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{ Monthly Archives } April 2007

You may know of Ludo Luykx AKA pomak7, from his moving images blog, nozap.
If you use to follow his blog, you should know that he worked on the spot for the Oscar night on Prime, a digital cable network in Flanders (Belgium); this piece won the Gold at the Promax BDA Awards in Berlin for [...]



Man versus Nature: The Road To Victory!

“A small vine grows on the edge of a cliff, completely unaware of the ruthless upheaval in its future. The vine becomes curious of the new presence in the distance, when suddenly its world is completely turned upside down. The result is a life and death struggle between humans [...]

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Code Guardian: Post Updated

Updated the post for Code Guardian. You can now watch it in MPEG-4 format. I’m also hosting a mirror of the original AVI file.
I noticed some failures occurring to users trying to access my clips via Regender. In fact I get a 404 error too from that site. Just to let you know it’s not [...]

Axis: Killer Animation

Some serious animation. Deadly serious!
Killer Animation is a self promotional video by Axis Animation, realized by Stephen Donnelly.
Ne uccide più la matita che la spada…
Killer Animation è un video promozionale di Axis Animation, realizzato da Stephen Donnelly.

via feed

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Killer Animation da No Fat Clips!!![Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 9 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]

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MONEY MARK – Information Contraband

Here’s a technicolor motion graphics street adventure. And it’s for free. Well, almost…
“Information Contraband sees Money Mark traversing through a color saturated city of huge movie posters: slinky babes from huge Technicolor billboards slap the singer across his face on his jaunt; dudes with machetes and swords twist and turn in jungle terrain and martial [...]

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The Sky Bar: Link Updated

Kitty Lin’s The Sky Bar is online again.
The Sky Bar di Kitty Lin è di nuovo online.

REFERENCE: Il post di The Sky Bar.


4AM on a random night, this video takes a peek at the lives of three unique strangers in their own environment.
Roger Moon is an alternative rock music band based in Echo Park, California. The members varies with the weather…
The video has been directed by Seaton Lin and produced at Ab5trax.
You may want to read the [...]



And who amongst us hasn’t experienced a love affair gone painfully wrong?

“An animate! commission for Channel4, Sweet Salt is an experimental journey in the elements, winner of the Red Stick Festival Professional Experimental Award in 2006.”
“A love story of obsession and sharp teeth between a woman (Gwynne McElveen) left behind in a fairy tale [...]

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A Lonely Sky: Post Updated

A complete update for A Lonely Sky: all the old clips are now hosted on along with a new clip in high definition. Extended the blurb too.
If this will not kill my bandwidth, I don’t know what else could manage to…
Aggiornamento per A Lonely Sky: tutte le clip ora sono ospitate su insieme [...]

Coke: Doggy

This spot “stars a burping, scratching, farting mutt full of bad attitude and filthy teeth. His whole body exudes NO! literally.” But then he founds a bottle of Coke.
Doggy is part of the Coke Side of Life campaign, ideated by agency Wieden + Kennedy.
It was produced at Psyop and directed by Mato Bilic. The song [...]

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LABORATORY NOISE – You Created a Storm

Another obscure, dystopian, manic video from Jon Yeo’s mind. This time is a music video for the Laboratory Noise, who also did the music for Beauty is the Promise of Happiness.
“The general suggestion of the narrative is that the film takes place inside a persons head. During the opening shots we find ourselves in [...]

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Smilefaucet: Air

Smilefaucet is “a seasonal video magazine”. Their latest release is a DVD called Air, and this movie is the title sequence for it. They’re also showcasing the videos featured on the disc all around the U.S.A. Well, almost.
The sequence is short animation “where a little girl goes for a walk in the forest with some [...]

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Links. A lot of…

The moment you were all waiting for… :D
Sites added to the sidebar: Hello Nekko, Mandarine 24 Blog, SiouxWIRE, Socks Studio, Channel Frederator Blog, OgMog, The Mill Podcast, R.H. Winter’s ruído / noise, Luepp, Yuka Yamaguchi’s Plastique Monkey (best wishes!!!)
And yes, some more: Duncan’s TV Music Videos, 8:49 pm, Ewen Nguyen’s You Win New Yen, The [...]

[BEST OF] March 2007 – pt.2

Sorry, I’m working (in the sad, boring sense of the word work) at a new project, so the time for updates is lacking.
The Legend: a blast of stinky air…
The Ore: how to solve the fossils fuel crisis, at the expense of human lives. Just a few…
Attractive: the private odyssey of a girl.
Surgery: you oughta [...]

