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{ Monthly Archives } September 2007

Eighteen Seconds

Every second of our lives is the result of an equation.
Some call it fate.

A man (Jack Daniel Stanley). A woman (Amy Waschke). That special day.
The short movie has been directed by Zac&Mac (Bruno Zacharias and MacGregor), previously here with Similo, based on a story by Jack Daniel Stanley. Original music by Aaron Marshall.
The short [...]

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TOM PETTY – Into the Great Wide Open

The sky was the limit.

A music video from 1991 starring Johnny Depp as Eddie Rebel, Gabrielle Anwar as his girlfriend and Faye Dunaway as his landlady, agent and… fairy. Also starring: Matt LeBlanc and Terence Trent D’Arby.
The video tells the rise and fall of Eddie Rebel, lured by the excesses of rock’n’roll, and then lost.
Into [...]

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Encyclopedia Pictura: Grow

If you played and finished Sam and Max Hit the Road, you know what to expect from this clip, something halfway between a self promo and a short movie.
Directed by Isaiah Saxon. Director of photography: Sean Hellfritsch. Visual effects: H. Haden Hammond and Isaiah Saxon.
The actors are Neil Clayton and Jason Martinez.
Se avete giocato [...]

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Gnist: Important

One of the world’s most important energy drinks.

This is the story of how an energy drink brought peace to (almost) the whole world.
The commercial for cinema was directed by Gaute Hesthagen and produced at Paradox. Animations by Tilnærmet Lik.
Created at SMFB (Shnel, Melnychuck, Forsman, Bodenfors) Norwegian agency by André Koot, Hans Martin Rønneseth, Hans Magne [...]

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MK12 – History of America

God Bless America.

Turns out that all you know about the United States of America has been made up. Except for James Brown’s Living in America in Rocky IV…
MK12’s History of America is here to set the record straight and tell the epic struggle between the Astronauts and the Cowboys…
The movie is half an hour long, [...]

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Cadbury Dairy Milk: Gorilla Moment

Get the love back for the brand.

While I upload the main entry, here’s a viral video from one month ago, which I’m confident everyone out there has seen.
The spot was ideated and directed by Juan Cabral and produced at Blink for creative agency Fallon, London.
Director of photography: Dan Bronks. Editor: Jo Guest at Final Cut. [...]

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[REPOST] YORIYOS – The Pied Piper

Who will stand with me when I findWrong and right?

Originally posted April 1st… Ha! Not funny.
You know the story: the pied piper plays his pipe and the kids follow him. The beautiful song and the (kind of) cut out animation do the rest.
Yoriyos is the stage name of Muhammad Islam, that is the son Yusuf [...]

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Amnesty: Signature

Your signature is more powerful than you think.

This film illustrates how a simple signature on a petition can be real help for the victims of tortures, arbitrary imprisonments and abuses of all kinds.
The short movie for has been directed by Philippe Grammaticopoulos and produced at Mr Hyde for creative agency TBWA Paris.
Animation company: Magic Lab. [...]

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BABYSHAMBLES: French Dog Blues

“The video tells the story of an adorable canine in a junk shop who can’t stop hitting the bottle. His intoxication ultimately causes a break from reality, and his self-destructive impulses prove costly.” (Source: Pitchfork)
Babyshambles are an English indie rock band established in London and formed by Pete Doherty. (Source: Wikipedia)
French Dog Blues will [...]

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Oxford: Wind

Broken mirror…

Reality transfigures on paper as a teenager write her diary on some expensive notebook.
The spot was directed by Christophe Navarre at RSA Films. The soundtrack is a bubblegum version of Nirvana’s Lithium.
Creative agency: Ailleurs Exactement. Director of photography: Patrick Duroux. Editor: Samuel Danesi. Visual effects: Def2Shoot.
Many thanks to crApple Quicktime for making my browser [...]

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Katamari Damacy: Rolling Yoshida

Roll away!

We’ve had several epigons, but finally I’ve put my hands over the original.
The short spot was directed by Yumiko Ito. Director of photography: Masafumi Sanai. Written by Masashi Kawamura at creative agency Hakuhodo.
Abbiamo avuto le imitazioni, ma alla fine ho messo le mani sull’originale.
Il breve spot è stato diretto da Yumiko Ito. Direttore della [...]

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FIAN: Face It, Act Now!

Fighting hunger with human rights.

