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Feet Want Out: Library

Feet want out!

Feet are taking another nap, this time at the library.
Following Waiting Room, this chapter of the Feet Want Out series (ideated by BDDO) has been realized by Timo Kentley of XYZ Studios and produced at Ebeling. Live action segment by Three Legged Legs.
NOTE: The high resolution versions lack the live action segment in [...]

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Philippe B – Archipels

And here’s a music video directed by Stéphane Poirier. Photography by Shany Bélanger.

This is probably how the world would look like if you lived inside a juke box.

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KWOON – I Lived on the Moon

Dear little boy, listento the voices of your soul,it showed you the wayof silence and peace.

Yannick Puig designed, animated and directed this beautiful music video for Kwoon’s I Lived on the Moon.
Life on the moon is beautiful. It is a place “safe and far away from the human culture. A place for imagination, a place [...]

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The problem with WMV

I’m a Windows user, so why don’t I post Winmedia video files instead of MP4s?
There are several good reasons. MP4 is a committee standard, WMV is exclusively patended by Microsoft. What does this means is well explained here.
Point two: as you should know, my reference player is not Winmedia player, nor Quicktime. QT for Windows [...]



You guessed it!!!

Sorry, I have no idea about the title and the author of this piece. Any information would be appreciated. Just found it on an open directory found googling around.
Landscapes, fractals, flowers. The common denominator here seems to be the emersion of structured complexity from the iteration of simple patterns. That is, more [...]

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Fission: Post Updated

Just updated this post from last year with a clip about the making of the movie. Don’t know if the featurette adds or takes from it. Probably both, it this is possible…
Ho aggiornato questo post dello scorso anno con una clip sulla realizzazione. Non so se aggiunge o toglie al fascino del film. Credo entrambe [...]

Don`t Walk Alone: Red

You’ll never walk alone (?)

Santa Maria realized this extremely stylish viral as part of a campaing for Sony Music.
Poor little red…
Santa Maria ha realizzato questo viral come parte di una campagna per Sony Music.
Povero, piccolo, rosso…

via Motionographer

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Don’t Walk Alone: Red.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 12 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
DOWNLOAD: Scarica Don’t [...]

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— That’s tingling!— That means it’s working.

A nice gift to show your mom that you still remember where you came from!
Realized for Mother’s Day, this is a self promo realized by creative agency Mother, New York. Directed by Ryan Ebner at HSI Productions.
Un bel regalo per mostrare a mamma che non dimentichi le tue origini!
Realizzato [...]

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KURICORDER QUARTET – Ojiisan no 11 kagetsu

WARNING: Earworm!!!

It seems that film makers are more able than scientists to find loops in spacetime…
The Kuricorder Quartet is a Japanese poly instrumental band, which performs mainly on the recorder. According to the Excite translator, it is formed by Masami Kurihara, Yoshiyuki Kawaguchi, Kenji Kondo and… Barrier Island?
Ojiisan no 11 kagetsu is featured on their [...]

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Not really sure about what the concept is here, but I found the characters funny enough to post the short.
There are five angels on five floating islands, tied together with some wires. Then, they meet to watch some TV show…
The author of the short is Sébastien Léger, a student of the ECV Aquitaine (Ecole de [...]

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Video Safari

For Mac users who may have experienced problems trying to play the clips I post directly into the browser: the problem should have been solved.
Thanks to pomak7 for pointing out the issue, Jaxon for the correct diagnosis and Raster Web for the cure.
Per utenti Mac che potrebbero aver avuto problemi nel riprodurre le clip [...]

Globe and Mail: More Life

There’s always more life in the Globe.

A clever use of typography to advertise a newsparer. Too much cliché? Judge by yourself!
The ad was directed by Bruce Alcock at Global Mechanic. The agency was Naked Creative.
Tipogragia usata a dovere per promuovere un quotidiano. Troppo cliché? Giudicate da voi…
Lo spot è stato diretto da Bruce Alcock presso [...]

