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The attempts of a little girl to catch a little devil are a good excuse to show some cartoony animation.
The short animation is the work of Tzanko, a student of the Vancouver Film School.
The story is inspired to the work of Elin Pelin, while visually you can easily guess the influence of John Kricfalusi.
Music [...]

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How to be a holy cow.

A colourful and funny video where graffiti and writings protest the fact they’re considered vandalism, accompanies this funky cover of Radiohead’s Just.
Mark Ronson was previoulsy here with the cover of Kaiser Chiefs‘ Oh My God.
Alex Greenwald is an American musician and actor, best known as the lead singer of the [...]

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Le miroir

A creepy 30 seconds trailer for the 2003 Annecy festival, realized by Gobelins students Thomas Balard, Lucien Larrame, Joann Leblanc, Thierry Ngo.
Orrifico trailer da 30 secondi per il festival di Annecy 2003, realizzato da Thomas Balard, Lucien Larrame, Joann Leblanc e Thierry Ngo, studenti di Gobelins.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Le miroir.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 3 MB - [...]

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Show Me

Somebody wrote me on Meebo tonight, asking how “to post my movies on a similar blog, in high quality as you guys did. How did you menage to do sow? Is it a matter of private server?”
Yes, kind of. Since April, the movies are hosted on a basic account at Dreamhost. The seamless embedding is [...]


Jealous Computers: Panic at the Beach

Oh my god!

A viral video realized by Honest for the Nokia N95 cellphone, some time ago.
Sometimes I feel like it might really happen to me…
Video virale realizzato da Honest per il telefono Nokia N95, qualche tempo fa.
A volte mi sembra che potrebbe accadere a me…

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Panic at the Beach.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 8 MB [...]

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Like an eggWaiting to hatch.

Liquid fun? I guess it’s a lot easier to ship it canned, ain’t it?
Anyways… Byaskfop is a short visual piece by Ori Ben-Shabat set to a piece by Lithuanian musician Gediminas Ivankevičius.
Ori Ben-Shabat is represented by Spy Films.
Divertimento liquido? Immagino sia più facile da mettere in lattina.
Comunque… Byaskfop è un breve [...]

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The Kingdom: Title Sequence

The FBI is the lead agencywhenever the US citizens areattacked abroad

The title sequence for The Kingdom, feature film directed by Peter Berg, is an entertaining and informative sequence which sketches United States’ involvement in Saudi Arabia during the last century.
The sequence is the work of Pic Agency.
I titoli di testa di The Kingdom, film diretto [...]

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Open your eyesLook up to skiesand see…

Can’t help it. A tear comes to my eye every time I get to the end of this beautiful short movie, recent winner of the Autodesk Ahead of the Curve competition.
The short has a tender, warm feeling you usually don’t associate with CGI animation.
The film has been written, directed [...]



A quirky short movie spotted by Ajit, a look at our lives, our habits, our shapes of mind.
The short movie has been written, directed and animated by Denizcan Yüzgül as his final project at the Czech Filmová škola Zlín.
Sound design and music by Ahmet Kenan Bilgiç. Edited by Denizcan Yüzgül and Michael Carrington. Visual [...]

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RORY COOKE – Slaughterween

Spooktastic Fun!

A lonely misunderstood school boy sets out to impress his class on Halloween. Somebody ends up slaughtered in the process, but in the end it’s the result that counts, ain’t it?
The short movie is a creation of Rory Cooke. Music by The Brown Jam Fam.
Uno studente emarginato riesce ad impressionare i suoi amici per [...]

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Gotchi and Dootchi: La Bibliotheque

No Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye

Well, it’s that time of the year when spooky tales and fancy costumes , so enjoy this short clip, the pilot episode of an animated series (yet yo produce) called Gotchi & Dootchi.
Gotchi and Dootchi are just regular weird guys living their regular weird lives. In this [...]

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They Might Be Giants – Shadow Government

Where’s the shadow government,when you need it?Where’s the shadow government?It’s a bad, bad world.

