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Flatworld: Car Factory Scene

Built around you…

Hi there! Here’s a new installment in our cross-blogged features. The other half of this post can be found here!
Chased by the police but innocent, our hero’s blind folded. He’ll find salvation in a car factory by being embedded in a brand new car.
Flatworld is a magnificent short (well, it’s half an hour [...]

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NEW BREED – New Baker man

Boys and girls… Do you believe in luck?

Children at school are playing with the paper cuts figures of the band, putting them in their fantasy world.
New Breed is a jazz band from Lithuania.
The music video has been realized by Arūnas Eimulis and Donatas Ravaitis at UAB Vaizdo Studija, in collaboration with Dovydas Augaitis at D.A. [...]

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LARS MAGNUS HOLMGREN – Inseparable Bonds

Ladies, gentlethings, reptiles and the dear strange little green thingsthat dance-macabre in the corner of my mind’s eye…

Join host Sir Real (Stewart Harvey Wilson) in his new surreality show, while he’s interviewing Gary (Richard Mazda) and Reena (Helen Watkins) a very unique couple, so unique that they’re actually one person: Gareena.
“Like a thorn in the [...] [REDUX]

I’ve posted the official version of this spot last month. Now here’s a never seen before “clean” version.
Refer to the old post for more informations.
Postai la versione ufficiale dello spot il mese scorso. Adesso, eccovi una versione “pulita”, in anteprima.
Per maggiori informazioni c’è il vecchio post.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Nozap Trailer (clean).[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 6 MB [...]


L`ame seule

The lonely protagonist of L’ame seule (The Lone Soul) is about to find what is missing in his life. But then, he’ll try to sort things out the wrong way, with (un)predictable consequences.
This great piece of claymation has been realized by three students of the French school EESA: Cedric Berthier, Jean Sébastien Leroux and Maximilien [...]

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Zune Arts: Two Little Birds


Another great piece of visual pleasure in the Zune Arts campaign.
Two Little Birds has been produced, directed and animated by Motion Theory. Music by Ashtar Command.
Zune Arts has been ideated by creative agency 72 and Sunny.
Altro gran bel pezzo di piacere visivo nella campagna Zune Arts.
Two Little Birds è stato prodotto, diretto ed animato da [...]

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D.I.C.E. – Digital Identity Code Envelope

Here’s a music video created by Cormac Kelly for his own song called Sunflare.
It’s set inside a robotic conception machine, where a new life is about to see the light.
I’ve particularly appreciated how the video manage to keep a warm feeling, even though depicting the mechanical environment in full details.
Video [...]

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Typography is what language looks like.Ellen Lupton

“A good typographer is someone who communicates a point of view with skill and imagination, and makes the type taste good.”
It’s a quotation from Jeffrey Keedy that you’ll find in this short piece of motion design realized by Boca AKA Marcos Ceravolo and Ryan Uhrich, two students of the [...]

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Want2BSquare: Flying Rats

You don’t trust evolution?

Another square head commercial, in this campaign ideated by Attik under creative direction by Simon Needham.
This must be an early promo: in an older version hosted at Re:Birth, you can read a different URL ( than the others.
The video has been directed by Adam Witten at Subliminal. Director of photography: Jonathan Stern.
Edited [...]

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Sweet Shop: Links Updated

The old posts about works from The Sweet Shop both needed some loving care…
Entrambi i vecchi post su spot di The Sweet Shop avevan bisogno di un po’ d’amore…

REFERENCE: Il post di Grain of Truth: Paris.
REFERENCE: Il post di Happy Mornings.

Crest: Puppets

A smile is yours to share.

“Set in the backstage area of a theater after hours, two puppets awaken and begin a silent exchange of hand holding and long looks. In the spirit of sharing, one puppet shows how much he cares by offering his smile to the other. Love reigns, marionette style, in this sweet [...]

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Tooheys Extra Dry: HarvesTED

The clean crisp taste.

Teddy boy is gonna show you how they really made beer. Brewing is out of fashion.
HarvesTED was directed by Steve Ayson at The Sweet Shop; director of photography: Danny Ruhlmann. Editor: Jack Hutchings.
Post produced at Animal Logic with the supervision of Leoni Willis. Creative agency: BMF, Sidney.
“The music for HarvesTED is a [...]

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RADIOHEAD – Idioteque (spec)

Do we look likethe enemy to you?

