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AJIT ANTHONY PREM: Dear Stranger - MPEG-4 clip
Rosie (Nikki Alikakos) meets the Stranger (Michael Teh) on the Subway. She doesn’t actually talk to him, nor they meet again. Still, she starts a fantasy relationship with him which keeps growing and getting more real, even when a good and real relationship with Gordon (Steven Lock) appears on her horizon. Then…

I hope you’ll love everything of this short as much as I did, from the great performances, to the consistent use of different paces and styles to outline the way Rosie gets more and more lost into her fantasy.

Dear Stranger is a short movie by Ajit Anthony Prem, filmmaker and founder of Ticklebooth. ;-)

The beautifully crafted images are accompained by the voice over by Kelly Cook, Ajit’s wife.

Music by Hunter M. McDermott, AKA The Tourist. Additional music: Bill Donovan.

Still photographer: Carl Gunhouse. Producer: Rachel Connolly. Executive producers: Kelly Cook, Violette Harris.

Rosie (Nikki Alikakos) incontra lo Sconosciuto (Michael Teh) sulla metro. Non che vi parli, ne lo incontri ancora. Pure, intesse con lui una relazione di fantasia, che continua a crescere e divenire sempre più reale, anche quando una sana e vera relazione con Gordon (Steven Lock) si affaccia all’orizzone…

Spero che amiate tutto di questo corto, tanto quanto me, dalle splendide interpretazioni, all’utilizzo coerente di ritmi e stili diversi che accompagnano il crescente perdersi di Rosie nelle sue fantasie.

Dear Stranger è un corto di Ajit Anthony Prem, cineasta, nonché fondatore di Ticklebooth. ;-)

Le immagini così finemente lavorate, sono accompagnate dalla narrazione di Kelly Cook, moglie di Ajit.

Musica di Hunter M. McDermott, alias The Tourist. Musica aggiuntiva: Bill Donovan.

Fotografie: Carl Gunhouse. Produttore: Rachel Connolly. Produttore esecutivo: Kelly Cook, Violette Harris.

AJIT ANTHONY PREM: Dear Stranger - Image not available

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  1. DeK - Delirium et Kaos | 22 August 2007 at 12:06 | Permalink

    You could post your comments here.

  2. Italo | 8 August 2009 at 15:18 | Permalink

    very sensitive. the way you have captured the passion..
    her voice and the music make we feel in the story. it is not easy to capture this emotion like you did.

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