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{ Monthly Archives } November 2007

OUT (Once Upon a Time)

And they lived happily ever after…

Two animated characters go for a ride in the world of classic movies, where they meet Shirley Temple and Henry Fonda.
While there are a couple of moments when the movie looks most like the showreel of a schizophrenic guy, the thing is irresistibly good. And so damn good looking.
The short [...]

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Looking for

Got three free slots in the list of blogs I read daily, so it’s time to review again my bookmarks, to find some new sources.
Added links to: I Guess I’m Floating, OH! News, mes images qui bougent, Manystuff, Burton Taylor, Desertores da escada, Haaste, ManoRadio.
And: 3D Total, Datuna, Matteo Gremese, The Animation Resource Center, The [...]


Klaatu Barada Nikto.

Three nerds turn a nativity scene into a Live Action RPG battlefield. Sacrilege ensues.
“Matt Burnett and Ben Levin (AKA For Tax Reasons) spent a year animating this entirely by hand, on paper with pencils, and fancied it up in Photoshop and After Effects.”
Tre nerd trasformano il presepe vivente nel campo di battaglia di [...]

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Ten HD Ident

The world is amazing in HD.

A team of experts is working 24 hours a day to build a billboard reality around you…
The promo has been written and directed by Jane Eakin, and produced at Motion Foundry.
The soundtrack is a cover of Jimmy Cliff’s 1972 number one hit I Can See Clearly Now.
P.S. I can’t remember [...]



“Anything is possible on a train…”
HD Video available below.

Mister Sadman (Arjan Kindermans) decides to invest his wage on something that feeds his spirit rather than his stomach.
Stephen Emmer is a music composer and musician from Amsterdam. Passengers is featured on his latest album, entitled Recitement and released for Supertracks Records on October 2007.
Recitement is a [...]

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Le photographe

Put the monster of the front page! It’s easy: it just you just have to ignore her humanity.
Le photographe is a movie by Kévin Bertelli, Lise Fisher, Jonathan Lorber and Julian Soto, students of the French school Lisaa.
Original music by Jean-Louis Valero.
Sbatti il mostro in prima pagina! E’ facile: basta dimenticarsi della sua umanità.

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In a theater, a sweeper is dreaming of dancing in front of a big audience. Dreaming, he met a funny character who will offer him the opportunity of fulfilling that dream.
Animadanse is the final project of three students of the EESA: Julien Badoil, Bertrand de Becque and Larson Liberlin de Shoriba Diop.
In un teatro, [...]

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SOCALLED – You Are Never Alone

And frankly there is nothing so unusual about being a jewish cowboy.

If a piece of your mind needs some fine tuning, there’s nothing better than good old “do it yourself”. Just try not to mess with the unconscious mind…
Josh Dolgin, AKA Socalled, is a Canadian rapper and producer, known for his eclectic mix of different [...]

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Nevada Resort Association: Inside Gaming

Gaming is more than just a game.

This commercial tries to convince that betting and gambling are good things, in Nevada. And it is so perfectly crafted that it almost manages to!
I don’t know much about the video, except that it should have been made at Transistor Studios.
Questo spot prova a convincervi che giocare d’azzardo è [...]

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Very creepy Flash music video, whose narrative revolves around a woman giving birth to a child that is somehow fated…
The song is by “gothic trip-hop” Russian band Theodor Bastard, featuring Театр яда and Verba.
The video has been realized by Art-Hur. You could read more about him here. Eheheh…
Inquietante video in Flash, la cui storia [...]

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The Many Perils of Over-Studying: History

Learn from Joanna!

A cautionary tale about buying too much stuff online and going insane, told in the style of old school, educational films.
This is one of the three two-minute web shorts animated by Curious Pictures directors Rohitash Rao and Abraham Spear for creative agency BBDO, New York. In the same campaign: Math, Poli Sci.
Storia che [...]

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P.A.C.E. – Clip Updated

Uploaded a higher quality clip for the BMW related video for some online game.
Caricata una clip di qualità superiore per il video della campagna online di BMW.

REFERENCE: Il post di P.A.C.E.

LOVE IN OCTOBER – An Average Idea

HD Video available below.