What starts like a child play ends up in a metaphysical fight between the instincts of life and death. Maybe.
Idioteque is the eighth track featured on Radiohead’s album Kid A (2000).
This is not the official video you probably know, but a spec video realized by Kasper Tuxen. His portfolio [...]

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FACUNDO ESPANON – Asi hablo un mimo


Así habló un mimo (Thus Spoke a Mime) is a one minute short movie about two mimes playing Russian roulette.
Completely realized at Mashinima, it has been written, directed and edited by Facundo Españón.
Co-author: José Binetti AKA Pato. Director of photography: Facundo Garay. Artistic direction: Soledad Pinasco.
Así habló un mimo (Così parlò un mimo) è un [...]


Donc voila: Clips Updated

Both music videos directed by Joris Clerté are again available, and in high resolution.
Entrambi i video diretti da Joris Clerté sono di nuovo su, ed in alta risoluzione.

REFERENCE: Il post di PRUDENCE – A tort ou a raison.
REFERENCE: Il post di HOLDEN – Ce que je suis.


I’ve managed to make this page W3C compliant and all I got is this lousy icon… :D
Ho reso questa pagina W3C compliant e tutto ciò che ne ho avuto è questa stupida icona… :D


Starcraft II: Link Fixed

Sorry. Some posts are just doomed. Now everything should really really be in place.
Oooops. Certi post nascono proprio male. Ora dovrebbe essere davvero tutto a posto.

REFERENCE: Il post di Starcraft II.

Terror Vision


Blood and nude bodies. What could you ask more from a flick? Ah, yeah, I know…
This is the show open for Terror Vision, a series of short movies intended for distribution on mobile devices.
The spot was produced at Superfad; designed, animated and creative directed David Viau at Vox Studios. Creative agency: Stone Tiger Entertainment.
Sangue e [...]

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MAGNAPASTA – I grandi cambiamenti

C’mon guagliò!

Reference manual. Inhale. Hold your breath. Exhale. Enjoy the effect. It’s that easy.
Here’s a music video with an effective use of motion graphics combined with processed footage of the band, in order to recreate the look and feel of magazines and album covers from the 70s.
The director is Stefano Tinti AKA Bante at production [...]

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Akryls is a short movie where infinitesimal meets the infinite. Something like that.
The short was realized in 2002 by Yann Couderc, Xavier Henry and Bruno Hajnal as their final project at Supinfocom.
The infinite zooming sequence may remind you of the popular Zoomquilt and Zoomquilt 2.
Also available is the follow-up to this movie, entitled Péril sur [...]

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Want2BSquare: Cube

Our coverage of the Attik campaign for Toyota Scion xB continues with this video where a sort of cubic art installation animates and starts terrorizing the city.
The author is Shilo Design, with creative directors André Stringer and Jose Gomez.
La nostra copertura della campagna di Attik per Toyota Scion xB continua con questo video in cui [...]

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CONSEQUENCES – Birds Are Singing

How do I get out?

Sometimes, love (or the lack of it) is just like a labyrinth or a house with too many walls and no doors. And you wonder how to get out.
The Consequences are a Swedish indie pop band, comprised of: Richard Ankers, Mattias Areskog, Jonas Heijkenskjöld, Åsa Jacobsson and Daniel Jansson.
Birds Are Singing [...]

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KIM LEOW – Emily

She’s so lucky!

When I put this short movie on Milk and Cookies last week, the post rushed to the front page, where 2657 viewers clicked it by now. Good, ain’t it?
Emily is a cute little girl who doesn’t like going to school. And she’s so lucky that her parents let her do what she prefers. [...]

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Equilibrio: Link Updated

Another clip moved from Fileden to the new server. It’s Tom Salles‘ Equilibrio.
Altra clip spostata da Fileden sul nuovo server. Trattasi di Equilibrio di Tom Salles.

DOWNLOAD: Il post di Equilibrio.

Starcraft II


It was not early than this morning, I was blogging about cinematic trailers. Et voilà!
No credits at all, again. The movie was developed by Blizzard Entertainment, completely in house.
Era non più tardi di stamane che postavo dei trailer dei videogiochi. Evvualà!
Di nuovo: niente credits. Il filmato è stato sviluppato completamente da Blizzard Entertainment al proprio [...]

