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Four Steps: Post Updated

New download links available for this spot.
Nuovi link per scaricare questo spot.

REFERENCE: Il post di Four Steps.

SIGUR ROS – Hoppipolla

Yesterday I posted a music video with some white haired punks. Here’s an earlier clip based on the same idea. Also, is a good excuse to have the Sigur Rós back here.
Released on November 2005, Hoppípolla (Jumping into Puddles) is the second single from their album Takk… (Thanks)
Just like Glósóli, the clip has been directed [...]

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A new sport is born: synchronized moronism!
Just some funny skit from by Nick & Ben at Seaworthy Films. Enjoy it!
Nasce un nuovo sport: idiozia sincronizzata!
Divertente sketch realizzato da Nick & Ben di Seaworthy Films. Godetevelo!

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Olio.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 12 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH: Guarda Olio su Milk and Cookies.[Format: Flash]
LINK: Visita [...]


Will the Summer Make Good… (Updated)

The broken links in the post for Will the Summer Make Good for All our Sins have been fixed.
I link non funzionanti nel post di Will the Summer Make Good for All our Sins sono a posto, adesso.

REFERENCE: Il post di Will the Summer Make Good for All our Sins.

No Limits

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Some people don’t have limits.But children do.Stop Child Labour

A nice PSA for children’s rights.
Made at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg by Heidi Wittlinger with animators Anja Perl and Max Stolzenberg. Produced by Tobias Lindörfer.
UPDATE: The MP4 clip should work now!
Pubblicità progresso per i diritti dei bambini.
Realizzato presso Filmakademie Baden Württemberg ad opera di Heidi Wittlinger con [...]

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Polar dans la ville 2007

Maybe not a great concept (or I just don’t get it) but it sure looks good! And there’s some good old Ludwig Van, too!
The author is Pierre Michel.
Magari non un gran concept (o magari sono io che non c’arrivo) ma di certo fa effetto! E c’è anche del dolce dolce Ludovico Van!
L’autore è Pierre Michel.

via [...]

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MICK EST TOUT SEUL – La cle des chants

Senior citizens become rebels, and not without a cause. And don’t say that nobody ever warned you!
Mickaël Furnon (AKA Mickey) is the lead singer and guitarist of the band Mickey 3D.
La clé des chants is featured on his first solo album, released for Virgin as Mick est tout seul (Mick is All Alone) and entitled [...]



Death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye.

An albino man (Raúl Zajdner) obsessed with white, tries to mantain a regular life, protecting himself from the perils (and the colors) of the outside world. But the most serious danger is waiting inside…
Smile is a short movie written and directed by Gigi Romero that won [...]

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La chute de l`ange: Clip Updated Again

An higher quality clip for La chute de l’ange is now available online. Enjoy!
Added a link for Get Down.
Ho messo su una clip di qualità superiore per La chute de l’ange. Enjoy!
Aggiunto un link per Get Down.

REFERENCE: Il post di La chute de l’ange.

The Circuit

An amazing viral video celebrating 60 years of collaboration between Shell and Ferrari.
The director is Antoine Bardou Jacquet at Partizan, London. Creative agency: JWT. Post produced at The Mill.
Gran bel video “virale” per celebrare i 60 anni di collaborazione fra Shell e Ferrari.
Il regista è Antoine Bardou Jacquet, presso Partizan. Agenzia creativa: JWT. Post produzione: [...]

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It’s not easy being green…

“Soon after the death of Jim Henson, Kermit the Frog turned to a life full of drugs, alcohol and sex. His fall to rock-bottom was quick and unrelenting.”
With this song, and video, you’ll feel the excruciating pain of a frog’s bleeding heart.
Don’t know who’s the genius behind this clip, but be [...]

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ANDY HUANG – Doll Face

Appearence. The urge to be accepted. Conforming to what we see around seems the easiest way. To destroy ourselves as individuals.
Doll Face is an outstanding short movie realized by Andy Huang, including the music. His friend Christina Frenzel acted for the real action shootings.
Andy “had no access to motion capture technology, so all of the [...]

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HP Sauce: Dreams

From director Simon Burrill of Infinity Productions comes this lucid tale of breakfast in bed and the waking life enduced from succulent HP Sauce.
Obviously (obviously?) inspired from Nicolas Lampert’s Meatscapes.
The editor was Gareth McEwen at The WhiteHouse. Post production made at Rushes. Creative Agency: Beattie McGuinness Bungay.
Dal regista Simon Burrill di Infinity Productions il lucido [...]

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SAM ARTHUR – This is Me

As they say: shit happens!To me, it actually did.

As I said in a previous post on Ticklebooth, this is the story of the most unbelievable airplane accident you’ll ever heard. Uhm, ok, the second most unbelievable accident…
While Bertie Timson (Paul Broughton) lies in a coma, his wife (Dariel Pertwee) is living the high life. This [...]

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Boy Meets Girl

I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.(Te lo faccio vedere, se mi fai vedere la tua.)