[BEST OF] March 2007 – pt.1

Here’s your long awaited (?!?) retrospective on last month of no fat clips!!! Well, the first half…
Big Brother State: freedom, or else…
Raymond: a lazy swimming pool instructor would like to discover the oceans
Similo: not an ordinary couple vacation.
The Lemon Tree: The closer we think we are to perfection, the more distorted our memory of it [...]

Clubbed to Death: Clip Updated

The video for Clubbed to Death is up again.
In the post for Cool Sanson, added some infos taken from an interesting interview by SiouxWire to director Tyler James.
Il video di Clubbed to Death è di nuovo online.
Nel post di Cool Sanson, aggiunte info tratte da un’interessante intervista fatta da SiouxWire al regista Tyler James.


Want2BSquare: Put Your Root Down

Yet another Want2Bsquare viral. And while it isn’t the best of the lot, it amazes me that something like this have been produced to promote a car.
The clip has been written and directed by Cole Gerst. Animation company: Graffects.

Ancora Want2Bsquare… E benché non sia il migliore del gruppo, mi stupisce che qualcosa del genere sia [...]

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Rosemary, Heaven restores you in lifeYou’re coming with meThrough the aging, the fearing, the strife

This video always had a strange effect on me. And not only me, as I can see from Google. That puppet is pretty disturbing…
Interpol is: Paul Banks (lead vocals and guitar), Daniel Kessler (guitar and vocals), Carlos D. (bass) and [...]

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Unreciprocated Surgery Zombie!!!

The second season Psst! Pass it on… has been out there for a while since now. But you know, I got my rhythms… I’ve chosen one of the nine shorts, but you’re strongly encouraged to watch them all here!
Well, there’s no use in trying to describe the clip. Just sit back and enjoy the show. [...]

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Human: Post Updated Again

Added a making of clip realized by The Mill for this Johnnie Walker commercial.
Aggiunto il making of realizzato da The Mill di questo spot per Johnnie Walker.

REFERENCE: Il post di Human.

Conehead: Clip Updated

All my backups for Conehead failed, so now I’m hosting a clip ripped from episode 6 of Channel Frederator. If you have a better clip, please, let me know.
Nessuno dei backup per Conehead è andato a buon fine, per cui ora ho su una clip presa dal sesto episodio di Channel Frederator. Se avete di [...]


Holy this! The first user used the brand new Meebo thingee, and I missed it!!!
Anyway. At the last moment I decided to postpone what I was about to post tonight. So, here’s an interesting music video from some time ago. Dark visuals, dark in a decadent way.
Stained “is visually arresting and occasionally even frightening. The [...]

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A Story Of Healing: Update

Looks like Blip TV is not available in China, so I’ve uploaded the movie on Internet Archive.
Sembra che Blip TV sia oscurato in Cina, per cui ho messo il film su Internet Archive.

REFERENCE: Il post di A Story Of Healing.

DysEnchanted: Link Updated

By popular request (well, almost…) this modern fairy tale is again available.
A grande richiesta (beh, quasi…) questa favola moderna è di nuovo disponibile.

REFERENCE: Il post di DysEnchanted.

NICK RYAN – A Lonely Sky

And would I be sure this is love beyond compare?Would all of this be true?If I didn’t care for you.

UPDATE: I’m hosting a mirror of all the clips, including a new High Definition one.
In 1947, a test pilot who will risk his life to break the sound barrier, is forced to question his reasons [...]

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Cellphone`s Dead: Link Updated

I think you can easily guess what this update is about…
Immagino sia facile intuire l’aggiornamento su cosa verte…

REFERENCE: Il post di Cellphone’s Dead.

Coke: Endless Summer

A nice animated commercial for Coke, from Australian production house MonkeyLab.
The two MOV clips have the same video track than the MPEG-4 I’m hosting, but the audio is not compressed. That explains the huge size.
Bello spot animato per Coca Cola, dalla casa di produzione australiana MonkeyLab.
Le due clip MOV hanno la stessa traccia video della [...]

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BECK – Girl

Hey, my sun-eyed girl!

While Beck travels and performs the song through “the genuine, culturally vibrant sides of Los Angeles”, the true reality unfolds before his eyes.
Beck has been here before with Cellphone’s Dead. Girl is featured on his eight album, Guero, released for Interscope Records in 2004.
The clip has been directed by Motion Theory’s [...]

