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WHITE TOWN – Your Woman

Well I guess what they say is true,
I could never spend my life with a man like you,
I could never be your whore…

WHITE TOWN: Your Woman - MPEG-4 clip
Every day, our lives make us face with excruciating choices. Which is the right one?

White Town is Jyoti Mishra, who sings and records dance music using synthesizers and samples. (Source: Song Facts)

Your Woman originally appeared on the EP Abort, Retry, Fail? and it’s included in the album Women in Technology.

Along with a sample from Video Killed the Radio Stars, the song features a trumpet line taken from the 1930s song My Woman by British singer Al Bowlly. Listen to it on the MySpace profile. I always thought he sampled Darth Vader’s Theme

The video, a tribute/spoof of silent era movies, has been directed by Mark Adcock.

“There is one scene in the videoclip where the female actor closes the door on the male actor’s arm, as she tries to escape from his advances. This is a direct reference to a very similar scene from Salvador Dalí and Luis Buñuel’s 1928 surrealist film, Un chien andalou.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Ogni giorno la vita ci pone di fronte scelte dolorose e importanti. Quale quella giusta?

White Town è Jyoti Mishra, che canta e incide musica dance usando sintetizzatori e campioni. (Fonte: Song Facts)

Your Woman è apparsa dapprima sull’EP Abort, Retry, Fail? ma è anche inclusa nell’album Women in Technology.

Insieme ad un campione da Video Killed the Radio Stars, il brano contiene una linea di tromba tratta dal brano anni ‘30 My Woman del cantante inglese Al Bowlly. Ascoltatela sul profilo MySpace. Io ho sempre creduto che fosse il Tema di Darth Vader

Il video è un tributo/parodia dei film dell’era del muto, ed è stato diretto da Mark Adcock.

“C’è una scena nel videoclip in cui l’attrice richiude la porta sul braccio dell’attore, mentre cerca di sfuggire alle sue avance. SI tratta di una citazione diretta di una scena molto simile dal film surreale di Salvador Dalí e Luis Buñuel, Un chien andalou del 1928.” (Fonte: Wikipedia)

WHITE TOWN: Your Woman - Image not available

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Your Woman.
[Format: AVI - Size: 97 MB - Running Time: 4 min.]

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Your Woman.
[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 42 MB - Running Time: 4 min.]

WATCH: Guarda Your Woman su Milk and Cookies.
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LYRICS: Le parole di Your Woman.

LINK: Visita il sito di White Town.

MVDBASE: Pagina di Your WomanMark AdcockWhite Town


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  1. Kevathens | 2 September 2007 at 11:51 | Permalink

    One of my faves from that year. Definitely not a fat clip. :)

  2. DeK - Delirium et Kaos | 2 September 2007 at 12:19 | Permalink

    Definitely not :)

  3. kevathens | 2 September 2007 at 12:43 | Permalink

    Lolz on the antville post. :)

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