Lindsey Testolin just posted this wildly animated music video on her Vimeo account, an assorted nonsense of motion graphics which somehow makes sense. Or viceversa.
Love in October is Erik Widman, Kent Widman, Charlie Abbott, Chresten Hyde. An Average Idea will be featured on their debut album, entitled Pontus, The Devil, and Me, [...]


BERINGER: Vineyard

How to get to Napa Valley.

And now you know what made Pink Bullets‘ video came back to my mind: wine! :D
This sweet commercial has been realized (directing, editing and visual effects) by Olivier Gondry at Paranoid US. Animators: Len Burge, Mike Mayfield, Ben Zelkowitz, Sam Winkler, Emile Gondry. Paper artist: Su Blackwell.
Director of photography: Neil [...]

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ADAM BIZANSKI – Pink Bullets Intro

Since I’ve updated the the old post about the music video, here’s the brief intro that Adam Bizanski realized for a film festival.
Pink Bullets is a song featured on The Shins’ 2003 album entitled Chutes Too Narrow.
Dato che ho aggiornato il vecchio post del video, ecco anche la breve intro che Adam Bizanski realizzò [...]

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Pink Bullets: Clip Updated

Uploaded a higher resolution clip for Adam Bizanski’s music video and updated the links in the post.
Caricata una clip in alta risoluzione del video di Adam Bizanski, ed aggiornati i link nel post.

clip found on
REFERENCE: Il post di THE SHINS – Pink Bullets.


O, to be a machineO, to be wantedto be useful.

Evil bee. You ain’t wanted to live your life just to do your job; now your blood will grease the gears of the machine, you fool!
The Menomena is the band made up by Brent Knopf, Justin Harris and Danny Seim.
Evil Bee is featured on their latest [...]

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Terminus is a Latin word that literally means boundary stone…

Terminus is the story of a man (Rob Carpenter) who becomes aware of his inner demons, perhaps his limits, and the ones of the people surrounding. Too much for his mental health.
The director of this short film is Trevor Cawood, a promo director for Spy Films. [...]

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Mortified: I Hate Drake

That’s the worst curse ever. And he is.

The Mortified project “collects childhood creations and uses them to reveal uniquely autobiographical tales… amazing stories buried in the pages of people’s lives.”
Producer Dave Nadelberg “began the project after unearthing a notably awkward love letter and sharing with friends in the late 1990s.”
This animation is based on the [...]

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BAND OF HORSES – Is There a Ghost

I could sleep, I could sleep,I could sleep, I could sleepwhen I lived alone.Is there a ghost in my house?

Things to do when you can’t get to sleep: hunting ghosts; entering people houses to steal; cushion battles.
Band of Horses is: Ben Bridwell, Rob Hampton, Creighton Barrett, Ryan Monroe, Tyler Ramsey, Bill Reynolds.
Is there a [...]

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Lux: Neon Girl

For luminous skin sensation.

The story of a modern Cinderella is told is told with the most complex neon sign you’ll never ever see.
Created by Buenos Aires based agency Santo for the Argentinean market, the 60-second spot was directed by Daniel Kleinman for Rattling Stick.
The big gig has been designed and animated by Dale Newton and [...]

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Pine-Sol: Shame

There’s nothing more embarassing…

A dinner with her parents turns very awkward, due to a shamefully dirty family…
The spot was directed by Andy Fogwill at Landia for Dieste Harmel Partners, and I guess is part of the same campaign as Turtle.
Una cena a casa dai suoi si fa imbarazzante, causa una famiglia un po’ zozza.
Lo spot [...]

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Post Updated: Angels

Updated the post for that commercial for RVS insurance thanks to some submissions in the comments for that same post. Thanks.
Aggiornato il post dello spot per le assicurazioni RVS grazie ai link inviati tramite i commenti del post stesso. Grazie.

REFERENCE: Il post di RVS: Angels.

Orangina: Naturally Juicy

I guess it goes without saying that when you get the opportunity tospray Orangina all over the chest of a sexy bunny girl, you go for it.Todd Mueller

There’s a lot of juice in this commercial, but also some pulp. Tons of pulp, actually.
The commercial was directed by Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick. Produced by Stink [...]

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Sharing shouldn’t hurt.

Last year, Daniel Oeffinger designed, directed and animated two spots to enter for the Down with DRM video contest held by Free Culture, resulting one of the winners.
The links below refer to the second spot. The first one? Download it from here.
L’anno scorso, Daniel Oeffinger ha curato design, regia ed animazione di due [...]