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U.N.K.L.E. ft. IAN ASTBURY: Burn My Shadow

And burn my shadow away…

A man wake up with, unexpectedly, one of those timers with red led digits on his chest. And it’s counting down. And time is running out. Not very reassuring.
UNKLE is a collective currently comprised of James Lavelle and Richard File.
Burn my Shadow is featured on their third album, [...]



Nebel hat den Wald verschlungen.Der dein stillstes Glück gesehen:Ganz in Duft und DämmerungenWill die schöne Welt vergehen.Theodor Storm

A gorgeous CG animated short about the doomed love between two mechanical snails.
“It’s midnight. A smattering of moonlight falls upon the forest floor. Two mechanical snails move slowly through the darkness. They confront one another and briefly take [...]

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The Drawer of Memory: Link Updated

You know the story: it was off, and it’s on again. Go on and make it yours.
La storia la sapete: prima non c’era e adesso c’è. Andate e fatelo vostro!

REFERENCE: Il post di The Drawer of Memory.

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos

There is no escape from chaos.It marks us all.

UPDATE: Clip fixed. Finally…
This is your daily treat. I don’t know how I maneged to miss this one when it came out last year. But remedy is on its way.
It’s the four minutes opening cinematic to Warhammer: Mark of Chaos™, realized by Hungarian studio Digic Pictures for [...]

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[BEST OF] April 2007 – pt.2

This completes the April compilation.
A Lonely Sky: the heroes of the skies, so brave and passionately devoted to their dreams.
Stained: darkkkkkk…
Evil: geez, that puppet!
You Created a Storm: an obscure, dystopian, manic video from Jon Yeo.
Sweet Salt: an experimental journey in the elements.
Alice: a peek at the lives of three unique strangers in their own [...]

[BEST OF] April 2007 – pt.1

Time to get a little break and look back at some of the great stuff brought by the past month.
Exit: a romantic meeting goes very awry.
Trusted Computing: who can you trust?
Frangipani Fumes and Cosmetics: seven minutes of goodness.
Code Guardian: the German army strikes thru the sea, with a giant robot.
Santa Maria (del Buen Ayre): tanGotan.
The [...]

Butterfly: Clip Updated

The short movie by Stephane Levallois is back online, now in high resolution.
Il cortometraggio di Stephane Levallois è di nuovo online, ora in alta risoluzione.


Siemens: Building Blocks

Turning dreams into reality.

Stuff is flying thru the air to achieve innovative solutions and show how pervasive technology is.
The piece was directed by Psyop’s Marco Spier and Mass Market’s Chris Staves. Designers: Mato Bilic and Jonathan Garin. The editor was Gary Knight at Final Cut.
The ad is available in a 30″ and 60″ cut.
Roba che [...]

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ROD THOMAS – Your Love is a Tease

I’m such a good boydoing all the things you want me to do

The main character in this music video feels like a fish out of water. This is in part due to his broken heart, but mainly to the fact that he actually is a fish out of water.
Well, whatever the reason is, you’ll love [...]

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So, how we feel today?

A mental patient (Jeremy Sisto) affected by a multiple personality disorder, is about to undertake an evaluation test. And his doctor wants to ask him a couple of questions.
INSiDE is an award winning movie by Trevor Sands who has directed and written (with Eric Gewirtz) the short. The original music is [...]

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Psst! Pass it on: Link Updated

I’ve updated the links in the post about the first edition of Psst! Pass it on…
Ho aggiornato i link nel post sulla prima edizione di Psst! Pass it on…

REFERENCE: Il post di Psst! Pass it on… (#6: Cosmic Dancer).

Majik: Link Updated Again

The video for Majik is online again. I’ve also made a smaller MP4 clip, if you prefer…
Il video di Majik è di nuovo online. Se preferite, ne ho fatta una clip MP4 più piccola…

REFERENCE: Il post di OHGR – Majik.

Snickers: Tank

Get some nuts!

Mr. T is back, to give some (not so) friendly advice to a diving soccer player.
The spot was directed by Tom Kuntz at MJZ. Post production by The Mill. Edited by Steve Gandolfi at Cut and Run. Creative agency: AMV BBDO, London.
Mr. T è tornato, e dà dei (poco) amichevoli consigli ad un [...]

