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Resource is an advertising company that represents various production companies, editors, animators and composers.

Treesource, on the behalf of Resource’s clients, donates to various charities.

The two videos just posted have been conceived, illustrated and directed by Cole Gerst at Option-G.

Motion design: Dung Tien Le at 2 To Design. Sound design by Greg Gause. Produced: Calvin Florian at Resource.

Resource è un’agenzia pubblicitaria che rappresenta diverse compagnie di produzione, montaggio, animazione e grafica.

Treesource, per conto dei clienti di Resource, dona denaro a veri enti benefici.

I due video appena postati sono stati concepiti, illustrati e diretti da Cole Gerst presso Option-G.

Progetto video: Dung Tien Le presso 2 To Design. Progetto audio: Greg Gause. Prodotto da Calvin Florian presso Resource.

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