poesia di Billy Collins è disponibile adesso in alta risoluzione, così come tutti gli altri corti della serie, presso il sito [...]

Le programme du jour


I wanted to post another movie, but I only have a few minutes to spend and this one is already online, so here it comes…
Set in a dystopian future, where a life booth tell you everything you need to know, even when to scratch your ass, we follow B42-347 while he’s attending a Gollum-esque meeting [...]

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Adidas Olympics: Zheng Zhi

I won’t let them down again.

The second in a series of four spots for the Adidas Olympics campaign (the first one was called Together) tells a story of demise and rebirth.
The spot was directed by Marie Hyon and Marco Spier and produced at Psyop and Stink for creative agency TBWA, Beijing.
Director of photography: Alex Melman. [...]

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EA Fifa Street 3 Viral Video

It’s in the post…

After one day of calm, let’s get the stuff going again. Here’s another videogame related clip, but this time it doesn’t have much to do with the game itself. Just some crazy stunts and clever visual effects.
Directed and photographed by Jeroen Mol and produced at Dr. Film for creative agency Wieden + [...]

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You Created a Storm: Clip Updated

Should have moved this anyway, so I managed to found a better clip to make it worth the hassle of updating the post.
L’avrei dovuto spostare cmq, per cui ho pescato una clip migliore, così che valesse la pena aggiornare il vecchio post.

REFERENCE: Il post di You Created a Storm.

Starlight: Link Updated

The clip for this early video by Laurent Nicolas (with his brother David) is now back online.
La clip per questo vecchio video di Laurent Nicolas (col fratello David) è di nuovo online.


Lost Odyssey: Intro Movie

Just one word: epic. Don’t worry, no gungan will pop out to ruin the whole battle scene.
Daisuke Fukugawa directed, and Hironobu Sakaguchi produced and wrote the scenario. (Source: Wikipedia)
Lost Odyssey has already been released in Japan, and will soon be in USA and Australia, while Europe will have to wait the end of February [...]

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Le Grand Mix: Electro

Some things in music have yet to be explored.

While bluesmen, rappers and rockers are standing on their islands, the electro crew is heading on a boat for the promised land of music.
The spot is part of a campaign for the French radio Nova from creative agency Young & Rubicam, Paris. A click will show you [...]

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Counting Water: Link Updated

Brian Savelson’s short movie is now available again, in every size you may like it.
Il corto di Brian Savelson è di nuovo online, della misura che più vi aggrada.

REFERENCE: Il post di BRIAN SAVELSON – Counting Water.


“The story is about a very, very special kind of janitor, who lives in a surreal, futuristic world. His job is to control day and night…”
Directed by Wolfram Gruß, student of the Hochschule Darmstadt, the short has been “created out of drawings, photography and 3D images that were animated and composed in After Effects [...]

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SAM ARTHUR – Super Power Bloke

Bloke (n.) English vernacular meaning a man.Sinonyms: chap, fellow, gentleman, guy.

Five good advices to save mankind from climate change. So, Super Power Bloke, do you still think you can save the planet?
The short film has been produced at Academy Films for the Live Earth event.
The director was Sam Arthur. Animations mostly by Blake Evans. This [...]

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Walter Robot: Robot Shopping

I hate shopping.

Our beloved bot is dealing with the everyday pursuit of happiness, AKA shopping.
See more shorts at Walter Robot.
Il nostro caro robot è alle prese con la quotidiana ricerca della felicità: lo shopping.
Guardate gli altri corti su Walter Robot.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Robot Shopping.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 19 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Robot [...]

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The Lemon Tree: Clip Updated

Recently updated the link, but now the short movie is available in better quality.
Also, added a link to MarBelle’s interview with Philip Van in the post for And She Stares Longingly at What She Has Lost.
Il link era stato aggiornato di recente, ma adesso ho una clip migliore del film.
Also, added a link to MarBelle’s [...]

JOSSIE MALIS – Bendito Machine

Welcome to the machine

It’s very likely you’ve seen this before, so… it was about time I posted it here, ain’t it?
Enjoy this faithfully grim portrait of humanity, completely made (sound and visuals) by Jossie Malis at Zumbakamera.
The concept has been further developed into a ten episode series. The first two episodes are available on Bendito [...]

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Fish Out of Water: Movie Night

Our imagination…

Let’s keep it on the easy and funny with this short movie where three friends — Tumble (Joel Huggins), Chestnut (Gabriel Tigerman) and Fish (actually a fish) — are ready for a movie, brews and some popcorn.
But the whole thing will end with: an “epic love interest” prone to chocolate (Kathryn Fiore), imaginary beer, [...]

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ALIAS PAIL – Dollboy

And now for something different…

So, sometimes it’s just time to have some sheer and mindless fun. Then, let’s have it!
Alias Pail is an art pop music band based in New York and comprised of Bryan Doring, Hektor Fontanez and Hisako Konami.
Dollboy is a cover of a song by My Pal Foot Foot, and it’s featured [...]

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Updates: Dominoes and Dangerous Liaison

Updated the posts for Miller’s Dominoes and Levi’s Dangerous Liaison with links and infos.
Aggiornati i post di Dominoes (per Miller) e Dangerous Liaison (per Levi’s).

DUKE SPECIAL – Freewheel

I’ve only got this morning to liveLook at all the colours at my fingertips.

Yeah, concerts and movies could be fun and good, but to freewheel is totally another story.
Duke Special, real name Peter Wilson, is a songwriter and performer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Freewheel is a single released in 2005, then included in the 2006 [...]

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Labour: Intro

The intro for an Ukrainian rollerblading video named Labour is here for you. Enjoy!
The visuals are the work of RigidLine. The music is Sparrow by Mira Calix.
Eccovi l’introduzione per un video ucraino di pattinaggio, intitolato Labour.
La grafica è opera di RigidLine. La musica invece è Sparrow di Mira Calix.

as seen on CG Talk

DOWNLOAD: Scarica [...]


Updates: Imaginario Edition

Updated both clips from Imaginario’s Francisco Lança, Africa and Woods.
Thanks to MPEG Streamclip, I’ve been able to convert the non standard MOVs I had into standard compliant MP4s.
Also, added the credits for music composer Darren Solomon in the post for Bus Stop.
Aggiornate le clip per entrambi i film di Francisco Lança, Africa e Woods.
Grazie a [...]

Mauvais role

HD Video available below.

I was looking for my post on this short and… well, for some reason I never made one. Well, actually I’m doing one now, so it’s not exactly never. It’s kind of never before now. Uhm, enough with paradoxes.
Marcel is the bad guy in a fantasy video game. Sick of his job, [...]

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[BEST OF] December 2007 – pt.2

Once again, you should have seen this coming. Also, I finally managed to log into meebo, so I’ll start answering your messages after this post goes live.
Acupuncture: that gotta hurt.
I’m Impressed: emperial robots.
Tactical Advantage: the higher, the better.
Replay: apocalypse then…
Look What You’ve Done: This fractal life.
Holiday Bokeh: best wishes. Ever…
Play on: got Shakespeare?
Kotori: what’s broken [...]