“The Shadow Government is about waking up from a nightmare only to find yourself in the same bad dream” guitarist John Flansburgh tells Spinner.
The politically charged imagery and evil moon illustrate Flansburgh’s explanation of the song. “It’s really a mad scramble of [...]

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Get Down: Clip Updated

For all the bunny lovers who missed it, I’ve uploaded a higher resolution clip of Pleix‘ video for Groove Armada.
Per gli amanti delle conigliette, ho caricato una clip in alta risoluzione del video di Pleix per il pezzo dei Groove Armada.


EB HU – Josie`s Lalaland

If I’ve given courage to othersthen my life has been full.

I posted this beautiful movie on Ticklebooth last month. In the meanwhile, I tried to contact the author for a better clip. No luck. Not that this one is not good. But the visual quality of the movie would deserve less compression artifacts.
The movie has [...]

Alan Watts Theater: I

Ipronoun: used to refer to oneself as speaker or writer.noun: (plural I’s) the self, the ego.

Here’s another installment in the series based on speeches by Alan Watts. This one was produced by Mark Watts and South Park animator Chris Brion.
An interesting bit about how think about ourselves and how we feel about our identity. What [...]

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No Stank You: Stank a Lot!

Wanna do something?

Don’t let Sir Stank a Lot become an obstacle between you and the girl you want to score with. There’s no match against him.
Stank a Lot is one out of four spots of the No Stank You campaign for the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program Washington State Department of Health.
The spot was directed [...]

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ESPN Skating: Clip Updated

Posted a better clip for this commercial.
Postata un clip migliore di questo spot.

Amnesty: Waiting for the Guards


WARNING: You might find this video disturbing. It is actually as entertaining as a kick in the nuts.
The film shows a performance artist undergoing, for real, interrogation techniques permitted by CIA handbook.
The video launches Unsubscribe Me, a new social campaign from Amnesty International against torture and other brutalities in the name of the war on [...]

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Target: Art Connects


“A stream-of-consciousness piece where ink images spontaneously emerge from each other to the sounds of a jazzy spoken-word track”, to represent “the free flowing nature of creative exploration.”
This is one out of two short clips created for a video installation for Victory Park in Dallas, Texas.
The video was designed, directed and animated by Will Campbell [...]

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Target: Art Evokes

Target acquired!

“A harmonious blending of two seemingly dissimilar art forms (blown glass sculptures and modern dance) into a lush story of life.”
This is one out of two short clips created for a video installation for Victory Park in Dallas, Texas.
The video was designed, directed and animated by Dade Orgeron at Superfad via the creative agency [...]

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Hail to the Sponsor!

You probably didn’t noticed it, but the last clip wasn’t hosted on but on an European server.
It is that Thomas Arthus offered to host some of our contents on his server, where he already run his own blog, Blumaise, forfreeee.
An applause for the word forfreeee!
Probabile che non vi siate accorti che l’ultima clip non [...]

APHEX TWIN – Come to Daddy

I will eat your soul.I want your soul,I will eat your soul.Come to daddy.

I recently posted a commercial that turned out to be a rip off of Chris Cunningham’s Flex. To mend this, I guess I could join kevathens in his celebration for the 10th birthday of one of my favourite music videos ever.
I remember [...]

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The Meth Minute 39: Mike Tyson`s Brunch Out!!

You might want to cover your ears for this one…

In the fifth installment of Federator original series, the hipster brunch scene meets the 8-bit Nintendo rage of boxing icon, Mike Tyson.
The short is as usual the work of Dan Meth. Additional art by Joshua Jularbal and Josh Weisbrod. Audio design by Mark Vitelli. Devin Clark [...]

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ADAM LONG: A Little Atomic Bomb

o, just give me a little atomic bombnot too muchjust a little.

Isn’t it the secret dream of anyone. Yeah, you know your ego wants it. A little atomic bomb. To eradicate from your life that little something you wish had never existed. With surgical precision.
Adam Long directed and animated this gorgeous short movie based on [...]

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Darkwave Equals MC Squared

E2 = m2c4 + p2c2.