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ZE FRANK – Social Network for Two

We could lie about our agesand customize our pages

I think this is the first time I saw a Ze Frank movie without wondering all the time what the heck is he talking about. I guess I came too late to the show.
Still, this video for his song, featuring animation by Alyssa Timon, is delightful.
A different [...]


The Meth Minute 39: PEZ Power

In outer space, no one can hear you chewing bubble gum…

“On an average day in an average suburb, witness a confrontation between Beef, the neighborhood bully, and the object of his torment: Stu. Only Stu knows the true power of PEZ, a power that Beef will soon discover for himself.”
Episode nine of Dan Meth’s series [...]

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Meth Minute 39: Syd Barrett Visits His Accountant


“In the 8th episode of The Meth Minute 39 cartoon series, Pink Floyd’s legendary singer Syd Barrett goes from taking a trip to the accountant’s office to having a trip at the accountant’s office.”
“It’s a Flash-animated flashback that will change the way you think about doing taxes. Features original music by Dan Meth and William [...]

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CLOCKS – All I Can

I’m doing all I can.

They got three thousands of plastic toy soldiers, gave them a little parachutes, put all of them in a plane, and dropped onto a big target! Very appealing for both my inner child and my outer child…
The Clocks are Tom Hewitt, Ed Hilliam, Rich Farris, John Ricketts. The band have recorded [...]

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5ON: 5 Wizards On Hip Hop Lyrics

That’s older than some children!

Another installment of 5ON, Devin Clark’s animated show that interviews anything on everything. This time it is about racism and misoginy in rap. And they asked it to wizards. Like Harry Potter and stuff. And Andre McMillan.
Previously: Demons. Credits: here.
Un’altra puntata di 5ON, lo show animato di Devin Clark che intervista [...]

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VIRGINIE BOURDIN – La femme papillon

This beautiful short is “a wordless fable of naive puppets in a manipulated world ironically mirroring our fated existence.” (Source: Screenville)
The movie has been written and directed by Virginie Bourdin, assisted by Rudy Turkovics and Florette Eymenier.
Chief animator: Steven De Beul. Other animators: Efim Perlis, Sarah de Clippele, Wim Verbrugghe, Lieve Vets.
Original music by [...]

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NEC: Interview

Find Your Gift.

A funny promotional short realized by Kosai Sekine for the Nec Theater website.
Ideated by creative director Yuya Hurukawa and copywriter Takuma Takasaki at Dentsu Tokyo + AOI Promotion.
Breve promo divertente, realizzato da Kosai Sekine per il sito web Nec Theater.
Ideato dal direttore creativo Yuya Hurukawa e dal copywriter Takuma Takasaki presso Dentsu Tokyo [...]

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Behind The Scenes of Creme Lounge

Wrap yourself in luxury.

I posted Crème Lounge, the commercial, more than one year ago. Now, The Mill made this featurette via their podcast, and I thought it was time to bring it back from the vault.
“A library of satins/silks and velvet shaders were developed to create the luxurious looks for the singer featured. Silks were [...]

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Adidas: Little Red Riding Hood

For I am the Grimm reaper…

Here’s an experimental spec spot for Adidas, realized by John Karian at Jungl.
Looking for a dark fairy tale look, the ideal scenario was found in the chase scene from Little Red Riding Hood.
The author says: “The Red Riding Hood tale has always been at heart a dark, and at times, [...]

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Clorox: Turtle

Whitey white!

A giant turtle’s sneeze causes a chain reaction which, in the end… Oh wait. There is no giant turtle, in the first place…
A commercial for some detergent, directed by Russell Brooke at Passion Pictures (animation) and by Andy Fogwill at Landia (live action) for creative agency Dieste Harmel Partners.
Lo starnuto di una tartaruga gigante [...]

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A young man, doing is boring duty in an office, dreams about being in Africa, vibrating with the music and the colours.
A 2D animation with black and white crayons over acrilic painted backgrounds, realized by Francisco Lança and produced at Imaginario back in 1997.
Music by Rui Veloso, from his 1986 album.
Un giovine, stufo delle [...]