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CSS – Alcohol

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

This is not an official video. Not yet, at least. It’s an entry in a video contest held on the Italian website Qoob. Don’t know if and when some of the contestant will be picked as official.
While most of the entries used footage from the band, this [...]

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3x Super Robot Heartbreak

Don’t be so boring!

Three giant robots ravage the village: FT Work 9000, the workaholic, Ignoramatron, the ignorant, and Me!me!me!Bot, the self-obsessed. “Are these models our future? Hiding behind a black and white, retro-styled veil, 3x Super Robot Heartbreak is an illustration of common attitudes served with a sliver of hope.” (Source: AnimWatch)
Despite of the [...]

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Guido Manuli: Links Updated

Upload finished! Both Manuli clips are now online again. Thanks for the heads up.
Upload finito! Le due clip di Manuli sono di nuovo online. Grazie per la segnalazione.

REFERENCE: Il post di LA BIONDA – I Wanna Be Your Lover.
REFERENCE: Il post di GUIDO MANULI – Jay Duck.

Project 155: My ojo izquierdo

My left eye sees in 35mm.

Take one story, give it to five directors and let them make five movies. What you get are five different, indipendent visions on the same matter. Things that are relevant in indie filmmaking as well as in journalism.
This is Project 155, the brilliant concept came out of creative agency Santo [...]

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DysEnchanted: Link Updated Again

Fileden is getting less and less reliable so I’ll move elsewhere the stuff I still got up there.
First in the list is this modern fairy tale, Dysenchanted by Terri Edda Miller.
Fileden è sempre più inaffidabile col tempo, per cui sposterò gran parte della roba altrove.
Primo in lista è questa fiaba dei tempi moderni, Dysenchanted di [...]

Missing Pages: Link Fixed

Director Jerome Olivier informed me that the standard definition clip for the third part of Missing Pages is now fixed and you can enjoy the whole enchilada thru the end.
Il regista Jerome Olivier mi informa che la clip (in definizione stardard) per la terza parte di Missing Pages adesso funziona e così potete godervi l’opera [...]

Ninja Warriors: Hand Slap

It’s a battle of ninjas.Sort of.

Legendary Japanese show Sasuke (Ninja Warrior) is introduced to American audiences with this campaign that features real Shaolin monks, epic landscapes and dismemberment. Sort of.
The campaign has been created by 72andSunny Los Angeles agency. Filming was directed by Tim Godsall at Biscuit Filmworks.
Editor was Lucas Eskin at Mad River Post. [...]

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KJ SAWKA – Montreal

Space, energy, mother earth…

Universal energies are gathering to give birth to something new, yet ancient…
Montreal is featured on Cyclonic Steel, KJ Sawka’s second album, due to be released in June 2007 for Wax Orchard.
The video is another gem of “electrifying animation and design” from Clay Lipsky.
Energie universali si riuniscono per dare vita a qualche cosa [...]

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SUN LIMET – Magik Circus

Ladies and gentlemen…

Sometimes, the genie in a magic lamp had to go one step further to fulfill his master’s desire of working in a circus.
A delightful short movie, realized by Sun Limet at Planktoon. Music and sound by Jean-Christophe Bork and David Chochoi.
Animation by: Fabrice Senia, Pierre Collet, Sy-Pheng Li and Alexandre Henri. Lighting: Elliot [...]

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Resfest Buenos Aires: Clip Updated

Uploaded a new clip for the Resfest opening by Amautalab. Also added some information in the post for Reinvention.
Nuova clip caricata per l’apertura del Resfest di Amautalab. Aggiunte alcune informazioni nel post di Reinvention.

REFERENCE: Il post di RESFest: Buenos Aires 2006.

W+K TokyoLab: Reinvention

Evolve. Change. Mutate.

When I first saw this commercial (the time I posted this) it didn’t catch my attention. The proof that everybody deserves a second chance. Which came when seeing the Fantasia commercial I just posted reminded me of this one.
Realized using mainly stop animation, the video revolves around the concept of constant change thru [...]

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ESPN: Figure Skating

In order to catch the younger audience, ESPN aired this anime styled commercial for the 2007 World Figure Skating Championships, held in Tokyo.
The piece has been realized by James Price, creative director at Transistor Studios.
Per catturare il pubblico più giovane, ESPN ha trasmesson questo spot in stile anime, per i Campionati del mondo di [...]