A music video for The Enright House, mixing stop animation, computer graphics, a moody black and white photography, good editing, nice visuals. What else do you need?
The Enright House is Mark Roberts, Simon Gemmill, Evan Schaare, Thomas Lambert. Their name is a reference to Any Rand’s novel The Fountainhead.
Darkwave = MC [...]

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Thoughts You Thought You Could Do Without

It’s a wrap!

Andre Maat sent us the latest video for the Dutch band Coparck, previously here with A Good Year for the Robots.
The leading idea of this clip was: how do you make a music video in 3′42″? Apparently, for (fake) music video director Waldo Goodrich, that is an everyday job. You can see more [...]

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Lexus: Popup

Lexus really want you to know that their cars are safe, actively safe, and here’s a new installment in their effort. The tale of the safest accident is told with an ingenious mix of craftmanship and chroma key.

The spot was directed by Oskar Holmedal at Stylewar. Produced by Smuggler for creative agency Team One.

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Coke: Inspiration

The Coke Side of Life.

It turns out that Coke is a good alternative to LSD. Who would have guessed that?
The spot has been realized by James Price at Trasnsitor Studios. Creative direction and animation by Joe Vaccarino.
Advertising agency: Wieden+Kennedy.
Adesso la Coca Cola è anche una valida alternativa agli acidi? Chi l’avrebbe detto…
Lo spot è stato [...]

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National Geographics: Papel

Paper has many uses!

If you grew up watching Walt Disney’s The Sword in the Stone twice a year, you’ll love this spot.
It was completely realized (from the idea to the post production) in house at Amautalab, except for the sound by Noroeste.
It is part of a campaign consisting of four spots for the kids show [...]

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Street Fighter IV: A New Beginning


Wanted to post more stuff tonight, but I messed up encoding, and there’s no time to upload the stuff again. Sorry.
There are very few informations about this clip, and about the game too, but they could have something to do with Atsushi Inaba, at least according to my source.
Volevo postare più roba stasera, ma ho [...]

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Gondry`s Dream

Hello Michel…

“In early 2007, Motorola commisioned visionary artist Michel Gondry to create a film based on the experience of their new Razr2 phone.”
Well, actually the spot was commissioned to San Fransisco creative agency Cutwater.
According to co-founder Brad Harrington, there had actually been “an inordinate amount of tension between the agency and Motorola.” (Source: Adweek, found [...]


Gondry`s Dream: Interview

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Gondry’s Interview. [Mirror][Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 44 MB - Running Time: 6 min.]
LINK: Visita il sito di Motorola Razr2 – Gondry’s Dream.

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Gondry`s Dream: Behind the Scenes

It’s a bit like Alice in Wonderland…

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Gondry’s Dream: Behind the Scenes. [Mirror][Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 25 MB - Running Time: 3 min.]
LINK: Visita il sito di Motorola Razr2 – Gondry’s Dream.

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Motorola: Gondry`s Dream


DOWNLOAD (1920×1080): Scarica Gondry’s Dream in Full HD. [Mirror][Format: Quicktime - Size: 171 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
DOWNLOAD (1920×1080): Scarica Gondry’s Dream in Full HD.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 171 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
DOWNLOAD (1280×720): Scarica Gondry’s Dream. [Mirror][Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 86 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
DOWNLOAD (1280×720): Scarica Gondry’s Dream.[Format: [...]

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Vintage Season

And here’s the blogs I visited today and I haven’t disliked. I noticed that I’ve lost again a part of my bookmarks, about 5KB of links…
Added links to: Transbuddha,, Acchiappasogni, Aïe! Ouch!, Lonesome Music,, ILLustration Design, Shoebox, BD4D Showcase and David Lowery’s Drifting: A Director’s Log.
And: Off Topic, Guerra eterna, Wiley Wiggins‘ News [...]

[BEST OF] September 2007 – pt.2

I need to visit some of the almost thousand links I’ve bookmarked lately. In the meanwhile, here’s something good.
Highway Star: opening cinematic for Rock Band.
Coke Day: your monthly overdose.
Closer: know your fetishes!
BFF 2007 Trailer: halfway between Sorayama’s pin-ups and Barbarella.
SIFF 2007 Trailer: futurism inspired style.
Amp Your World: Three Legged Legs forays into traditional animation. Their [...]