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FAITHLESS – I Won`t Stop

Mr. Néant changes the world!

Monsieur Néant (Mister Non-Existent) is changing the world into a magical wonderland, by absorbing everything negative he finds and turning it into magical and beautiful things.
I Won’t Stop is a track produced by Faithless (Sister Bliss, Maxi Jazz and Rollo) for the 2007 M5 campaign by Coke.
The music video has been [...]

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Taking Liberties: The Reichstag Fire


Another clip from Taking Liberties. Some wise men realized that, in order to protect the world from war, they had to protect the citizen for the State.
Motionographer has more clips.
Altra clip tratta da Taking Liberties. Alcuni saggi capirono che per difendere il mondo dalla guerra, bisogna proteggere il cittadino dallo Stato.
Motionographer ha altre clip.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica [...]

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Taking Liberties: Habeas Corpus

In common law, habeas corpus is the name of a legal action or writ by means of which detainees can seek relief from unlawful imprisonment.

Taking Liberties is a book, and now a motion picture, written by Chris Atkins, which examines the British government’s systematic erosion of civil liberties since 1997 thru sometimes shocking, always true, [...]

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The Glamorous Life Of Sachiko Hanai

Warning: Porn!!!

Here’s a scene from a Pinko (Japanese soft core porn) movie. It is Mitsuru Meike’s The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai (Hanai Sachiko no karei na shôgai) – an extended version of his Horny Home Tutor: Teacher’s Love Juice (Hatsujô kateikyôshi: sensei no aijiru) – released in 2003 in Japan. (Infos via Twitch)
I could [...]

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Copyright, copyleft, and anything in between

To answer a question sent through meebo (sorry, I was busy at the telephone…)
The Creative Commons license refers only to the blog articles. The license for the movies, music videos, and other attached media varies case by case, but it’s usually a full copyright.
There are, however, some works released under the Creative Commons license.
Per rispondere [...]


THE FRATELLIS – Ole Black`n`Blue Eyes

I can take the the waltz just so she could kick my head inI guess her name was Tina cause before I’d even seen herI was lost in her “what’s your name?”

The video follows The Fratellis (a singing sheriff, a deputy on a banjo, and the other with a drum) as the capture the villain [...]

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IAN MACKINNON – Un amour mobile

Qual piuma al vento…

The way to love can sometimes be hard, full of obstacles… even non euclidean! But it’s always rewarding, isn’t it?
Un amour mobile is Ian Mackinnon’s Batchelor’s Degree graduation film, produced at the National Center for Computer Animation at Bournemouth University.
“The look of the film was intended to emulate a style of 1920’s [...]




NOTE: The MOV clip on Mixtape Club is slightly better than the MP4 clip I host, both in colors and in details. However, it doesn’t play smoothly on my old PC.
In his nest on a high tree, a bird can’t get to sleep: his rest is continously interrupted by colourful nightmares where everything and everyone [...]

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A l`hiver de ma vie…

In the spring of my life, I stand on four feet.In the summer of my life, I stand on two feet.In the fall of my life, I stand on three feet.In the winter of my life…

A simbolic representation of the human life, from birth to death: “a spiral which will never stop twirling…”
Everything is constantly [...]

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Maestro: Post Updated

Revamped the post for Maestro: a new clip with better quality (the old link was dead as reported by Nic!), an high definition frame still, and some links. Enjoy!
Rimesso a nuovo il post di Maestro: nuova clip (come segnalato da Nic, il vecchio link era defunto), un fotogramma in alta definizione e qualche link. Enjoy!



You have given the rooster binahto distinguish between night and day.

After repeated attempts to stand up, the miracle happens: our heroine manages to break free from her gloomy situation. I warmly invite you to read Obtusity essay on the video.
Rona Kenan is an Israeli artist. Ness (Miracle) is featured on her latest album, Through Foreign [...]