FIAN (Food First Information and Action Network) is a human rights organization the advocates the realization of the right to food. Rather than giving food away, they fight unjust and oppressive practices that prevent people from feeding themselves.
This 30 seconds PSA has been realized at DAf, recently here with their ID.
FIAN [...]

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Bioshock: Beyond the Sea

Don’t be left behind!

There’s a long story behind this post, but maybe it’s better not to told it. Mainly because it’s actually kind of boring…
Bioshock is a first person shooter game in which you play as “a cast-away in Rapture, an underwater Utopia torn apart by civil war”. Click the link for more informations.
A lot [...]



Well, no better way to start over than with a trailer, ain’t it? So, let’s start the engines…
The short animation was realized by José Deransart, Paul Leluc, Pasquale Carlotti, Anne Voitot and Perrine Rogier at Gobelins, for the Annecy 2002 Festival.
Non c’è modo migliore di un trailer per ricominciarem vero? Avviamo i motori…
La breve [...]

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[BEST OF] August 2007 – pt.2

Almost there, almost there…
Jane Lloyd: nomen omen. Well not really. Just tryin’ to be cool…
Elephant Gun: sweet video, sweet song.
Life and Music: enough of tests and diplomas.
Lime Tree: a magnificent visual experience.
Heavenly Sword: the animated series.
Jurannessic: the first genius in history.
Put Your Hands Up for Detroit: shake your vintage booty!
Miejsce: Intrigues, tricks and brawls for [...]

[BEST OF] August 2007 – pt.1

Sorry guys, another couple of days, and I should be able to be back posting. In the meanwhile, check if you missed something good from the past month…
Saturday Waits: dogs not playing poker.
Drift: a surreal journey through a landscape inspired by microscopic life.
Ehi di casa, Buona gente: scene from The Barber of Seville directed by [...]

Coke Zero Rooftop: Clip Fixed

The clip for the Rooftop spot I posted on the Coke Day had a little problem in the last scene. Badly Films sent me the fixed version, and the links now point to this one.
La clip per lo spot Rooftop postano nel giorno della coca aveva un piccolo problema nell’ultima scena. Badly Films mi ha [...]

VETO – You are a Knife

There`s no one here to end this warNo one knows what you wage it for.

Road trips and collapsing buildings, in this motion graphics piece from some years ago.
Veto is a Danish indie rock band comprised of: Troels Abrahamsen, David Krogh Andersen, Mark Lee, Jens Skov Thomsen, Mads Hasager.
The video was realized by design collective FETA.
Corse [...]


Three Legged Legs: Amp Your World

Three Legged Legs forays into traditional animation. And the result is as good as their previous work. Which means: gorgeous.
The spots have been produced at Green Dot Films for the creative agency BBDO. Music by Gustav Koven at Stimmung.
On their website, Three Legged Legs provided “an extensive behind the scenes breakdown to get a [...]


Amp Your World: Bones

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Bones.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 6 MB - Running Time: 15 sec.]
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Bones. [Mirror][Format: Quicktime - Size: 7 MB - Running Time: 15 sec.]
WATCH: Guarda Bones in finestra.
LINK: Visita il sito di Three Legged Legs™.
CODECS: Apple Quicktime

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Amp Your World: Big Air

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Big Air.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 4 MB - Running Time: 15 sec.]
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Big Air. [Mirror][Format: Quicktime - Size: 5 MB - Running Time: 15 sec.]
WATCH: Guarda Big Air in finestra.
LINK: Visita il sito di Three Legged Legs™.
CODECS: Apple Quicktime

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Amp Your World: Amp Camp

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Amp Camp.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 4 MB - Running Time: 15 sec.]
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Amp Camp. [Mirror][Format: Quicktime - Size: 6 MB - Running Time: 15 sec.]
WATCH: Guarda Amp Camp in finestra.
LINK: Visita il sito di Three Legged Legs™.
CODECS: Apple Quicktime

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re: meebo (AKA No Fat Clips IM)

When you try to contact me with that gizmo:
1) Please, use a nickname, even a “fake” one.
2) If it says I’m not connected, it means I’m not connected. You can leave a message, and I’ll find it when I connect.
3) If it says I’m connected but you’re not receiving any answer, I’m probably away from [...]