FRANCESCO SIDDI – Anipattern? #1

A very simple, yet enticing (for me, at least) abstract animation realized with Blender, the open source 3D tool of excellence.
The short animation is the work of Francesco Siddi, at Master Production.
Semplice ma affascinante (almeno per me) animazione astratta realizzata con Blender, il tool per il 3D open source per eccellenza.
Il corto animato è [...]

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Once again, a simple reality is twisted and turned by François Vogel, until it becomes unreal. Twisted.
Along with the optical tricks, the simple but effective sound design also is noteworthy.
Want more kitchen surrealism? Sopa!
Ancora una volta, una semplice realtà viene svitata e rimontata da François Vogel, fino a divenire surreale. Svitata.
Insieme ai trucchi [...]

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The Third Man: Balloon, Mein Herr?


The trap is set. Everyone is waiting for the third man to come out. The moment is full of thrill. And still, writers and director manage to put in a hilarious moment to break the tension. A lot of modern filmmakers should learn a lesson or two here.
I could spend more words on this movie [...]

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KOOP – Koop Island Blues

We said goodbyeWith the smile on our faces

An extremely well photographed music video, where a woman (Mia Jacob) is lost between regrets and memories of the love for a man (Luc Catania) now far from her heart, but not from her mind.
Also appearing in the video are Koop’s member, Magnus Zingmark and Oscar Simonsson. [...]


The Scritch-Scratch of Busy Little Hands

Our Shameful Lady of Constant Regret and Persistent Sin

A young boy escapes into his own world of fantasy to survive the Catholic School. Or: the story of how I became a weirdo…
The short movie is the work of Joy Vaccese and Noelle Vaccese, AKA Twins are Weird, at the Pratt Institute under the supervision of [...]

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Happy Happy! Joy Joy!

Sometimes the unexpected is just the right medicine. Especially when you’re sad.
Happy is a short film made by Vancouver Film School student Michael Lewicki.
The author says: “I wanted to keep it clean and simple with classic jokes… like the ones I grew up with (Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show, Ren and Stimpy, [...]

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[BEST OF] October 2007 – pt.2

Need some more rest. Stay tuned.
Inja: Shoot the dog!
The Watcher Film: voyeurism is deadly!
Mirador: weird as a bird.
There’s Something in the Water: yes, but what?
Off the Shelf: Wise little flower.
The Meth Minute 39: me likes it.
Black Magoo: what’s a black magoo?
She Turns Back and Faces Forward, At Peace: the deadly world of casting…
AECIS: A classic [...]

[BEST OF] October 2007 – pt.1

Enjoy some goodies from the last month, while I take a breath, would you?
Blog Action Day: all the posts.
All Over Again: fighting against the rest of the world all on your own.
With the Eyes of Every Man Riveted Upon Her: be aware or be dead. No other choice.
In Control: Even presidents of the Unites States [...]

Waltz 57: Clip Updated

The main link was still alive, but the compressed version died with my Blip TV account. This has been fixed now.
Il link principale funzionava, ma la versione compressa era andata col mio account su Blip TV. Adesso è di nuovo a posto.

REFERENCE: Il post di Waltz 57.


For no apparent reason, a number start to haunt the dreams, and then the life of a man (played by Gabriel López) until the point of no return.
The short has been written and directed by Guillermo Carbonell and produced by Alejandro Michelini.
Director of photography: Sebastián Musto. Art direction: Virginia Boix. Music: Maximiliano Silveira. Sound: [...]



HD Video available below.

Just found this new work from Abnormal Behaviour Child, that is Aiko, previously here with Waltz 57.
An audio visual character?
Appena trovato la nuova opera di Abnormal Behaviour Child, ossia Aiko, già qui con il loro Waltz 57.
Un personaggio audiovisivo?

via Motiono Quickies

DOWNLOAD (1024×768): Scarica Androgeno in alta definizione.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 33 MB [...]

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Nike: Leave Nothing

An amazing spot released online some time ago, a celebration of the will to go on, no matter what. Or something like that.
The ad was directed by Michael Mann (Ali, Heat, Manhunter and also producer on The Kingdom) at Alturas Films for creative agency Wieden + Kennedy, Portland.
Editor: Haines Hall at Spotwelders. Post production [...]

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Elave: Nothing to Hide

Warning: frontal nudity.