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Devoid of Yesterday – Things Fall Apart

Everything broken can be fixed…

Devoid of Yesterday is the motion graphics collective of directors Rob Chiu (from The Ronin) and Chris James Hewitt (from Dstrukt) and sound designer Ben Lukas Boysen (from Hecq)
Together, the three of them “create dark twisted narratives with flickers of hope that reflect the human nature of the artists.”
Check out their [...]

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The Horrors – She`s the New Thing

She’s a special girl you know,the kind I’d hope to see,hanging on a wall,watching me cross the street

Join the splatter feast!
The Horrors are a five-piece garage rock band who formed in the summer of 2005 comprised of Faris Rotter, Joshua Third, Tomethy Furse, Spider Webb and Coffin Joe.
She’s the New Thing is featured on their [...]

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Invisible Harleys

Vroom! Vrooooooom!

Jess Riegel and Michael Figge spent seven weeks of their lives to create this Mario Kart parody film.
A guy (Alex Afzali) and a gal (Gilli Nissim) find a better way to wait for the bus than keep sitting down…
The project was part of a Harley-Davidson viral video competition, an experimental class held at University [...]

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Work and Play: Clip Updated

This awesome spot for Vodafone is online again, now in high resolution and watchable inline on a W3C standard compliant page. What could you ask for more?
L’eccezzzionale spot per Vodafone è di nuovo online, ora in alta risoluzione, visionabile in linea su una pagina conforme allo standard W3C. Che volete di più?

REFERENCE: Il post [...]


The strings of life…

Strings is a feauture length movie with marionettes written and directed by Anders Rønnow Klarlund, enacted by Bernd Ogrodnik and his team of puppeteers and produced by several companies from Norway, United Kingdom, Denmark and Sweden.
No, I don’t mean that it’s just realized with marionettes. The characters actually are marionettes!
It’s the story [...]


AIDES: Love Stories

Protect yourself!

Never change a winning team, so here’s the third installment in the series of kinky ads for the AIDES campaign to raise awareness on sexually transmitted diseases and promote the use of the condom.
This time, you’ll be brought to orgy land…
The director is Wilfrid Brimo at Wanda Productions. Post production made at Def2Shoot. Creative [...]

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Sì suona così: con grazia plebea,le mani che sudanoed offrono a noi, caro elisir,l’arabesca impossibile

Like Gianluigi Toccafondo, Giuseppe Ragazzini is a talented painter “borrowed” to animation. His pictorial metamorphosis technique, used in this video, has given stunning results.
We’ll be taken for a tour in a strange art gallery, where paintings (and a frame from Casablanca) [...]

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Here’s what I was about to post exactly one week ago. I even started uploading it, but then…
A touching story, yet not pathetic, about an old homeless lady, with some paper folding skills, and a cute little girl.
A simple movie, with a simple story, produced at Open Workshop by director animator Saldavor Simó, Mathilde Schytz [...]

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O Mama Mia! Mama Mia!

Mama mia let me go!

It’s-a me. Dekku!
Sorry, things hadn’t as planned. We got a demo of the application I was working on: and it went bad.
Anyway, by now all known bugs have been fixed, and all required features are fully functional.
So, I’m confident you could find something new up here in a couple of hours.
Stay [...]

[BEST OF] May 2007 – pt.2

Before I crash in my bed, here’s the second half of the best of the last month. Enjoy!
My ojo izquierdo: one story, five directors, five different versions, unlimited coolness!
Alcohol: recursive claymation.
Tank: Get some nuts!
INSiDE: multiple personality disorder.
Your Love is a Tease: like a fish out of water.
Mark of Chaos: gorgeous Warhammer cinematic.
458nm: doomed robotic snail [...]

[BEST OF] May 2007 – pt.1

Before another day of passion begins, I’m taking a couple of minutes for this update.
Come Back Little Shiksa: claymation scene from Moonlighting, realized by Will Vinton.
High Tide: remember that time of your life when you were a giant? Ben Rollason and Boomclick will give you a reminder.
Kama Saga: beautiful avian ballet.
At the Bottom of Everything: [...]

