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Indalo Yethu: A Clean Start

Save Tomorrow, Today.

Indalo Yethu: Redesign - MPEG-4 clip
Save the world with us. It just takes a pencil and an eraser. Or am I forgetting something?

Indalo Yethu is South Africa enviromental campaign that endorses sustainable projects and promotes education and awareness of the public.

The spot has been developed at Collective Films and directed by Mark Lawrie. Cinematographer: Clive Lawrie. Editor: Grant Aerts. Concept: Frank Kunene.

Animation by Adrian Bergoff at Condor Cape Town and Ryan Johnson at Waterfront Studios. Compositing: Udesh Chetty at Cape Town.

Salva il mondo con noi. Ti serve solo gomma e matita!!! O per caso dimentico qualcosa?

Indalo Yethu è una campagna per l’ambiente che, in Sud Africa, appoggia progetti sostenibili e promuove iniziative per sensibilizzare il pubblico.

Lo spot è stato sviluppato da Collective Films e diretto da Mark Lawrie. Direttore delle luci: Clive Lawrie. Montaggio: Grant Aerts. Concept: Frank Kunene.

Animazione di Adrian Bergoff presso Condor Cape Town e Ryan Johnson presso Waterfront Studios. Composizione: Udesh Chetty presso Cape Town.

Indalo Yethu: Save Tomorrow, Today

DOWNLOAD: Scarica A Clean Start.
[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 7 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]

DOWNLOAD: Scarica A Clean Start.
[Format: MPEG-2 - Size: 30 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]

CLIPS: Scarica clip di A Clean Start da Condor Cape.
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LINK: Visita Waterfront Studios.

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LINK: Visita Collective Films.

LINK: Visita Indalo Yethu.

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