I guess this commercial would win the “being too literal” award if there was one. Notice how, while the woman delivers the tagline at the very end, in the background a guy is actually hiding something…
The spot was directed by Brendan Donovan and produced at Prodigy Films. Post production made at Images & [...]

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Poison Ivy

A.S. crApple Quicktime won’t play the clip. Please, use a decent player instead. I’ll try encoding again tomorrow. Fixed.
Meh, I wanted to post more stuff today, but then I wasted time hanging around. I like to waste time, by the way…
Here’s a nice visual piece by Exceed and Tipogödör, a demo video released at [...]

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[REPOST] Cascade: The Natural Order

Tasmanian purity

This briefly appeared just before the server outage, last week. Anyway, now I have a shiny HD clip that’s totally worth the wait.
On some occasions, the animal inside you is more likely to come out. Like at the poker table. It’s in the natural order of things…
Like in Saturday Waits, there are no dogs [...]

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Using stylized graphics, we are told the ancient myth of an artisan who is marked with horns and sent away from the village. In his exile, he’ll be able to plant the seeds of new life.
The short movie has been realized by Kenneth Shofela, a student of the Memphis College of Art. Music by: [...]



Destination Mars.

Another music video featuring Walter the robot, even though he only appears on the screen of some science fiction movie. It’s one of those clips made out of nothing that magically stick in my mind for no apparent reason.
The video has been created by Bill Barminski. Record label: Sonic Boom.
Un altro video in cui [...]

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Lost in Fucking Translation

Warning: Language!

The Helen Bamber Foundation is “a UK based human rights organisation, formed in April 2005 to help rebuild lives and inspire a new self-esteem in survivors of gross human rights violations.”
I guess the only problem with this ad is that it results awkwardly funny, like a candid camera of sorts, which is in contraast [...]

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Guinness: Tipping Point

Uh-uh. I don’t tip…I don’t believe in it.

If you haven’t done it yet, check out how Guinness decided to spend ten million pounds. Pitagora switchi…
Once again, the director is Nicolai Fuglsig (whose name I still have to copy and paste) at MJZ. Creative agency: AMV BBDO.
Editor was Rick Russell at Final Cut Studio. Director of [...]

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Eres unico

You’re one of a kind.

Autogenic training sessions and driving don’t mix too well. I’d say they don’t mix at all.
The short movie is the work of Estudios Galápago. Spanish, with English subtitles.
Il training autogeno e la guida non vanno assai d’accordo. Anzi, direi per nulla.
Il corto è opera di Estudios Galápago. L’audio è in spagnolo, [...]

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See what I’m trying to say is:You make things… betterAnd no matter what the day is,With you here… it’s better..

Oh, love is so sweet… Yeah, I know, don’t be too hard on me now, ‘mkay? Someboday just said that this site is just like ebaum’s. My poor little heart is broken and I need something [...]

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JC Penney: Magic

I close my eyes and think that I have found me.

“Set to a quirky Regina Spektor track, the spot begins on an ordinary autumn workday morning, except that the extraordinary happens.”
The commercial has been directed by Nicolai Fuglsig at MJZ for creative agency Saatchi + Saatchi, New York.
Edited by Ian McKenzie at MacKenzie Cutler. The [...]

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mf …for me life consists of black and white only…rs …I think there is just the in-between…

“_grau is a personal reflection on memories coming up during a car accident, where past events emerge, fuse, erode and finally vanish ethereally … various real sources where distorted, filtered and fitted into a sculptural structure to create not [...]

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You know where I come from…

This experimental underground music video shows Lolly Jane Blue on her way down to earth layers; a journey leading to a climatic underwater ballet.
The video was conceived, directed, animated, produced, and so on, by Sil van der Woerd. Editing by Wouter Nordsiek and Sil van der Woerd.
Costumes designed by Djovrie [...]

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MICHEL GAGNE – Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets

Poor dog…

Here is a series of interstitials featuring the Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets that Michel Gagné created, produced and directed for Nickelodeon’s 2005 Halloween Shriekin’ Weekend.
All the spots were completely animated in Flash by Mike Hogue and Jayson Thiessen. Sound engineered by Andrew Scott.
Una serie di intermezzi con protagonisti gli Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets che [...]

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Need a hand stepping up the social ladder?

Once again, a second chance… I saw this movie some time ago (not that much, it was May) and almost ignored it. And now I love it. Go figure.
Trapped into a corporate poster, a guy spots the girl of his dreams in a writing on the other side [...]