Theory of Absoluteness

Sorry. No time. At all. I should be back posting for friday afternoon. I’ll try to put on, at least, the best of the past month.
Scusate. Non ho tempo. Dovrei riprendere a postare per venerdì pomeriggio. Proverò a mettere su almeno il meglio del mese scorso.

Stink Palm

Not all gas emissions are funny.

Here’s an environmental PSA that’s meaningful but also amusing. A rare match.
It was directed by Lee Lennox at Draw Pictures for the Environment Agency.
Spot a difesa dell’ambente significativo ma al tempo stesso divertente. Cosa rara.
Lo ha realizzato Lee Lennox presso Draw Pictures per la Environment Agency.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Stink Palm.[Format: MPEG-4 [...]

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AIR TRAFFIC – Shooting Star

Don’t you know who you areyou’re my shooting star.

A nice variation on slow motion videos with stuff flying around: a slow motion video with stuff flying around defying the law of gravity…
Air Traffic are an English indie rock band from Bournemouth, comprised of: Chris Wall, David Jordan, Jim Maddock and Tom Pritchard. (Source: Wikipedia)
Shooting Star [...]

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One girl, one guy.

A motion graphics piece about the “how alchemy works between people crossing each other in the street.”
The movie has been realized at Bif Pictures. I’ll post more information when available.
Un pezzo di infografica sul “modo in cui funziona l’alchemia fra due persone che si incrociano per strada.”
Il film è stato realizzato presso [...]

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Peril sur Akryls: Link Updated

Thanks to moid who sent in the clip, Peril sur Akryls is online again. Thanks go to Christoph Rehbein too.
Grazie a moid che ha spedito la clip, Peril sur Akryls è online. Un grazie anche a Christoph Rehbein too.

REFERENCE: Il post di Péril sur Akryls.

Want2BSquare: Head Conversion

Want to be Square?

And here’s another one in the series. This one was realized by Vince Ream at Ultra Mega Films, with music by Kyle Wesley AKA Skatamatic Cube Fucker.
Eccone un altro della serie. Questo l’ha realizzato Vince Ream presso Ultra Mega Films, con musiche di Kyle Wesley alias Skatamatic Cube Fucker.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Head Conversion.[Format: [...]

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Johnny Bassotto

A quell’ora faccio sempre la pipì!

Wow! Just dug this clip from the sweet archive of my childhood memories. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the video, but I remember the song…
The story is about Johnny, a dachshund dog which happens to be a great detective. He’ll find out who broke the window with the ball, [...]

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Vision Research asked SüperFad to create this three minute movie for the 2007 NAB Show, to showcase the capabilities of their Phantom HD camera that can shoot up to 1000 frames per second in high definition.
Despite being a demo reel, the movie has a (sort of) story line of its own. The slow motion gives [...]

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Sorry Again

While yesterday I took a scheduled break, today I’m having problems with my hosting service. I can’t even read e-mails at the moment: I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
UPDATE: Turns out it wasn’t just my problem, but a DDOS attack in progress.
Mentre la pausa di ieri era in programma, oggi sto avendo [...]

SOUR – Hangetsu

digg_url = ‘’;

This is the hand,the hand that takes…

Masashi Kawamura (who sent me the video. Thaaaaaanks!!!) works as copywriter and art director at BBH Tokyo agency. One fine day, he should have waken up with the idea of realizing a video all by his own hands.
And that’s exactly what he did. And I mean… literally. [...]

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JOAQUIN BALDWIN – Papiroflexia

Shape the world with your hands!

Papiroflexia (Origami) is the animated story of Fred, a skillful paper folder who, one day, realizes he don’t like the world the way it is, and starts shaping it with his own hands.
The whole movie has been animated on paper, then inked on paper and scanned, and finally composited in [...]

