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ROHIT IYER – Rani Bonkeshwari

Make love, not war.

The story of an empress who was less interested in conquering new lands for her domains than finding new men for her bed…

The spot for MTV India and Kamasutra condoms “was written by an MTV writer named K.M. Ayappa. Rohit Iyer did all the animation, starting from the designs and rough storyboard to final composite.”

“The process comprised of creating artwork in Adobe Photoshop which was then animated and composited in Adobe After Effects. The whole spot took about a month to animate.”

Storia di un’imperatrice meno interessata a conquistare nuovi territori e più nel trovare nuovi uomini per le sue notti brave…

Lo spot per MTV India e Kamasutra condoms “è stato scritto K.M. Ayappa, autore per MTV. Rohit Iyer ha realizzato tutta l’animazione, a partire dal designs e dalle bozze dello storyboard.”

“Il processo è passato attraverso il design degli oggetti in Adobe Photoshop che sono poi stati animati e composti in Adobe After Effects. Il tutto ha richiesto circa un mese di lavoro.”

Kamasutra Condoms: Rani Bonkeshwari

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Rani Bonkeshwari.
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DOWNLOAD: Scarica Rani Bonkeshwari.
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BLOGGER: Visita Rohit Iyer.

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