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The Meth Minute 39: Ultra and the Lazer Hearts

(we write our own songs)

Remember that 1980’s cartoon about the fabulous girl band with outrageous hair, killer attitude and totally awesome accessories? In retrospect, it seems a lot more messed up now than it did when we were kids.
A short movie by Dan Meth. Additional art: Joshua Weisbrod, James Sugrue, Moira Sica, Joshua Jularbal, Avi [...]

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LEANDRO FEUZ – Derechos del nino

…education of the child shall be directed to the developmentof the child’s personality, talents and mental and physicalabilities to their fullest potential…

Resistance is never futile. You should not be assimilated.
Derechos del niño (Children’s Rights) is a short, experimental, non commercial movie by Leandro Feuz, realized as a personal project. The film features music by Aphex [...]

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It`s alive!

Everything works fine now. The stuff posted yesterday will be reposted soon, since I should be able to get a better clip.
Al momento è tutto OK. Il post di ieri sarà recuperato presto, dato che dovrei ricevere una clip migliore a breve.

Sorry, don’t know what’s happening. Nothing good, obviously. I’ll keep you updated.
UPDATE: You still can’t see any content (except the last short that is hosted on a different server) but I can, and this is reassuring. Somebody is working on it.
Mi spiace, non so cosa stia succedendo. Niente di buono. Vi terrò aggiornati.
UPDATE: Voi ancora [...]

Heart of the World: Link Updated

Uploaded Guy Maddin’s apocalyptic short movie. If you find other broken links, please let me know, and I’ll try to fix them.
Caricato l’apocalittico corto di Guy Maddin. Se trovate qualche altro link non funzicante, fatemelo sapere che ci penso io. :D

REFERENCE: Il post di Heart of the World.

La chute de l`ange: Clip Updated Once Again

By popular request, the short movie by Geoffroy Barbet Massin is back online.
A grande richiesta, il cortometraggio di Geoffroy Barbet Massin torna online.

REFERENCE: Il post di La chute de l’ange.

The Lemon Tree: Link Updated

The Lemon Tree is available again for downloading. More uploads to come.
The Lemon Tree è di nuovo scaricabile. Sto caricando su altra roba vecchia.

REFERENCE: Il post di The Lemon Tree.

JOSSIE MALIS – Good Morning Isamu

Ohayo gozaimasu!

We’re not gonna evolve anymore. TVs will. Television will be the new dominant species. And we’ll be their slaves.
This might have, or not, something to do with this beautiful animation realized by Jossie Malis at Zumbakamera.
Non ci evolveremo più. La TV invece sì. I televisori saranno la nuova specie dominante, e noi i loro [...]

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Burger King: Kicking Chicken

Too much kick!

Some chicken must learn to master its martial arts skills before it can be turned into junk food and served at your nearest fast food.
The spot was directed by Warren Kushner (also director of photography) at Partizan US. Creative agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky.
Editing: Lawrence Young at Cosmo Street. Telecine: Company 3. Visual [...]

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RUDI BLOSS – The Moving Pyramid

Once upon a time in ancient Egypt, pyramids moved… This is the story of how they stopped.
“The Moving Pyramid is a charming animated short that tells the story of corruption, power and revolution. This short combines traditional, papercut and computer animation and was completed in two years using Softimage software.” (Source: Siggraph)
Wolf-Rudiger Bloss written [...]

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STUART O`KEEFE – The Dancing Cuckoo

“A young cuckoo bird learns how to dance with the help of a zombie go-go dancer, a metropolitan B-boy and a jiving robot!”
The short has been realized by Stuart O’Keefe. The soundtrack is Jazzhole by Free the Robots.
“Un cuculo impara a ballare con l’aiuto di una go-go zombie, di un B-boy metropolitano e di un [...]

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Miller Lite: Evil Beaver


Classic commercial from Traktor where a beaver goes frenzy when some people decide to live in the woods and cut the trees to build their homes.
The spot, which aired for the first time during the 1998 Superbowl, was edited by James Hutchins at HutchCo Technologies.
Un classico da Traktor dove un feroce castoro va su tutte [...]

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V-Inspired: Crying

Be inspired!

