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Creature Discomforts: Watch Me

You can’t do that.

Creature Discomforts: Watch Me - MPEG-4 clip
Leonard Cheshire Disability teamed up with Aardman Animations (via the advertising agency Freud Communications) to create this campaign.

Creature Discomforts is aimed at highlighting the discrimination and disadvantage that disabled people experience every day, largely as a result of the ignorance of the wider population.

The animations are based on the genuine voices of disabled people describing, in their own words, the negative attitudes and barriers they experience, which separates them from society.

Steve Harding Hill directed the spots. Rushes worked on the post production for both the television and online adverts.

Other spots in the same campaign: Help the Disabled, Rubbish and Sweet Shop.

Leonard Cheshire Disability collabora con Aardman Animations (tramite l’agenzia Freud Communications) per la creazione di questa campagna.

Creature Discomforts punta a mettere in risalto la discriminazione ed il disagio che le persone disabili devono subire ogni giorno, in larga parte a causa dell’ignoranza della gente.

Le animazioni si basano sulle testimonianze di persone disabili che descrivono, con parole loro, la negatività e le barriere da cui vengono afflitti ogni giorno, separandoli dalla società.

Steve Harding Hill ha diretto gli spot. Rushes ha lavorato alla post produzione sia degli spot per la tivù che per quelli online.

Altri spot nella stessa campagna: Help the Disabled, Rubbish e Sweet Shop.

clip taken from Coloribus
text mostly from Rushes
Creature Discomforts

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  1. Anonymous | 21 December 2007 at 05:01 | Permalink

    An update on the Creature Discomforts story is that its due to run on ITV over christmas, i have included and updated this plus the times it will be shown at my disability site here

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