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A Story Of Healing

Well, this is a little different from my usual stuff. And I just posted about it on Ticklebooth. But if this doesn’t deserve an exception, I don’t know what does…
In 1997, three plastic surgeons, four anesthesiologists, and five nurses made the long journey from America to a remote province in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. [...]

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Love Story: Links Updated

Updated the links for the Axe commercial.
Updated the post for Dashboard with some links and a short making of clip.
Aggiornati i link per lo spot per Axe.
Aggiornato il post di Dashboard con alcuni link ed una breve clip sulla realizzazione.

REFERENCE: Il post di Love Story.

Want2BSquare: Round to Square

Another viral spot in the Want2Bsquare campaign developed by Attik for Scion.
Round to Square “documents the self transformation a circle makes to reshape itself into a square.”
The spot has been realized by Shilo Design. Design and animation by Stieg Retlin and Evan Dennis.
Altro spot virale per la campagna Want2Bsquare sviluppata da Attik per Scion.
Round to [...]

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LOW IN THE SKY – Cool Sanson

A very interesting (and short) music video realized with the sand animation technique.
A child is thinking about his difficult childhood, and the tensions in his parents’ relationship, drawing pictures in a sandbox in the backyard.
The Low in the Sky are Corey Farrow, Pat McNulty and Joe Minadeo. Cool Sanson is featured on their 2005 [...]

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BUM LEE – Azathoth

…there was a man who traveled out of lifeon a quest into spaces whither the world’s dreams had fled.

This is basically the narration of H.P. Lovecraft’s short story Azathoth. The story is told by superimposed text, while the animated silhouette of a man plays Gnossienne No.1 by Eric Satie.
There’s not much more than that. [...]

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The Circuit: Clip Updated

I’ve uploaded a new clip for Shell and Ferrari commercial, The Circuit and added a link to a shorter version.
Caricata una nuova clip per lo spot di Shell e Ferrari, The Circuit ed aggiunto un link ad una versione più breve.

REFERENCE: Il post di The Circuit.

Page d`ecriture

Teacher leave those kids alone
Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone!

Mathematics is one of the greatest creations of the human mind. Too bad that a lot of children are taught it the way you’ll see in this short movie. I wonder how many Einsteins and Newtons the humankind lost this way…
Based on the poem with the [...]

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SIMON BURRILL – Mr. Theobald

Dear EmployeeYour services are nolonger required

“The uncommunicative Mr. Theobald has a troubled life in an ordered world of work, work, work. He escapes it by a chance encounter with nature.”
Live action characters are mixed with animated props on different backgrounds, like in a modern motion graphic piece. While, the absence of dialogues, the lack of [...]

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BULGARI – Curare

Arresting visuals, a good storyline, and some interesting music. What could you ask for more from a music video?
Bogdan Irkük, AKA Bulgari, AKA Kárpatja Bolgari, AKA The Bulgari Thundercat (and I could go on but I’m going to sleep in a couple of hours…) is a Bulgarian musician.
Curare is a song featured on The [...]

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KITTY LIN – The Sky Bar

If you believe in reincarnation, this is what your next life will look like: shaken, not stirred!
This delicious short movie is the work of Kitty Lin, a student of the School of Visual Arts in New York.
The soundtrack is Bartender Angel, as sung by Mavis Fan, a Taiwanese pop singer. According to this website, the [...]

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GOTAN PROJECT – Santa Maria (del Buen Ayre)

Hay milonga de amorhay temblor de gotáneste tango es para vos

Tango. Or: why don’t we do it in the road? No one will be watching us…
Santa Maria (del Buen Ayre) is a song by the Gotan Project, off their first album, La revancha del tango, released for XL Recordings in 2001.Gotan Project is a [...]

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MARCO SPITONI – Code Guardian

Holy crap!

UPDATE: I’m hosting an MP4 clip, that you can watch clicking above, and a mirror of the AVI file.
An impressive work of computer graphics, even more impressive if you think that it has been almost all put together by one person.
While one would have expected a surprise from the air, in this short movie, [...]

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Yay! This is post #1 024 on this blog. Now heading for #1 048 576!!!
My storage space is ready, the domain should redirect here, and now I really just want to sit down and relax…
P.S. Yes, I finally choose Dreamhost. Thanks to all who have answered my help request.
Ole! Post numero 1.024 su questo [...]