[BEST OF] September 2007 – pt.1

Sorry if I haven’t answered you on meebo today, been a little busy. Little too much.
Mosimosi: stop animation done with moss.
Human Suit: let man’s best friend do a man’s job. And one heck of a job he does!
Treibgut: never give up.
Une nuit sur le Mont Chauve: ain’t no Fantasia.
Honey: Moby collapses space-time.
Knock Out: don’t call [...]



Our hell is a good life.

A peculiar video, shoot using FLIR thermal cameras, to create “a cold, dark and lonely world, or should I say hell.” A list of videos shot using infra-red or thermal lenses is on Videoville.
Emily Haines is a member of the bands Metric and Broken Social Scene. (Source: Wikipedia)
Our Hell is [...]

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NICK FORSHEE – An Exceptional Comfort In Static

One summer’s day.

A classic horror tale.
“Held back by the lights, the boogeyman in the wall patiently waits. The boy was safe until, that night, his town’s power supply ran dry…”
The movie has been written and directed by Nick Forshee. Sound design by Greg Carlson at Sound Roast Sound. Narrated by Phil Barrons. Music by David [...]

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She Turns Back and Faces Forward, At Peace

A box of biscuits, a box of mixed biscuits, and a biscuit mixer.

An ordinary looking girl (Cara Failer) will try a different approach than the one her mother taught her, to defeat the competitors at the casting audition she’s attending.
The second episode in Little Minx Exquisite Corpse, following With the Eyes of Every Man Riveted [...]

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Fuzigish – Black Magoo

Where is my Black Magoo?

Oh well, you’ll pardon me if I dig Frederator once again. They’ve been on the spot lately, and I’ve been busy…
“The whole story is that nobody knows what a Black Magoo is. The animation show a mad scientist and various others being asked, and nobody knows what it is. A Black [...]


The Meth Minute 39: Dog Video Dating

I’m just curious.Curiosity never killed anyone…

Video Dating is where “dogs in heat go to meet and greet”. The fourth episode of The Meth Minute 39 shows shows that humans are not the only species to do silly things to get laid. Or are we?
Again, the movie has been realized by Dan Meth, with audio design [...]

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The Meth Minute 39: Nite Fite

Delays in NYC subway due to minotaur on the tracks.

The third episode of The Meth Minute 39 stars Penalty and Lloyd, two talk show hosts whose characters were created and performed by Dan Meth and Mark Vitelli.
Tonight they debate a hot topic: are Rush heavy metal or not? And what about Ray Charles?
Nel terzo episodio [...]

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Off the Shelf

A little red flower takes a journey to find something more to life.

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Halo Combat pt.2: Clip Updated

Uploaded higher quality clips for the short, and also removed the old one.
Updated the link to The Garden of Leoben and added links to Three Legged Legs and Pubmotion.
Ho caricato clip di qualità migliore del corto ed ho anche rimosso quella esistente.
Aggiornato il link verso The Garden of Leoben ed aggiunti quelli verso Three Legged [...]


There’s some major outage on Dreamhost. The network is up but packet loss rate is so huge that uploading and downloading is impossible. Sorry. Will give you an extra slice of pie tomorrow…
C’è qualche grosso malfunzionamento su Dreamhost. La rete gira, ma la perdita di pacchetti è tanto alta che upload e download sono impossibili. [...]

Canalsat: Office Rugby

Things are going to slideSlide out of control.

A courier is having a hard time delivering a package while everybody in the office seems to be a rugby fan and practicer.
The spot has been directed by Barcelo at Les Télécréateurs Creative agency: Euro RSCG.
Soundtrack: Open Book by The Rakes.
Un corriere ha vita difficile nel consegnare un [...]

