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KOOP – Koop Island Blues

We said goodbye
With the smile on our faces

KOOP: Koop Island Blues - MPEG-4 clip
An extremely well photographed music video, where a woman (Mia Jacob) is lost between regrets and memories of the love for a man (Luc Catania) now far from her heart, but not from her mind.

Also appearing in the video are Koop’s member, Magnus Zingmark and Oscar Simonsson. The vocals for the song are performed by Ane Brun.

Koop is a Swedish electric jazz band. Koop Island Blues is featured on their 2006 album entitled Koop Island.

The video has been directed by JF Julian. Director of photography: Christophe Graillot. Editing: Charlene Gravel.

Art direction: Mia Oatley. Make up: Orlando Sliwa. Color correction by Kino. Produced by Ricecooker, Paris.

Video estremamente ben fotografato, in cui una donna (Mia Jacob) è perduta fra rimorsi e ricordi dell’amore per un uomo (Luc Catania) ormai lontano dal cuore, ma non dalla mente di lei.

Nel video compaiono anche i Koop, ossia Magnus Zingmark ed Oscar Simonsson. La parte vocale del brano è eseguita da Ane Brun.

Koop è un gruppo svedese di electric jazz. Koop Island Blues si trova sul loro album del 2006 intitolato Koop Island.

Il video è stato diretto da JF Julian. Direttore della fotografia: Christophe Graillot. Montaggio: Charlene Gravel.

Direzione artistica: Mia Oatley. Make up: Orlando Sliwa. Correzione del colore: Kino. Produzione: Ricecooker, Parigi.

KOOP - Koop Island Blues

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  1. scott | 9 October 2011 at 03:02 | Permalink


    I think Koop Island Blues is the best music video on youtube. I think it is a masterpiece, just a wonderful song and a very compelling video.

    I’d love to see Koop make another music video like this! What a tremendous work of art this is.


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