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Lexus: Popup

The pursuit of perfection.

Lexus: Popup - MPEG-4 clip
Lexus really want you to know that their cars are safe, actively safe, and here’s a new installment in their effort. The tale of the safest accident is told with an ingenious mix of craftmanship and chroma key.

The spot was directed by Oskar Holmedal at Stylewar. Produced by Smuggler for creative agency Team One.

Director of photography was Toby Irwin. Editor was David Henegar at Butcher.

Visual effects realized at A52 by Andy Hall, Raul Ortego, Dan Gutierrez and their team. Music by Kael Alden at Robot Repair.

Previoulsy: Hydrant.

Lexus ci tiene davvero a farvi sapere che le loro auto sono attivamente sicure, e questo è il loro ultimo sforzo. La storia dell’incidente più sicuro viene raccontata da un ingegnoso mix di artigianato e chroma key.

Lo spot è stato diretto da Oskar Holmedal presso Stylewar. Prodotto da Smuggler per l’agenzia creativa Team One.

Direttore della fotografia: Toby Irwin. Montaggio: David Henegar presso Butcher.

Post prodotto presso A52 da Andy Hall, Raul Ortego, Dan Gutierrez ed il loro team. Musica di Kael Alden presso Robot Repair.

Puntate precedenti: Hydrant.

Lexus: The Safest Accident

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MAKING OF: Il post di Pop-up: The Making of.

LINK: Visita il sito di A52. [Darnell]

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IMDB: Visita Jim Sloyan.

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