Seoul International Film Festival 2007 Trailer

Claudio Castelli gives us another taste of his futurism inspired style, which evolved in several ways since we first met it in Giocatolli Futuristi.
There are three alternate versions for this clip. The one I posted (the “Lunar” version) features music by Claudio Castelli himself.
A second version (Renaissance) has been adapted to a bit of [...]

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Bitfilm Festival 2007 Trailer (Like Water)

I wanna be like water

A robot lady named Roborella, halfway between Sorayama’s pinups and Jane Fonda, undergoes an interesting metamorphosis in this video realized by Sehsucht, featuring music produced by Beatsucht.
The song is Like Water performed by Madame Tiny, as reported by 120384 in the comments.
A different version features the song Lotus from the German [...]

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I wanna fuck you like an animal…

Oh, here’s the music video for one of the cheesiest romantic ballads ever written. Eheheh… Obviously the video is totally not suitable for work.
The song is featured in NIN’s 1994 concept album, The Downward Spiral, and in the single Closer to God from the same year.
The director is Mark [...]

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HANK DEVOS – Linus and the 5th World

She is the one I want.

“A writer works toward crafting the perfect word, the perfect story. Is perfection even possible, or is it a contrivance, an adjective to describe what one wants but can never have?”
I’m a sucker for self referential stuff and it is long since I’ve had a good dose of it. So, [...]


That`s all Folks!!!

Coke day is finally over. *put ganja joke here*
Il giorno della coca è finito. *battuta sulla ganja a piacere*


Coke Zero: Rooftop

A man’s life as it should be!

It took a while to get this clip (the reason explained in the next paragraph) but finally it’s here. It reminds me of that time when, at the station, a friend of mine asked me to jump on the first train leaving.
The film Rooftop, created by the German directing [...]

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AKAMA – Rapt Soda

The rats, the rats in the walls.

Our Coke overdose continues with this short movie where a rat will disguise as a brinjal to enter the matrix fridge and steal some refreshing soda to quench his thirst.
The short has been realized at Akama Studio, that is Alexandre Ada and Cédric Jeanne. They’re also responsible for [...]

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Coke: Happiness Factory

We are the factory of happiness and joyWe make everything just everythingTo make you happy boy…

And here’s the 90 second spot that started it all, where you’ll learn how “many snowmen had to die in such a horrible way for the sake of refreshment”. (Quote by Jaxon)
The spot was (again) directed by Psyop’s Todd Mueller [...]

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Happiness Factory: The Movie

The Coke side of life.

Psyop further devevops the fantasy world created for the Happiness Factory spot (followed by the funny mockumentary) and shows us some more magic.
The movie was directed by Psyop’s Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick, with the live action bits made by Andreas Hoffman at Seven Senses. The campaign was developed at W+K [...]

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Coke Zero: The Boob and the Gnome

Got soda?

Alexander Turvey reworks his visuals from the poignant music video for Lime Tree and directs this weird viral for Coke Zero where “an innocent Gnome is being seduced and lured towards Mount Zeros.”
Director of photography: Richard Johnson. Sound and music: Oliver Sutherland.
Alexander Turvey rielabora lo stile del suo intenso video per Lime Tree e [...]

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A Coke Overdose

Io la Coca Colame la porto a scuola…

In the last 24 hours I collected a lot of “red can soda” related videos, so I’m gonna post all of them in one day. Feel free to stick around even if you prefer Pepsi…
Nelle ultime 24 ore ho raccolto diversi video legati alla cola in lattina rossa, [...]


Rock Band: Highway Star

Here’s a fast paced, high octane, road tour realized as the opening cinematic for Rock Band, the follow up to Guitar Hero. Featuring Deep Purple’s Highway Star.

The animation has been realized by Pete Candeland with Anna Lord at Passion Pictures. Artistic direction by Ryan Lesser at Harmonix.

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Amautalab – Fernet 1882

Four out of ten commercials for the recent Fernet 1882 campaign from creative agency Madre have been conceived, directed and produced at Amautalab. You can found them in the previous posts.
Sound and music by Noroeste.
Quattro dei dieci spot per la recente campagna del Fernet 1882 dell’agenzia creativa Madre sono stati ideati, diretti e prodotti da [...]


Fernet 1882: French Love

Warning: not friendly animals. (dehihi…)

DOWNLOAD: Scarica French Love.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 12 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
DOWNLOAD: Scarica French Love da Amautalab. [Format: Quicktime - Size: 22 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH: Guarda French Love in finestra.
WATCH (LOW RES): Guarda French Love su MandC.[Format: Flash]
LINK: Visita il sito di Amautalab.
CODECS: Apple Quicktime – [...]