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Midnight Spank: Clip Updated

The campaign for G4 Midnight Spank, ideated by BBDO and realized by Peter Sluszka at Hornet Inc. just won a Bronze Pencil at the One Show.
To celebrate, I’ve uploaded a higher quality clip of my favourite piece, called Sand.
La campagna per G4 Midnight Spank, ideata da BBDO e realizzata da Peter Sluszka presso Hornet Inc. [...]

WLVZ: Wolvesbreath


Beautiful animation realized as a promo for the G13 Brand. “There is something otherworldly about the piece; something sublime yet with a lingering sense of violent intent.”
Animated by Black Mandrews AKA Silky Black Gold, based on an artwork by Aerosyn-Lex.
Bella animazione realizzata come promo per il marchio G13. “C’è qualcosa di indefinibile riguardo il pezzo; [...]


FICTION COMPANY – Maps and Measures

Today is your day

“Immersed in a solitary life, Frank is finally lifted out of his rut. Today is his day.”
The Fiction Company is an indie band from Los Angeles, California, made up by Joey Valdepena and Bobby Rodriguez.
Maps and Measures is their first first album, just released for MRG Records.
Yes: it’s one video for an [...]

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You can’t run and hidefrom the world outside

Buried in a cave since its birth, a poor creature is eventually touched by the sunlight.
Ok, the character is not as perfect as the Gollum in Peter Jackson’s trilogy. But this short’s got more than meets the eye. It’s up to you to find out and enjoy.
The movie [...]



…the human beings left the disaster to themselves.

“Sky burial is the sacred burial of the herdsmen of Tibet. The soul won’t return to Tengger until the body is eaten by the prairie wolves, after the death. Thus, they left a spotless grassland to the descendance, without any trash…”
Our adventure begins when an old herdsman come [...]


Pursuit ACross Europe

This video is part of an online campaign for BMW, featuring an online game called PACE. The game, technically excellent, is just a bad clone of Turbo Out Run. But the video is pretty good.
It has been realized by German studio Electric Umbrella, for the creative agency Interone.
Il video è parte di una [...]

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Yeah we drift here alone with nothing to do,Until one of us makes the other one come true.

Like in the popular Escher’s Infinite Staircase, a guy is walking the hallway of a hotel, just to find himself at the starting point, over and over again…
Something for Kate is a rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Members [...]


Trojan Pony

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth…

Be careful when you receive a gift toy from someone. Especially it’s a horse. Or a pony…
Trojan Pony is a school project made by seven students of the Swedish School Of Future Entertainments during their visual effects course.
“We wanted a dark fairytale feeling and we got a lot [...]

Hernando: Link Updated

And another great short movie is again available. Go and make Hernando yours!
Ed un altro bel cortometraggio è di nuovo online. Andate e fate vostro !

REFERENCE: Il post di Hernando.

Zune Arts: Los corazones

I still don’t know what I was waiting for…

So, today, die for a friend: he’ll love it; he may die for you tomorrow. Who knows?
This short movie by Punga is the first in a new bunch of viral videos in the Zune Arts campaign for the Microsoft portable media player. The soundtrack is Lex [...]

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Warning: Not safe for work!

A foreword: there are several version of this film. You’ve probably seen the music video for Low in the Sky’s Are you for Real that has additional visual effects and a different edit. There’s also another short movie version, called Blue: Redux, that has even more visual (and auditive) effects. But [...]

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Cookies: Touch me

I wanna feel your body…

It’s a sunny day, when a nerdie guy has his way crossed by a mobster and is given a bodybag. It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship…
I should eat expired cookies more often. Or perhaps, just get out more often…
This funny short movie has been produced at AmautaLab. The Cookies series [...]


A Tale of Rock

Let’s rock!

Get ready for the ultimate jurassic guitar duel: a tiny dinosaur will challenge the old rock giant…
The movie has been realized by Stephen Payne and John Godwin, two students of the University of Hertfordshire.
No more to say about it: great characters, guitar solos and… who wanna a whole lotta fun?
Preparatevi ad un duello giurassico [...]

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