JULIAN GREY – Budapest

My pen moves along the pagelike the snout of a strange animalshaped like a human armand dressed in the sleeve of a loose green sweater.(William Collins)

Budapest is part of a series of animated shorts that Ajit and me covered repeatedly on Ticklebooth. Check out Forgetfulness and The Country.
Every short is based on a poem written [...]

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This is Living: Grenade

This new viral in the This is Living campaign for the PlayStation 3, introduces us to the eccentric cast of the show. TV and cinema spots will follow, and finally, a six minutes short movie should appear.
The commercial has been directed by Dante Ariola and produced at MJZ. Post production made at The Mill. The [...]

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Haven`t Been Yourself

Another cool work by Encyclopedia Pictura, that is Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch, for the song by the Seventeen Evergreen.
The video is… You can see the images: just, imagine it while moving. Plus, has ferromagnetic fluid fun. Well, watch it: it’s better!
“Seventeen Evergreen are cognitive computers, singers and multi instrumentalists Caleb Pate and Nephi Evans, [...]

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Nihili Easter

Just added few items to the best of section.
My hope was to have my storage space available for this holidays to start uploading some serious stuff, but things didn’t sort out the way I wished. That… Well, it’s Easter, and I think I cursed enough…
I’ve been playing with the layout of my posts yesterday, but [...]

Snickers: Robosoccer

Two rumbling robo-guys play soccer. A previously sporting robot couple: What’s Your Game?
The commercial has been directed by Alexander Kiesl and Steffen Hacker (AKA Alex & Steffen) former students of the Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg, now at Spy Films. Creative agency: BBDO Moscow. Post produced at Unexpected GmbH.
Due rumorosi robotizi giocano a calcio. Una coppia di robot [...]

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Frangipani Fumes and Cosmetics

Chris Hawkes sent us the link to this amazing music video, that you may have seen at Resfest last year, for the song by the band Leave Land for Water.
A (not only) visual experience that will make you feel the rush of a fast paced trip thru all of his seven minutes of goodness.
Mixing [...]

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MANGO CHI – The Drawer of Memory

This really, really, really deserves a better quality clip than this one. I tried to contact the author, but still got no answer. If and when In case I’ll get one, you’ll be the first to know!
It’s the tragic story of “an old woman who stays in the Memory Tower and has a drawer within [...]

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Updating in a Hurry

As you’d have noticed, the video for Yoriyos’s song has been taken down, under request of… don’t know who…
The Tired City won the Grand Prize at the 4th TGSNT digital storytelling competition.
Updated the links for Wie Weit.
Regular posting will resume very soon.
Come avrete notato, il video per il brano di Yoriyos non è più disponibile, [...]

BJORK – Possibly Maybe

Since we broke upI’m using lipstick againI’ll suck my tongueIn remembrance of you

Björk and director Stéphane Sednaoui enact a vivid and symbolic representation of their love story. Possibly. Maybe.
Possibly Maybe is a song released as the fifth single from Björk’s 1995 album Post.
She said: “The first unhappy song I wrote was Possibly Maybe. That [...]

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Trusted Computing

Trusted Computing, sounds great! Is it???

An informative and beautifully animated piece on what you’ll be likely to find embedded into your shiny new Apple and Wintel box.
Directed, animated and produced by Benjamin Stephan and Lutz Vogel. Voiceover by Christian Hoening. Sound design by Simon Mahler.
BONUS: Cory Doctorow points to a document by Peter Gutmann which [...]

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Is anybody using it? Experiences? Drawbacks? Alternatives? Other suggestions?
I’ve had another account deleted, and I’m tired of reuploading the same stuff over and over. (EDIT: Not a Dreamhost account. I’m actually thinking of migrating all my stuff to Dreamhost!)
Feel free to use the comments to answer. Comments are moderated: if you don’t want your answer [...]


Hellp! (Link Updated)

Updated the link for the short movie Hellp!
Can’t manage to find the good quality clip in my archives. If you have it, or at least know where to find one, please leave a comment. Anyway, the new clip is not that bad!
Aggiornato il link per il corto Hellp!
Non riesco a trovare la clip di buona [...]

Exit: Hotel Invaders

A romantic meeting goes very awry when a third party enters the hotel room…
Satoshi Tomioka made this funny viral video for a videogame called Exit.
Un incontro romantico va a puttane quando un terzo incomodo appare nella stanza d’albergo.
Satoshi Tomioka ha realizzato questo viral per un videogioco chiamato Exit.

Copyright © [...]

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