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vWater: There`s Something in the Water

A typical day turns atypical. Maybe there’s something in the water™?
The beautiful short film SLASH spot for this brand of water has been conceived at creative agency 20:20, London. Animation by Conkerco. Music composed by Alex Lodder. (infos provided by Feisty Tangerine)
Un giorno come tanti esce dall’ordinario. C’è forse qualcosa nell’acqua™?
Il bel cortometraggio BARRA [...]


Efterklang – Mirador

A quirky, weird music video where a bird-like creature wander around in a stranger world of flying island, created for the artwork featured in the album covers.
Efterklang (Danish for reverberation) is a post-rock group formed on January 2001 in Copenhagen. (Source: Wikipedia)
Mirador is featured on their latest work, entitled Parades and released on October [...]

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HBO Voyeur: The Watcher Film

You don’t mind, do you?

This short movie, I already posted on Ticklebooth and, is part of the Voyeur campaign for HBO. It has been available during the month of August on HBO On Demand channel.
The director should be Jake Scott from RSA Films. Creative agency: BBDO.
Questo corto, che ho già postato su Ticklebooth e [...]

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Shoot the dog!

We started from environment and I ended up talking about humanity and the responisibility carried by being human, like dealing with the consequences of your actions.
This short movie from 2001 deals with these issues, even though its main theme is apartheid in South Africa.
The director is Steve Pasvolsky, and the film was nominated [...]

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It`s Over… It`s Over…

I hate to feel the love between us die…

Well, it has been intense. I was worried about managing seven posts in one day, and ended up posting nine. And while we are on figures, we also set the new record (740!) for RSS subcribers.
Does the Blog Action Day changed anything? I still feel like fighting [...]




Let’s finish this day like it began, with an unscheduled entry that doesn’t really seem exactly on topic. But it is. Let’s finish with a “what if”.
What if we played with time, making trees growing at our own speed, if we listened to their noises, their breathing?
The answer is in this two minutes short [...]

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The End.

Poor Man. You should have listened to Stripy, the voice of your conscience, when you could. Yes, he was laughing at you but, now you know it, he couldn’t help it.
And now, the only thing you can do is to laugh along with Stripy. Laugh man, laugh!
Oh, anyway. This is an episode from an [...]

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Ways to Protect the Planet: Defense Shield

Protecting Earth from our new enemy: the Sun!

Here’s the other half of the Ways to Protect the Planet series, made by 180 Amsterdam and Panda Panther for MTV Switch.
The first half is Chimney Sweep. Refer to that post for credits, or just read them here.
L’altrà metà della serie Ways to Protect the Planet, realizzata da180 [...]

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5ON: 5 Demons On The Environment

If the answer is blowin’ in the wind,then the answer is: pollution!

5ON, the show that interviews anything on everything, gives us an insight on what the underworld thinks about saving the world.
5ON is a series of animated shorts realized as interviews to ordinary monsters. Director and animator is Devin Clark. Authors: Nick Kroll and John [...]

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Ways to Protect the Planet: Chimney Sweep

Protecting the Earth from our new enemy…

There are several suggestions about how to stop global warming: some are simple, some are crazy. These spot covers the latter…
“Who can combat the proliferation of green house gas? The Airforce, armed with a deadly weapon: a giant cork!”
Part of the MTV Switch campaign, the Ways to Protect the [...]

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Companhia Vale do Rio Doce: Reflorestar

Recovering takes much longer than destroying.

The following is an interactive (kind of) Quicktime clip. I’m not telling anything else, because part of the concept is that you find out what to do by yourself.
Reflorestar was ideated by Domenico Massareto. Art direction, design and animation by Carlos Baer and Dalton Uehara at Pub Motion Graphics.
The clip [...]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Giving a Damn about Climate Change

So let’s look at what – or who – is responsible for climate change.

A tongue-in-cheek public information film, actually realized for the Live Earth event, but hey… recycling is the key!
A Beginner’s Guide is designed, directed, animated and produced by Airside; and co-directed and written by Al MacCuish, a creative at Mother London.
From the same [...]

