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PERSONAL: Segui pensando

Keep thinking.

A phone call with a girl is getting longer and longer,while she tries to make her mind. The guy enjoy, though.

The spot has been directed by Lemon at Rebolucion for creative agency Draft FCB.

Director of photography: Christian Cottet. Art director: Vera Aricó. Editor: Patricio Pena.

Post produced at Metrovision. Music by Supercharango.

Una telefonata ad una ragazza va per le lunghe mentre lei prende una decisione. Il ragazzo gradisce, a ogni modo.

Lo spot è stato diretto da Lemon presso Rebolucion per l’agenzia creativa Draft FCB.

Direttore della fotografia: Christian Cottet. Direzione artistica: Vera Aricó. Montaggio: Patricio Pena.

Postproduzione: Metrovision. Musica: Supercharango.

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PERSONAL: Segui pensando

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  1. Anonymous | 18 September 2007 at 16:58 | Permalink

    Ahah, very good!

    Hey, considering the fact that you were complaining about the lack of new material, you should check this out: the opening cinema of the soon to come ROCK BAND videogame.

    Very cool graphics and a Led Zep classic, “Highway star”!

    Enjoy :

    You’re gonna/gotta love it!


    T. from France

    PS: as always, BRAVO for your wonderful blog…

  2. DeK - Delirium et Kaos | 19 September 2007 at 06:11 | Permalink

    Thanks! :)

    >considering the fact that you were complaining about the lack of new material

    That was August: not enough new stuff and too much time on my hands.
    Now it’s quite the opposite… ^^

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