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Maailman parhaista kahvilaaduista

Stardust Studios has teamed-up with Helsinki based agency SEK & GREY Oy to create a new spot for Presidentti, the prestigious coffee brand by Gustav Paulig Ltd.
The video is “all about transformation… a moment of solitude where one’s mind wanders, going on a journey, where one thing leads to another and another, until [...]

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[REPOST] Samsung: Millimetres Matter

UPDATE: The previously posted clip was unofficial and not authorized. The Viral Factory provided me with the correct video.
A humorous viral for ultra thin mobile phones directed by Richard de Aragues and Steve Downer and produced at Mad Cow Films for agency The Viral Factory.
Post production made at Rushes. On their site you’ll learn that [...]

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No Fat Clips in the W3C

Not only Missing Pages has been the first item to receive four consecutive posts on this site. It is also the first page of this blog to pass the W3C compliance validation.
Now you know how I wasted my afternoon, yesterday. Better ideas for today?
Non solo Missing Pages è il primo video coperto con quattro post [...]


Missing Pages (amended version) – [3/3]

The grand finale, where everything comes to an end. I’m not telling anything else.
Il gran finale, dove tutto arriva alla naturale conclusione. Non dico nient’altro.

DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica Missing pages pt.3. Alta risoluzione.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 89 MB - Running Time: 8 min.]
DOWNLOAD (HD 720): Scarica Missing pages pt.3. Alta definizione.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 279 [...]


Missing Pages (amended version) – [2/3]

The adventures continues…
Professor Tanekura’s past is revealed by a flashback. He joined the good ones in their battle against The Core. But the evildoers have an ace in the hole. Maybe two…
L’avventura continua…
Il passato del professor Tanekura è rivelato da un flashback. Ha scelto di unirsi ai buoni, lottando contro The Core. Ma i cattivoni [...]


Missing Pages (amended version) – [1/3]

The first part introduces us to Prof. Tanokura (Hatsunori Hasegawa), who have built the first working time machine.
He’s sure that his invention will be used for humanity’s good. But it doesn’t take long for things to take the paradox turn, with the grand entrance of the good ones and the bad ones.
The adventure begins…
La prima [...]


JEROME OLIVIER – Missing Pages

The following three posts will link to the three parts of this stunning work by Jerome Olivier.
Missing Pages has been previously released on the web in an shorter form, which is also available on DVD. But now it’s time for the real thing.
The short revolves around the discovery of the principles of time traveling, and [...]

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GE-996: Post Updated

Since this short movie is having a second round of popularity, I’ve updated the post with an extended description, a mirror of the original clip and a lightweight web version.
Dato che il corto sta avendo una seconda tranche di popolarità, ho aggiornato il post con una descrizione estesa, copia della clip originale, ed una versione [...]

COPARCK – A Good Year for the Robots

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

First of all, let me thank Wouter Stoter (the director, with Daniel Bruce, of the video) for the patience with which he dealt with my geeky whims; and for the clip. And a big nod to Obtusity’s Imran.
And now, let’s get on what is likely to result the best video [...]

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ANTANAS SKUCAS – Nebaigta pasaka

A visually imaginative short movie inspired to Colony Collapse Disorder, a poorly understood phenomenon involving the massive die-off of a beehive.
Are we perhaps condemned to the same fate as the poor little insects? Only time will tell, but this short will give you a hint.
Nebaigta pasaka (Unfinished Story) is the work of the Lithuan artist [...]

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Pirates and Emperors: Clip Updated

Updated the post for Pirates & Emperors (or, Size does Matters) with a slightly better clip. Additional link added for Spokes On The Wheel of Torment. Thx to Hemaworstje.
Aggiornato il post di Pirates & Emperors (or, Size does Matters) con una clip un pochino migliore. Aggiunto un link per Spokes On The Wheel of Torment. [...]


Who would ever knew a sloth could be so irresistible?
The short movie was shoot as a viral video for a campaign realized by Mercurio Cinematografica for Alfa Romeo. More details here.
The director is Lorenzo Fonda AKA Cerberoleso, currently represented by Mercurio, Passion Pictures and Hornet Inc.
The man who were acting inside this suit is Kiran [...]

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R.E.M. – Animal

The answer landed on my rooftop.

“An eclipse alters one man’s view of the world, allowing him to see the connections between people and ideas, the invisible forces of life – emotion, connection, humanity – in the form of visible energy.”
Animal is a single released by R.E.M. (Peter Buck, Mike Mills and Michael Stipe) in January [...]