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Clif Bar: 2 Mile Challenge

If 1 million people replaced a2 mile car trip once a week with abike ride CO2 emissions could bereduced by 50000 tons per year.

Ok, here’s a-something much more in topic, a visual essay realized by Cobra Creative.
The Challenge basically stays in riding your bike for two miles. To fight against global warming. Sounds easy, aint’ [...]

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Sasol: Puppet

Experiment. Transform. Create.

A great man once said that it’s not answers that change the world, it’s questions.
This was not supposed to be here today. I found it just yesterday, when everything was already uploaded to the server. But I thought it could have been a great opener for today posts. Even though Sasol is actually [...]

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B.A.D. News

We’re dug in deep the price is steep.The auctioneer is such a creep.

It’s Blog Action Day 2007! Are you bloggers all ready to post? I am. Incoming!!!
Oggi è il Blog Action Day 2007! Voi blogger siete tutti pronti? Io sì… Arrivano!!!


DAN PINTO – Hedgehug

A lonely hedgehog tries to deliver a valentine and gain (at least) a hug in this cute animated short by Dan Pinto, with music by Paul Pinto.
It reminds me a lot of An Eye for Annai, but non in a wrong way, if you know what I mean…
Un porcospino solitario cerca di appioppare un [...]

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Mannen som til Stadighet Slar Mei i Hodet med en Paraply

Well, the last post (and this one too) obviously inspired me to search in my “to-post” queue for clips that share resemblances with other works.
Let’s start with this animated short movie by Cathinka Tandberg, a student of Norwegian school Volda Animation, featuring music by Helene Ingeberg and Janne Korneliussen.
The film’s based upon the short [...]

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Bravia: Threads

Feel like no other.

While everybody was busy watching the new Colour Like No Other Play Doh spot, and discussing about it being or not a rip-off, Sony released a completely new spot, in a new campaign. In fact it looks a lot like Balls. And it’s not a bad thing at all.
The spot has been [...]

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Want2BSquare: Hammer

Sometimes, the only way to win is by giving up. And in fact, I gave up and decided to post yet another viral in the Want2Bsquare series.
The spot was directed by Larry Frey at Chelsea Pictures. Director of photography: David Morrisson.
Edited by Doug Walker at Film Core Editorial. Creative agency: Attik.
Visual effects realized at [...]

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MTV: Nation Favourite Music City

Relax, don’t do it!

A broadcast segment for MTV’s Nation’s Favoutite Music City; works by accumulation, but it works.
Designed and directed by Matt Lambert AKA dieLAMB, at Jellyfish Pictures. Audio design by Hecq.
Sigletta per Nation’s Favoutite Music City di MTV; funziona per accumulazione, però funziona.
Design e regia di Matt Lambert alias dieLAMB, presso Jellyfish Pictures. [...]

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Goodbye – Au revoir – Arrivederci – Qapla’

Just packed my stuff and now I’m going to sleep earlier; tomorrow will leave for a couple of days off. Don’t worry. I’ll be back for Blog Action Day.
Ho preparato la mia roba, e me ne vado a letto presto; domani parto per un paio di giorni fuori. Niente paura. Torno per il Blog [...]

AXEL BROETJE – Fische und Schiffe


The story of a kid, a cook, a fisherman, a stingy predator fish, his symbiotic partner, and a shipwreck, narrated with animated silhouettes.
Fresh winner at Adobe Design Achievement Award 2007, Fische und Schiffe (Fish and Ships) is a movie directed and animated by Axel Brötje, student of the Braunschweig School of Visual Arts.
All the characters, [...]

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Own Your C: C-Tree

Your choices create your world.

A whimsical animated commercial that reminds teens that “your choices create your world.”
“The C-Tree commercial is one component of the Own Your C campaign, which takes a fresh approach to youth tobacco prevention and cessation.”
“Rather than focus solely on the topic of tobacco, the campaign empowers Colorado youth to make educated [...]

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Etienne Charry – Astroclub

Another flashback to the same period of time as the previous post, and on a similar theme. Probably the best edited strip tease ever…
Astroclub, by French musician Etienne Charry, is featured on his 2002 album Aube radieuse, serpents en flammes.
The video has been directed by Gabriel Malaprade and Julien Bectartre at Le Village.
Altro flashback [...]

