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[BEST OF] August 2007 – pt.2

Almost there, almost there…

Jane Lloyd: nomen omen. Well not really. Just tryin’ to be cool…

Elephant Gun: sweet video, sweet song.

Life and Music: enough of tests and diplomas.

Lime Tree: a magnificent visual experience.

Heavenly Sword: the animated series.

Jurannessic: the first genius in history.

Put Your Hands Up for Detroit: shake your vintage booty!

Miejsce: Intrigues, tricks and brawls for a free place on beach.

Transformer Boxes: a horse’s ass can ruin everything.

Gnaritas Monstrum: The monster of knowledge.

Another Kind of Love: double trapped in an unreal reality.

Conversation: Who’s born round doesn’t die square.

Dear Stranger: a short movie by Ajit Anthony Prem.

The Thing: WTF?!?

Fever: The free man is he who does not fear to go to the end of his thought.

Harvey: the other half of hell…

Rios: the rivers of Recife.

Mondovision: astounding mix of music and images.

The Insides: a filmic take on still life and landscape painting.

John the Revelator: Bush and his Book of Lies.

Man and Whale: a short movie against whaling.

Combat pt. 1: Halo inspired short movie.

Your Woman: take your way.

All Blacks: Impossible is nothing.

The Audition: wannabe the new fistface of domestic violence?

Ci siamo quasi, quasi…

Jane Lloyd: nomen omen. In realtà no, volevo solo fare il figo…

Elephant Gun: bel video, bel pezzo.

Life and Music: ebbasta con esami e diplomi!

Lime Tree: magnifica esperienza visiva.

Heavenly Sword: la serie animata.

Jurannessic: il primo genio della storia.

Put Your Hands Up for Detroit: muovi il tuo culo d’epoca!

Miejsce: intrighi, imbrogli e baruffe, per un post in spiaggia.

Transformer Boxes: un culo d’asino può rovinare tutto!

Gnaritas Monstrum: Il mostro della conoscenza.

Another Kind of Love: doppiamente in trappola, in una realtà irreale.

Conversation: Chi nasce tondo non muore quadro.

Dear Stranger: un film corto di Ajit Anthony Prem.

The Thing: Eh?!?

Fever: L’uomo libero è colui che non ha paura di sposare in pieno il suo credo.

Harvey: l’altra metà dell’inferno…

Rios: i fiumi di Recife.

Mondovision: splendido mix di musica ed immagini.

The Insides: versione cinematografica di nature morte e paesaggi.

John the Revelator: Bush e il suo Libro delle menzogne.

Man and Whale: contro la caccia alle balene.

Combat pt. 1: Corto ispirato ad Halo.

Your Woman: ognuno per la sua strada.

All Blacks: Impossible is nothing.

The Audition: il nuovo (pugno nel) volto della violenza domestica?

ARCHIVE: L’archivio del 08/2007.

LINK: Consulta [BEST OF] August 2007 – pt.1.

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