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Fernet 1882: Gatitos


DOWNLOAD: Scarica Gatitos. [Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 7 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Gatitos da Amautalab. [Format: Quicktime - Size: 20 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH: Guarda Gatitos in finestra.
WATCH (LOW RES): Guarda Gatitos su ‘boards.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 2 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
LINK: Visita il sito di Amautalab.
CODECS: Apple [...]

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Fernet 1882: Freddy

Mirame bien…

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Freddy. [Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 7 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Freddy da Amautalab. [Format: Quicktime - Size: 17 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH: Guarda Freddy in finestra.
WATCH (LOW RES): Guarda Freddy su ‘boards.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 2 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
LINK: Visita il sito di Amautalab.
CODECS: [...]

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Fernet 1882: Pobre Carita

Poor little face.(Povera testolina)

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Pobre Carita. [Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 9 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Pobre Carita da Amautalab. [Format: Quicktime - Size: 15 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH: Guarda Pobre Carita in finestra.
WATCH (LOW RES): Guarda Poor Little Head su MandC.[Format: Flash]
LINK: Visita il sito di Amautalab.
CODECS: Apple Quicktime [...]

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PERSONAL: Segui pensando

Keep thinking.

A phone call with a girl is getting longer and longer,while she tries to make her mind. The guy enjoy, though.
The spot has been directed by Lemon at Rebolucion for creative agency Draft FCB.
Director of photography: Christian Cottet. Art director: Vera Aricó. Editor: Patricio Pena.
Post produced at Metrovision. Music by Supercharango.
Una telefonata ad una [...]

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No Downtime?

According to this, is up. Uhm… I cannot even open



Another Flash movie in the series based on speeches by Alan Watts produced by South Park’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
Sorry, I’m really short on time these days.
Altro film in Flash nella serie basata sui discorsi di Alan Watts e prodotta da Trey Parker e Matt Stone di South Park.
Scusate, ma ’sti giorni il tempo [...]

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Snakes Can Fly

A delightful spot made for (and with) the open source 3D suite Blender.

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It seemed like any other day…

One day, for no apparent reason, a stranger starts tapping with a stick on the leg of a man, following him everywhere, in every moment of the day. And the night.
This short by Joel Green was featured on FPS huge round up of Siggraph 07 movies, and on Ticklebooth. Since [...]


TIM MARCHANT – Tidy Monster

I can tidy up.

It’s unusual to see CGI movies with such a minimal set as this one: one usually expect detailed textures, complex characters, impossible camera movements…
But Tidy Monster will make Dogville looks like The Matrix. The camera, standing still, shows a few objects inside a room: a chair, a lamp, a heater.
While the narrator [...]


GORILLAZ ft. DE LA SOUL – Feel Good Inc. (live)

Windmill, Windmill for the land.Turn forever hand in handTake it all in on your strideIt is sinking, falling down

On November 3, 2005, Gorillaz performed Feel Good Inc live at 2005 MTV Europe Music Awards. If you missed it, here’s the clip…
The effect used was something similar to the Pepper’s ghost technique, updated to the [...]

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May Cause Confidence: Baby Photos


A mom is showing her daughter’s boyfriend pictures of her daughter when she was little. Including her naked in the bathtub. But the girl now’s grown up.
The TV spot for Clearasil is part of the May Cause Confidence campaign. It has been directed by Brian Lee Hughes at OPC. Creative agency: Euro RSCG.
In the same [...]

Goal Studio: Historias de papel

Las grandes historias están hechas de papel.

The guys at Goal Studio sent me this intriguing stop motion trip through the greatest works of world literature, that celebrates April 23th, the World Book Day.
The spot has been realized by Queralt Antù Serrano and Alberto G. Arellano at Goal Studio.
Director of photography: Alex Gaultier. Director assistant: [...]

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Dublin City Council: Filthy Boy, Filthy Girl

Littering is disgusting,so are those responsible.

If you behave like a piece of crap, that is the way other people see you. A piece of crap.
The spot has been directed by David Edwards at Hanrahan for Publicis QMP creative agency.
Director of photography: Ed Mash. Editor was Andy McGraw at Cut and Run.
The song is Fashion Parade [...]


Simpsonize Me: World Domination

Aliens have all the fun!