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High Art at Low Tide

Mermaids have wet dreams.

Hi there! I’ve been a little busy. Just found this short movie in my pre-NFC posts and wanted to share it here. Not a masterpiece, but I love it just the way it is.
The film, based on an idea by Julie Atlas Muz (you may know here from This or That!), has [...]

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I’ve gone as far as I can go.

Plagued by a terrible disease, a man will find out how far he will go in order to get the treatment he needs to survive.
The short movie has been realized for the DVXuser Spy Fest 2007, where it was submitted in a shorter, six minutes long version. It [...]


MODEST MOUSE – Missed the Boat

While we’re on the subjectCould we change the subject now?

Starting from his creation, here’s the first adventure of Walter Robot, which you have already seen in the music video for The City by Milosh.
The video won the Missed the Boat video contest, where everyone could download green screen footage of the band, realize a [...]

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Halo: Combat, part 2

Finish the fight!

Here’s the second part of Halo: Combat (here’s the first one ) which is actually the third part of a trilogy. Again, Neil Blomkamp directed with Weta doing the visual effects. The movie premiered as a viral for some Discovery Channel website. Go figure…
Will post a better clip as soon as available. Send [...]

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Southbank Centre: Classic International 2007-08

Let’s keep it on a musical note, with this series of short blips realized in stop animation for the Shell Classic International 2007-2008 concerts, held at the Southbank Centre in London.
Everything done by Line Andersen and Martin Andersen at Andersen M Studio, except editing, by Mikkel Lundsager Hansen.
Restiamo su una nota musicale, con questa [...]

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Behind the Scenes of Guinness: Music Machine

It’s alive inside.

You have probably seen the ad already, and I’ll post it if and when I’ll found a better clip. This is a documentary expressely focused on the post production steps at The Mill, but also features the spot itself.
Described as “a Busby Berkeley extravaganza”, the ad reminds me more of Animusic mixed with [...]

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Brylcreem: Effortless

Effortlessness is born out of great effort.

Some people just look cool, or better, they put a lot of effort into trying looking cool. This guy (Sam Veale) is cool.
The commercial was directed by Fredrik Bond at Sonny London, and written by Oli Beal and Tori Flower at WCRS.
Editor was Tim Thornton-Allan at Marshall Street Editors. [...]

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Queens of the Stone Age – 3`s and 7`s

If ignorance is bliss, then I’m in heaven now.
WARNING: Nudity, violence and gore.

QOTSA gets the full grindhouse treatment. Yeah, one could wonder why just now…
3’s & 7’s is featured on Queens of the Stone Age’s latest album, entitled Era Vulgaris and released on June 2007 for Interscope.
The music video has been directed by Paul Minor [...]

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It’s a hard life being an artist. Sometimes you need to employ all your fantasy in order to survive.
And sometimes you don’t have ultra rich budget to realize your stop animation piece. Still, you’re able to make something out of nothing. Something good. Like popcorn.
Sopa is a movie by Zumbakamera, directed and produced by [...]

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A cubist character is unhappily trapped in Guernica. All around her is death, fighting, and destruction; she longs to get out and immerse herself in more peaceful landscape.
“She escapes her painted world and wanders the museum for a better place to live. She visits several different paintings, but ultimately realizes that she must create her [...]

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MIGHTY FRUITZ – Masterplan

I do.

Shiny renderings of simple geometries, motion graphics and blue screen footage of a break dancer will conjure to entertain you while watching this short clip.
The Mighty Fruitz is an electronic music band comprised of Antonio de Spirt and Arno Hennig.
The music video for Masterplan is another work from the German Film School students. The [...]

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The Meth Minute 39: Sex Machine

The following cartoon will break the internet’s brain.

Following the tremendous hit, Internet People, the second installment in the online animated series by Dan Meth is a geeky joke on James Brown, voiced by Scott Zillitto.
Dopo il tremendo successo di Internet People, esce il secondo episodio della serie animata internettiana di Dan Meth, una boutade su [...]