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Michel Gondry, Eternal Dreamer

I’m a dreamer, but I’m not a very good sleeper…

Partizan and Olivier Gondry are developing a new campaign for Hewlett Packard via creative agency Goodby & Silverstein, building upon the previous Hands, realized by Motion Theory.
Visual effects are the work of Eight VFX, Santa Monica, California. Such a lovely place? Editor was Olivier Gajan at [...]

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Smirnoff: Signature

A visual account of Smirnoff history.
The spot has been directed by Edouard Salier at Paranoïd Projects. Visual effects: Def2Shoot. Sound design by Gary Walker at 750mph. (Source: ‘boards)
Creative agency is JWT in New York.
Racconto visivo della storia di Smirnoff.
Lo spot è stato diretto da Edouard Salier presso Paranoïd Projects. Effetti speciali: Def2Shoot. Progetto del suono [...]

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MAPS – It Will Find You

Visuals move around a series of (un)real landscapes, following a wandering course. Beautiful.
Maps is James Chapman, an indie electronic musician from Northampton, United Kingdom.
It Will Find You is featured on his first album, We Can Create, whose release date is set on May 14, 2007. That is Monday. From the album, Lunapark6 has an MP3 [...]

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Avast, ye Scurvy Scallywags!

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own boat, and sail the seven seas with the wind in your face? Perhaps not, if you’re living in an inflatable world where anything sharp could result in perilous catastrophe. (Source: CG Channel)
Pfffirate is a short animated movie realized by Xavier André (now he works [...]

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Haruwo: Clip Updated

I stumbled upon this movie searching my archives, and thought of uploading a copy. The old link is still available, but just in case…
Sono capitato su questo film, rovistando negli archivi, e ho pensato di caricarne una copia. Il vecchio link funziona, ma non si sa mai…

REFERENCE: Il post di Haruwo.

Heavy Metal: Soft Landing

A shadow shall fall over the universe,and evil will grow in its path,and death will come from the skies…

I’ve recently seen this cult movie for the first time. Full of bad expectation as I was, the movie managed to surprise me with its freshness and sense of wonder. And, yes, boobs too.
Heavy Metal is a [...]

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Links: International edition

Added some links to the best of section in the sidebar.
Other links added: Blog de cine, Esentepe Etekleri, Jackpot Baby, El duo megapixel, FPS Magazine, 8-86, Orangeek, Zambiti va rog!, Uno de los nuestros, Dimitris Michalaros, if:mv, Tropist, My Autobiography, The Editblog, #ESCI! and last but not least, Obtusity.
P.S. Yes, I could redisign my [...]

Want2BSquare: Hollow Man

Think outside of the box…

Had you thought I was over with this? Not at all. Join the family at this embarassing dinner…
The spot was directed by Danny J. Boyle (that Danny Boyle? I guess not, but I don’t know for sure… No, this one!) and produced at Aéro Film.
Music and sound design by Hugh Barton [...]

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Vancouver Film Festival: Hailstorm

Sweet Mother of God.

A fake trailer for a movie you’ll hopefully never gonna see. Even though I’d like to…
Actually, a (real) trailer for the Vancouver International Film Festival, produced at Reginald Pike and directed by Mark Gilbert (currently signed with Untitled and Rokkit.)
Cinematographer: Tico Poulakakis. Editor: Melanie Snagg. Music and sounds: GGRP. Creative agency: TBWA [...]



In order to get a dog rid of fleas, his owner unleashes hell, in form a new pesticide.
Another animated sweetie from Supinfocom. Nothing meaningful and profound, but very funny.
The movie employs the cel-shading technique and feature (like almost any other CGI production of that time) a bullet time scene, with the compulsory musical accompaniment of [...]

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Crash Test Dummies

Even dummies wear seatbelts

A nice PSA where the roles in crash tests are reversed. But not those young boys’ bad attitudes.
The promo was crafted by the directing duo Alex & Steffen and produced at Spy Films for the Ministry of Transport of Finland.
Postproduced at Unexpected Gmbh. Creative agency: Publicis Helsinki Oy.
Pubblicità progresso in cui i [...]

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Concentrez-vous au TRAVAIL.Votre SALAIRE augmentera,votre VIE changera.

