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Nike: Leave Nothing

Nike: Leave Nothing - MPEG-4 clip
An amazing spot released online some time ago, a celebration of the will to go on, no matter what. Or something like that.

The ad was directed by Michael Mann (Ali, Heat, Manhunter and also producer on The Kingdom) at Alturas Films for creative agency Wieden + Kennedy, Portland.

Editor: Haines Hall at Spotwelders. Post production and visual effects made at Asylum by a numerous team which includes The AV Club’s Andy Cochrane.

Bello spot uscito online qualche tempo fa, celebrazione della volontà di farcela a tutti i costi. O una cosa del genere.

Lo spot è stato diretto da Michael Mann (Ali, Heat, Manhunter ed anche produttore di The Kingdom) presso Alturas Films per l’agenzia Wieden + Kennedy di Portland.

Montaggio: Haines Hall presso Spotwelders. Post produzione ed effetti: un cospicuo team presso Asylum che include Andy Cochrane di The AV Club.

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source for the credits: Duncan’s
Nike: Leave Nothing

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