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Sidaction: Hourglass

Every 10 seconds, someone dies of Aids in the world.Protect yourself.

Many thanks to Jérôme Sudan from Advertising Pawn for having sent the link to this stunning and effective video for Sidaction, a French association against AIDS.
The spot has been directed by Dimitri Daniloff and produced at Marcassin. Creative agency: Leo Burnett.
It may remind you a [...]

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UGRESS – Kosmonaut

DRM? Niet!

The music video for Kosmonaut is a visual feast. Dark, cold and extremely refined inside scenes alternate with joyful moments of dance.
Ugress is one of several projects from Norwegian producer, composer and remixer Gisle Martens Meyer from Bergen.
The Kosmonaut EP has been released on October 2006. It is available for free download.
The video has [...]

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I think someone broke this remote thingee.

Somebody’s born with a silver spoon in his mouth: he presses a button, and everything he wants, he got. Somebody is that dumb that he can’t even use that simple button…
In Control is a sort of digital era slapstick starring George W. Bush as the dumb kid.
The author is [...]


With the Eyes of Every Man Riveted Upon Her

Challenging me is a good thing.Beating me (Hmmmm..) only happens in your dreams.

That your field is boxing or rope jumping, there will be a time when you meet a challenge that is more than you can chew. Fail to realize that, and you’re knock out.
This short movie is the first installment in the Little Minx [...]

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LOCKSLEY – All Over Again

You’re gonna gonna gonna,Have to start all over again.

If you feel often like fighting against the rest of the world all on your own, this video will probably haunt your nightmares, where your papercut figurine will run for its life.
Locksley is a four-piece rock and roll band originally formed in Madison, Wisconsin but now based [...]


Royal Elastics: Feilfri

Not only molecular biology can actually be interesting; it can even employed to sell some sneakers.
The spot has been realized at Umeric by director Ash Bolland and designer/art director Von Dekker. Storyboard by Kim Dulaney. (Source: Motionographer)
Sound by Combustion.
Non solo la biologia molecolare può essere resa interessante; si può anche usarla per vendere scarpe.
Lo spot [...]

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Fuel TV: Evolution


“The origin of surfing is creatively imagined in a fun network ID for Fuel TV.”
“Conceptualized by Salt the ID utilizes original hand drawn characters by artist Daniel Peacock and a unique technique to blend backgrounds, foregrounds and characters seamlessly together.”
“The entire piece, including sound design, was directed and animated by Salt.”
“Le origini del surf vengono [...]

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Live Earth: New York

A 15 second piece of animation realized by Laundry! for the New York Live Earth concert.

Creative agency: The Groop. Soundtrack: Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John.

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Is it really a sin if we both come out even?

Doesn’t take to much to see reality in a different way. Just try looking into a mirror.
Minus the Bear is a band based in Seattle, whose members are Dave Knudson, Cory Murchy, Alex Rose, Jake Snider and Erin Tate.
Knights is featured on their latest album, [...]

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RYAN MCFAUL – The Man Behind the Motion

When is art ever easy?

Well, it’s 8PM and again I haven’t managed to encode a decent clip of the movie I was about to post (not the same as yesterday, though). So here’s a funny mockumentary from the year 2003.
The Man Behind the Motion tells the story of Michael White, motion capture artist, and the [...]

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Old Best Of

Yes, this is kinda ugly I know…

Adidas: All Blacks
Your Woman
Man and Whale
John the Revelator
The Stranger
Another Kind of Love
Heavenly Sword: The Series
Lime Tree
Elephant Gun
When You Were Young
Sometimes I Feel Like This
Sense and Nonsense
Into Pieces
Ehi di casa, Buona gente
Wrong Lyrics
Mimos and the Egg
Angelika Koehlermann
Monster Party
Psycho Bob
I Lived on the Moon
Ojiisan no 11 kagetsu
Taking Liberties
Sachiko Hanai
Johnny Bassotto
Car Factory
Two [...]