Louis is a puppet in a coin triggered machine, whose job is to make miniature cars. Then he jumps in it, and reach for his house, to sit down and relax in a comfortable armchair.
A jam in the machine will bring him in the very heart of it, and [...]

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Toccafondo Updated

La coda is back online, and I’ve also made a mirror for all the other movies I posted.
La coda è di nuovo online, ed ho anche fatto una copia degli altri film che ho postato.

REFERENCE: Tutti i post su Gianluigi Toccafondo.

Feet Want Out: Waiting Room

Feet dream too…

When your feet fell asleep, in your uncomfortable shoes, they dream too! And now, you’re about to find out what.
This over saturated viral for Havaianas sandals has been realized by Three Legged Legs for a campaign called Feet Want Out.
Quando vi si addormentano i piedi, nelle vostre scarpe scomode, sognano pure. E adesso [...]

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Why am I so blindwith my eyes wide open?

Strange things happen at the (freak) show of a faith healer. Don’t ask me what. I don’t know. :D
Revival is the first single extracted from Soulsavers‘ second album, Its Not How Far You Fall Its the Way You Land.
The album features the partecipation of Mark Lanegan on [...]

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Pain is the weakness

In a remote future, biological life is just a memory. A robot, searching in the archives, find out about the human beings, and their weird things called emotions. He had to find out more, the Frankenstein way. That is a post modern Prometheus.
Biomechanoid is a stop motion animated film by Petter Mehren [...]

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Links. A few…

Added a couple of links to the sidebar: Oh! Das Videomagazin, Motion Theory, Rokkit, Fun Web Blog.
Aggiunto qualche link alla sidebar: Oh! Das Videomagazin, Motion Theory, Rokkit, Fun Web Blog.


BRIGHT EYES – At the Bottom of Everything

Happy Happy Joy Joy…

An airplane is about to crash. But nobody seems to worry too much about it…
The Bright Eyes are: Conor Oberst, Mike Mogis and Nate Walcott.
At the Bottom of Everything is featured on their album I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning, released on January 2005 for Saddle Creek.
The video was directed by Cat Solen. [...]

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We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are.Anais Nin

Well, this link is probably not going to stand the test of time, but the chance to have this movie up here is too good to lose it.
Ryan is a short movie realized by Chris Landreth, an animated tribute to Canadian animator [...]

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A Night on Java Island: Links Updated

All the links for A Night on Java Island changed. All have been fixed, now.
Tutti i link per A Night on Java Island sono cambiati. Adesso sono tutti a posto

DOWNLOAD: Il post di A Night on Java Island.

Endless Cookie: Post Updated

A better clip is available for this viral video realized by SSSR. I’ve also reuploaded the old one, just in case.
I’ll not tag anymore the posts with an embedded clip as play inline, since they’re gonna be the rule, not the exception.
Disponibile una clip migliore per questo viral realizzato da SSSR. Ho anche rimesso su [...]

Motley Bird: Kama Saga

A viral video for an energy drink I posted on M&C some time ago, as Pollinating Birds.
An avian ballet that may have sprung from the sexually charged paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe. (Source: Stash 28)
The commercial, conceived by Third Skin agency, has been directed by Marie Hyon and Marco Spier at Psyop, based on illustrations by [...]

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Remember that time of your life when you were a giant? You’re going to bring those memories back to life, watching this video…
Boomclick Soundsystem is a London based electronic music act formed by Rui Teimao and Rosa Fernandez.
High Tide is featured on their first album, Halfway Between Tomorrow and Yesterday, released in November 2004.
The video [...]


Moonlighting: Come Back Little Shiksa

Here’s a something special to make you forgive me the lack of updates, even tho’ it wasn’t my fault… I really used to love this series as a kid.
This five minute claymation sequence, realized by Will Vinton, is an excerpt from Come Back Little Shiksa, second episode of the fourth season.
It’s a dream sequence where [...]

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Almost There

My telco informed me that the network issues on my connection have been solved. Expect new posts soon.
Telecom mi informa che i problemi sulla mia connessione sono stati risolti. Aspettatevi nuovi post al più presto.

Me and Madonna: Post Updated

Uploaded two higher quality clips for this music video, and updated some links.
Caricate due clip di qualità superiore per questo video, ed aggiornati alcuni dei link.

REFERENCE: Il post di Me and Madonna.