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See anyone can do it, all you need is style.

A boy wakes up to find out that something really unusual is going on into his fish tank.

The Chemical Brothers are an electronic music duo from England, comprising Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Salmon Dance is the 7th track on their 2007 studio album We Are the Night, featuring hip hop musician Fatlip. The single will be released on the 10th of September 2007.

The video has been directed by Dom & Nic, and produced at Factory Films. The excellent visual effects have been realized at Framestore CFC.

Un ragazzo si sveglia e scopre che nel suo acquario ha luogo qualcosa di inusuale.

I Chemical Brothers sono un duo di musica elettronica inglese, costituito da Tom Rowlands ed Ed Simons. (Fonte: Wikipedia)

The Salmon Dance è la settima traccia del loro album del 2007, We Are the Night, in cui compare l’artista hip hop Fatlip. L’uscita del singolo è prevista per il 10 di settembre 2007.

Il video è stato diretto da Dom & Nic, e prodotto presso Factory Films. Gli eccellenti effetti visivi sono stati realizzati presso Framestore CFC.

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THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS: Salmon Dance - Single

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Salmon Dance.
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DOWNLOAD: Scarica Salmon Dance da Factory Films.
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WATCH: Guarda Salmon Dance in finestra.

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