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MICHEL GAGNE – Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets

Poor dog…

MICHEL GAGNE: Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets, Interstitials - MPEG-4 clip
Here is a series of interstitials featuring the Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets that Michel Gagné created, produced and directed for Nickelodeon’s 2005 Halloween Shriekin’ Weekend.

All the spots were completely animated in Flash by Mike Hogue and Jayson Thiessen. Sound engineered by Andrew Scott.

Una serie di intermezzi con protagonisti gli Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets che Michel Gagné ha creato, prodotto e diretto per lo Halloween Shriekin’ Weekend di Nickelodeon nel 2005.

Tutti gli spot sono stati animati in Flash da Mike Hogue e Jayson Thiessen. Progetto del suono di Andrew Scott.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets: Interstitials

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets.
[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 32 MB - Running Time: 3 min.]

WATCH: Guarda Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets in finestra.
[Formats: Flash Video, Quicktime]

WATCH (LOW RES): Guarda Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets su MandC.
[Format: Flash Video]

LINK: Visita il sito di Michel Gagné.

IMDB: Pagina di Michel Gagné

CODECS: Apple QuicktimeFlash

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