Well, today the Simpsons Movie is released in Italy, so I’m taking advantage of this to post the only Simpsons related material I can show up here without putting my life in danger.
The video promotes a partnership between Burger King and the Simpsons Movie, and the related Simpsonize Me website.
The spot [...]

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BAPTISTE COCHARD – Jamais 2 sans toi

Baptiste Cochard just sent me the link to his latest work, this eight minute long short movie for the dance company Un univers d’étoile, starring Nicole Morel and Virgil Brügger. and featuring music by The Evpatoria Report.
It’s a long clip and probably a long download. But your patience will be more than rewarded.
Baptiste Cochard [...]

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AICP 2007 Opening


Guys and dolls, cowboys and the sheriff, a train assault and all the things you’d expect from a wild ride in the far west.
The five minute short has been realized by Andrew Chesworth at Make Visual as the opening for this year AICP show.
Not only the guys at Make found a genious narrative device to [...]

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Paul Steel – Your Loss

Yes it’s trueI’m not in love with you

Paul Steel and his band are involved in a “chemical contraption” whose aim is not clear: to capture the heart of the damsel, or just to impress her? Well, both the tasks will be accomplished…
Paul Steel is a British singer, songwriter and producer from Brighton. Your Loss is [...]

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Steve has just been hired as copywriter (the guy who wrote the words for promos) at the design studio Coudal Partners. Since the first moment he felt like something there was definitely wrong…
Copy Goes Here has been written and directed at/by Coudal Partners. Music by The Coctails.
“Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is [...]

Children`s Day

Papai criativo…

October 12th is Children’s Day in Brazil, and kids usually write their parents letters saying what they’d like as a present.
The short piece is a reminder that of how fun and exciting animation for those new generation kids can be.
Motion design, animation and sound design by Carlos Baer and Dalton Uehara, directors at Pub [...]

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Theater of Music Mythology: Creation

Let there be music.

“An exotic blend of illustration and character animation” from Troika Design Group, for the rebranding of MHD, a music TV channel.
Creation “tells the back-story of how the world of music came to be. Subsequent 10 second IDs elaborate on this world as parables.”
“The concept was conceived by designer Mike Mikulec and [...]



A plant creates fascinating visuals while it finds its way to the sunlight.
Lithuanian artist Julius Ragaishis realized the model of a growing flower for a commercial. Then he started playing with it, and eventually did this short movie.
Music from the game Silent Hill 2. More infos on the making, on CG Talk.
Una pianta crea [...]


Down on the Farm

One day, down on the farm, out in the country…

The classic story of the wide mouthed frog who finds out that living and learning is a good thing but too much curiosity can sometimes be unhealthy.
The short animated movie has been written by Terry Posthumus and Rick Bursey, and directed by Mathieson Facer and Terry [...]


DAf: Skin Origami

DAf (Design, Animation and Film Studio) from Chile, realized Skin Origami as their new ID.
There are actually three videos. I posted the longer one, but you’ll find the whole series (in a single clip) in the links below.
Lo studio cileno DAf (Design, Animation and Film Studio) realizza Skin Origami come loro nuovo ID.
Sono in [...]

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Shake it baby!

This is gotta be the weirdest cocktail you’ll ever see. Now: where can I find a dinosaur?
The spot has been directed and animated by Daniel Oeffinger for creative agency Love and War. Director of photography: Derrick Gomez.
Here’s another spot in the same campaign.
Questo è il cocktail più strano che vi capiterà di vedere. [...]

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Farmer`s: Commute

Sanity makes a comeback.

Surviving a car accident it’s not just a matter of the moment. The aftermaths need adaptation to the environment, or a good insurance. If you can afford it.
The spot has been directed by Noam Murro at Biscuit Filmworks for creative agency Campbell Ewald. Visual effects by Animal Logic.
Same campaign, from the same [...]

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(Out of) Order

Yesterday the site has been unresponsive for a couple hours, due to someone who was trying to make a complete mirror of it on his hard drive. Don’t know if the intent was malicious or not, and I don’t care. Just stopped it.
Also, the No Fat Clips IM is now working again. If you sent [...]

The Shock Doctrine

Only a crisisactual or perceivedproduces real change.

“Drawing surprising connections between market methods and CIA torture techniques developed in the 1950s, the film explores how well-known events of the recent past have been theaters for the shock doctrine, from Pinochet’s coup in Chile, to the Tiananmen Square Massacre, to the war in Iraq today.” (Source: IMDB)
The [...]