Wanda Productions recently launched a new website (with Quicktime clips) and opened a video channel on Stage6.
Here’s a commercial for V Energy Drink produced there at Wanda some months ago.
The director was Wilfrid Brimo. Creative agency: Colenso BBDO, New Zealand.
Crying is part of a campaign of three spots. The others (Date and Builders) can [...]


WONG KAR-WAI – There`s Only One Sun

There’s only one sun,but it travels the world every day.This sun is all mineand I won’t give it away!Marina Tsvetaeva

Wong Kar-Wai (or Kar Wai Wong if you prefer) reprises his futuristic mood from 2046 and waives a spy story of lush and betrayal to advertise Aurea, the new LCD technology by Philips.
The film has [...]

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FERNANDO SARMIENTO – E. E. Conversion Machine

And here’s a little animated piece from Fernando Sarmiento, the other half of the former Sägas duo, now one fifth of Pepper Melon.
Ever dreamed about turning into your favourite movie star? Well, now science can help you fulfilling your dreams…
Ed eccovi una breve animazione di Fernando Sarmiento, l’altra metà del fu duo Sägas, attualmente [...]

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TOMAS GARCIA – Tears and Co.

Because when others cryyou get better.

Feeling blue? Feeling afraid? Feeling lonely? Tears Corporation has got the answer for you. They’ll make you feel fitter and happier. And more productive, that’s what counts more.
Tears and Co. is a short movie designed and directed by Tomás García at Saintgraphy. Music and sound effects by Ma.
Tomás García and [...]

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Fuck off, I’m full!

In the words of film critic Petr Zvonicek, Sanitkasan is a “stridently contemporary story about a self destroying mechanical character and the pathological voraciousness, not only of cyber civilisation, but of our society in general.”
The movie is the work of Czech artist Ondrej Svadlena.
Nelle parole del critico cinematografico Petr Zvonicek, Sanitkasan è [...]

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ISAIAH SAXON – Micro Macro


LOL. Spaghetti string theory.
Micro-Macro is a short movie by Isaiah Saxon from Encyclopedia Pictura.
Ingredients (nm persons): Neil Clayton, spaghetti, tomatoes, sprouts, grapes, brussel sprouts, peanuts, cranberries, egg, chard, banana, bread, broccoli, melon, tangerine, pineapple rings, corn, peas, tabouli, onion.
LOL. Teoria delle stringhe di spaghetti.
Micro-Macro è un corto di Isaiah Saxon, di Encyclopedia Pictura.
Ingredienti: Neil Clayton, [...]

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Chocolade Haas

Three chocolate bunnies meet their smoking hot fate in this twisted short movie realized by Sander Plug in collaboration with Lernert Engelberts.
It’s something more than just watching a car accident. There’s something genuinely beatiful about it. Or maybe it just please my iconoclasm.
The film was commissioned by Cut-n-Paste for the second series of the [...]

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Psycho Bob: Bob and his Neighbors

He’s not a wizard.

Finally a new adventure of the cutest “non nice man” of the web. Bob’s neighbours are going to find out that he really is a creep.
The short has been directed by Andy Cochrane of The AV Club. Director of photography: Craig Bauer. Sound editor: Joe Tsai.
Bob is played by Sean Bury. The [...]

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You Make it You: Ballad of Tina Pink

The first in the new campaign for Zune 2 player (yeah, there’s actually a Zune 2!) from creative agency Tag.
Miss Pink is wandering thru the worlds stored into her music player while it plays Rogue Wave’s Lake Michigan.
The spot was directed by Patrick Daughters at The Directors Bureau. Director of photography: Shawn Kim.
Edited by [...]

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The Meth Minute 39: The Music Nerds

You’re about to meet Vic and Cougar……sorry!

Vic and Cougar are the ultimate music nerds, but only one of them will emerge as the ultimate Led Zeppelin fanatic in this battle of rock knowledge.
The short is as usual the work of Dan Meth. Additional art by Jaden Meth, Claire Samuels and Lee Rubenstein. Sound design by [...]

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The Simpsons Game: Big Super Happy Fun Fun

Are you ready?

I don’t like the cel shading too much, but the trailers for the upcoming game about The Simpsons, and this particularly, are too funny to be left out from here.
Don’t know anything about the production of this clip. Will add details when available.
Non mi piace troppo il cel shading, ma i trailer per [...]

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