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Bravia: Threads

Feel like no other.

Bravia: Threads - MPEG-4 clip
While everybody was busy watching the new Colour Like No Other Play Doh spot, and discussing about it being or not a rip-off, Sony released a completely new spot, in a new campaign. In fact it looks a lot like Balls. And it’s not a bad thing at all.

The spot has been directed by Keith Rose (also director of photography) at Velocity Films. Creative agency: Young & Rubicam Asia.

Editor: Ricky Boyd at Deliverance Post Production. Post production by Waterfront Studios. 3D by Condor Post Production.

Music by: Robert Schroder and Lorraine Shannon.

Mentre tutti erano impegnati a guardare l’ultimo spot Colour Like No Other Play Doh, ed a discutere sul fatto che si tratti di plagio, o meno, Sony se ne esce con uno spot nuovo, di una nuova campagna. Che ricorda molto Balls. Il che non è un male.

Lo spot è stato diretto da Keith Rose (anche direttore della fotografia) presso Velocity Films. Agenzia: Young & Rubicam Asia.

Montaggio: Ricky Boyd presso Deliverance Post Production. Post produzione: Waterfront Studios. 3D: Condor Post Production.

Musica di: Robert Schroder e Lorraine Shannon.

Bravia: Threads

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LINK: Visita il sito di Velocity Films.

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