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Virgin: Todd`s Life

Get what you want!

Todd is escaping from his prepackaged life, made up of plastic action figures.
This spot for the Australian market has been directed by Hamish Rothwell at Good Oil Films for creative agency Cummins and Partners.
Director of photography: Jac Fitzgerald. Visual effects by Fuel.
Sound design by Nylon Studios. The song is Operator Please’s Get [...]

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Stefane Monzon: Fashion Show

It’s what’s on the outside that counts.

This mockumentary purports to chronicle the latest work of fictional designer Stefane Monzön, whose canvas is hair, specifically pubic hair. (Source: Raging Artists)
This viral video for Remington have been directed by James Rouse at The Viral Factory. Editor was Justin Trovato at Jigsaw.
The song is NAPT’s Rock Your Style.
Finto [...]

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THE APPARITIONS – God Monkey Robot

God was watchingAnd God was greatSo he decided to send the angel inTo end it all and begin again.

I wonder where the hell we’re going, at a thousand feet per se-e-cond…
The Apparitions are an indie pop band comprised of: Mark Heidinger, Robbie Roberts, Eric Smith, Robby Cosenza and Justin Craig.
God Monkey Robot is featured on [...]

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Heavenly Sword: The Day of the Warrior

Now it’s the moment when the warrior must rise.

And so, a child is born. But…
The ending to the Heavenly Sword series. Eh, what would you expect? Play the game to see how it actually ends! :P
E il bambino nacque. Ma…
Il finale della serie di Heavenly Sword. Eh, che vi aspettavate? Per vedere come finisce, c’è [...]

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Heavenly Sword: The Divine Birth

Then at last, the time had come…

Protecting the Heavenly Sword from the greed of mankind, until the heavenly warrior will return: that is the duty of the Clan. That time is about to come…
The fourth episode in the animated series by Ben Hibon pave the path for the final battle.
Proteggere la Spada Celeste dall’avidità del [...]

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Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions: Updated

The Henry Selick short movie is again available, for your downloading pleasure.
Il corto di Henry Selick è di nuovo disponibile per il vostro scaricheggio.

REFERENCE: Il post di Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions.

The Meth Minute 39: Internet People

It all started with South Parkand the Star Wars kid,Numa Numa did his thingand the Back Dorm Boys lipsynced…

This would have been the day to end the Heavenly Sword series. Instead, here’s the first episode of a Frederator production.
The Meth Minute 39 is an animated series by Dan Meth, realized expressly for teh internets.
Animations [...]

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Adidas: Of This Earth

Let me become one with the land.This is our land that rumbles.And it’s my time!It’s my moment.

Looks like we liked the Haka commercial posted last week, so I asked for more, and here’s the latest from 180 Amsterdam agency, part of a campaign called From the Earth.
“The central idea of the campaign was to create [...]

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MILOSH – The City

Can you see my faceMy expressions erasedI’m stuck in this placeI wanna feel my face.

NOTE: The version for download is higher resolution and higher quality than the embedded one!
“When his only friend shuts off, Walter Robot is forced to trek into the unknown to find the true meaning of life on his lonely planet.”
If you’re [...]

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Don’t call it a comeback!

Here is a short film by Hellofreaks made for the 3 Minute Madness program at the BD4D Toulouse.
Knock Out is “a retro journey through America’s sordid Television past” set to LL Cool J’s Mama Said Knock You Out.
Danger: heavy dose of the Shatner! The scene with the Enterprise beaming up [...]

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MOBY – Honey

get a hump in my back, sometimes

Talking about Roman Coppola, here’s the video he directed in 1998 for Moby’s song.
No description needed, I guess…
Honey has been released in August 1998 as a single, and then included in the 1999 album Play.
Parlando di Roman Coppola, eccovi il video che ha diretto nel 1998 per Moby.
Immagino ogni [...]

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10 Things you can Do to the Earth (According to Satan)

If you don’t, I’ll haunt your dreams forever!

Just a few little hints that anyone of us can easily put to some use in everyday life.
The movie has been directed by Roman Coppola and Bucky Fukumoto. Written by Roman Coppola, Bucky Fukumoto and Eric Normington. Music by Carlos at Music Friends.
Voices: Eric Normington, Jennifer Krasinski, Rebecca [...]

