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(Out of) Order

Yesterday the site has been unresponsive for a couple hours, due to someone who was trying to make a complete mirror of it on his hard drive. Don’t know if the intent was malicious or not, and I don’t care. Just stopped it.

Also, the No Fat Clips IM is now working again. If you sent me messages in the last days it is likely that they never reached me. Sorry. I should have removed it.

Ieri il sito è stato per alcune ore indisponibile, a causa di qualcuno che stava provando a farsene una copia completa sul suo hard disk. Non so se l’intento era malizioso, e non m’interessa. L’importante è che l’ho fermato.

Inoltre, il No Fat Clips IM funziona di nuovo. Eventuali messaggi inviatimi negli ultimi giorni sono probabilmente andati persi. Colpa mia. Avrei dovuto rimuoverlo.

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  1. nozap | 11 September 2007 at 09:41 | Permalink

    Nice idea. I sometimes think of it myself. Clone dekku and change the name under creative commons into nozap. Just to say you are the best. Keep the content flowing man.

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