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UGLY PICTURES – Saving Christmas

No reindeer were harmed in the making of this film.

UGLY PICTURES: Saving Christmas - MPEG-4 clip
Sorry kids. Santa’s got a little car accident and he’s little bit… uhm… dead. But no worries. A couple of aliens or out to save the (Christmas) day, delivering all the presents. Obviously, they’ll not be back for the next year. So, this was the last Christmas ever.

Saving Christmas is a stop motion madness written, directed and produced by Rohitash Rao. Director of photography and model maker: Abraham Spear.

Animation and production design: Rohitash Rao and Abraham Spear, better known as Ugly Pictures.

Editor: Scott Philbrook. On-line editing and composing: David Sullivan. Sound designer: Fred Szymanski. Music: Andrew Sherman and Judson Crane. Costumes: Lynn Branecky. Graphic designer: Calvin Chu.

Spiacente. Babbo Natale ha avuto un incidente ed è un po’… morto. Ma niente panico. Un paio di alieni salveranno il giorno di Natale, consegnando tutti i regali. Ovviamente, non torneranno l’anno venturo, per cui questo sarà l’ultimo Natale.

Saving Christmas è una follia in stop motion scritta, diretta e prodotta da Rohitash Rao. Direttore della fotografia e modellista: Abraham Spear.

Animazione e production design: Rohitash Rao ed Abraham Spear, meglio noti come Ugly Pictures.

Montaggio: Scott Philbrook. Montaggio on-line e composizione: David Sullivan. Progetto del suono: Fred Szymanski. Musica: Andrew Sherman e Judson Crane. Costumi: Lynn Branecky. Design grafico: Calvin Chu.

many thanks to Rohitash Rao
UGLY PICTURES: Saving Christmas

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