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Untitled #1

Added links to: Bibi’s Box, Aïe! Ouch!, The Hype Machine, Digg. Updated my latest post for Une nuit sur le Mont Chauve.
Aggiunti link a: Bibi’s Box, Aïe! Ouch!, The Hype Machine, Digg. Aggiornato l’ultimo post su Une nuit sur le Mont Chauve.

Une nuit sur le Mont Chauve

Dark, eerie, this ain’t no Fantasia…
“Alexandre Alexeieff was a Russian illustrator and animator who met Claire Parker, an American art student, in Paris in 1930. The pair formed a life long partnership and together developed a new style of animation using a pinscreen.” (Source: John Coulthart)
“The pinscreen consists of a white screen pierced by [...]

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A Tale of Slapdash

I Love You.

“Amusing short animation about misunderstanding, designed to make 90 seconds of your life that little bit more happy.”
A Tale of Slapdash is a collaborative effort by James Wignall AKA MutandHands, and Alejandro Ghers AKA Nuuro who produced the audio.
“Divertente corto sulle incomprensioni, realizzato per dare a novanta secondi della vostra vita, quel tantinello [...]


In Pact

There is no pad.

Ready for some action? In this short movie, two warriors will battle in a last man (or girl) standing deathmatch.
The film is the work of: Ludovic Chailloleau, Nicolas Morel, Mirella Shamah and Sébastien Tricoire.
Original soundtrack is comprised of: Neuroxyde Symphonie and David Ex Machina, by David Uystpruyst.
P.S. Some French language, and no [...]


Not the Blog Day News

Since my usual review of the sites in my bookmarks was near, I decided not to do the Blog Day post. Only five links? Heh…
Updated the best of list.
Added links to: Bedazzled, Información Incorrecta, Revista Colectiva, All Tomorrow’s Girls, Not Cot, Recogedor, Mud Blood Beer, {non}TYPE.
Round two: 2+2=5, The Cool Hunter, capina, Popcafe’, Las insólitas [...]


Giant skyscrapers surround the house of an old woman (Trude Knörl) threatening her life. Her niece (or grandchild?) will come to help.
Treibgut (Debris) is a short movie written, designed, animated and directed by Rüdiger Kaltenhäuser, as his final project at the Filmakademie.
Giganteschi grattacieli circondano la casa di una anziana signora (Trude Knörl) minacciandone la [...]



What if…

I briefly referenced this short (actually a viral video for SciFi Channel) when posting Jeunet’s Foutaises, mistakenly attributing it to the same director, while it actually was Albert Kodagolian’s work.
The point is: you are not your job. You are not how much money you have in the bank. You are not the shoes you [...]

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Le Building

Warning: cartoony nudity.

Le Building is yet another animated short from Gobelins intended as an opening for the Annecy Festival, year 2005. The posting is partially inspired by this.
Old good granny wants his neighbour to stop singing out loud. A crazy chain reaction follows. Chaos ensues.
The authors are: Marco Nguyen, Pierre Perifel, Xavier Ramonéde, Olivier Staphylas, [...]

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Tribulations: Clip Updated

Dougal Wilson’s video for LCD Soundsystem is now available at a better quality.
Il video di Dougal Wilson per gli LCD Soundsystem è disponibile in alta risoluzione.

REFERENCE: Il post di Tribulations.

Musicotherapie: The Making of

A. A. A.

You have seen the movie. You wondered how it could be that crazy. Now you’ll find the (obvious) answer…
Amaël Isnard, Manuel Javelle and Clément Picon will be your guides for the next four minutes.
The clip is in French, available in two “flavours”: original and subtitled. The English translation has been made by Amaël [...]

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Just some fascinating stop animation done with moss. Sit down, relax and enjoy.
The author is Lars Skjelbreia, who recently delighted you with the video for Hands Remember.
Affascinante pezzo di stop motion realizzato con del muschio. Rilassatevi e godetevelo.
L’autore è Lars Skjelbreia, che di recente ci ha deliziato con il video di Hands Remember.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica [...]

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JC Penney: Hearts

Every day matters.

I think I’ve never seen something which manages to be both so cute and so creepy. Without even trying, I mean.
The spot has been directed by Dougal Wilson at Furlined. Director of photography: Alwin H. Kuchler.
Post production made at The Mill. Creative agency: Saatchi & Saatchi. Music by Francis Lai from the movie [...]

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