If you’ve read the quotation up above, you should have an idea of what’s gonna happen in this clip. Obviously, that idea is wrong.
The fourth installment we covered in the campaign Want2Bsquare. The creative agency Attik developed the [...]

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The Tired City

Don’t you dare!

A poor overwhelmed worker is brought to a physical and nervous breakdown by her superior. She’ll look for relief, chasing her dreams in a floating bubble, but things ain’t that easy, you know…
This beautiful short movie from Hong Kong has been directed by John Chan Yu Fung, written and voiced by Pam Hung [...]

[BEST OF] February 2007

ExtraStrong: funny cut paper stop animation.
Sundown: a motion graphics feast with a Victorian appeal and a steampunk aftertaste.
La maquina del mundo: Yay! Steampunk butterflies!
Transparent City: see through things!
Mega Robot Returns: robotic slapstick.
Cuts and Lies: performance video meets PikaPika.
Jalouse: an astronauts love triangle.
Nessuno: some liquid beauty.
Don’t Die Ding! A holiday spectacular…
Knife: love rocks.
Doodles: beautiful, touching animation.
Intonation: [...]

Happiness of the Katakuris

Hey ya! This is a cross blogged post. Another half of this post has just been posted on Ticklebooth!
Well. Happiness of the Katakuris (Katakuri-ke no kôfuku), directed by Takashi Miike, is a 2001 remake of The Quiet Family (Choyonghan kajok) a Korean movie. There’s also a Chinese remake called A Mysterious Murder but I’ve [...]

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Heart of the World: Clip Updated

The gorgeous Heart of the World is available again, with a higher quality clip too.
Updated the post for Under the Cherry Tree with informations and an additional link.
Alternate link added for Groove Armada’s Get Down.
Il magnifico Heart of the World torna online, tra l’altro con una clip di qualità superiore.
Aggiornato il post di Under the [...]

Want2BSquare: Surgery


Everybody want to be square. Even if it means to go thru a surgical operation!
Yet another viral video from the Want2BSquare campaign. The director is James Rouse at Outsider. Edited by Bob Mori at Cake TV. Visual effects done at Lola VFX. Music and sound design by Machine Head.
Tutti vogliono essere squadrati. Anche ricorrendo [...]

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EATLIZ – Attractive

Wherever you are…

A girl is having her own private odyssey on a little folded paper boat in this video made in a mixed technique: a combination of 2D and 3D animation with stop motion and live action.
Eatliz is an Israeli (I guess…) indipendent music band, whose members are: Guy Ben Shitrit (guitars), Or Bahir (guitars), [...]

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The Ore

Fossil fuels are depleting, and the Maven Council faces a global crisis. Maven Varkaus (Jeff Doba) has spent his life searching for answers to the growing energy crisis. When a mysterious discovery comes to light, Varkaus’ dreams may soon be realized… and he will let nothing to stand in his own way.
Elsa (Shaula Chambliss) is [...]


Artcade: Link Updated

This gorgeous animated viral for Playstation and/or a related magazine is back online.
Lo stupendo spot animato per la Playstation e/o una rivista collegata, è di nuovo online.

REFERENCE: Il post di Artcade.

Air Action Vigorsol: The Legend

Nothing could stop the forest fire.Except, maybe… a miracle!.

Just posted this on Ticklebooth and M&C, but I can’t resist to post it here too, so here it goes…
This spot just pushes the CGI farting furry animals meme to its extreme, building a legend around a stinky squirrel who saved the forest.
The commercial has been directed [...]

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TOM SALLES – Equilibrio

“A male character (Mick Diflo) confined in a dark gym exercises to develop his upper body muscles, and as he grows to enormous proportions his body stability changes.”
This short film has been directed by Tom Salles, who also did editing and visual effects.
“Un uomo (Mick Diflo) chiuso dentro una palestra buia, si esercita per sviluppare [...]


Sailor`s Girl: Clip Updated

Another update made thanks to users contributions. A way better clip for Sailor’s Girl is now available.
Altro aggiornamento dovuto al contrubuto di un lettore. A disposizione, c’è una clip di buona qualità per Sailor’s Girl.

REFERENCE: Il post di Sailor’s Girl.

La cabina: Link Updated

I’ve put La cabina back up on DivShare.
Updated the post for It’s Beautiful with Directors Notes coverage about it.
Added some links to the best of list.
Ho rimesso La cabina online, su DivShare.
Aggiornato il post di It’s Beautiful con i contenuti postati su Directors Notes.
Aggiunte alcune voci al meglio di.

REFERENCE: Il post di La cabina.

Lexus: Hydrant

The place of a car accident is restored to its previous beauty, as if no accident had taken place, thanks to the Actively Safe technology. Whatever it is.
The commercial was directed by Nicolai Fuglsig at MJZ and filmed at the Universal Studios. Director of photography: Salvatore Totino. Edited by David Hanegar at Butcher Edit. Visual [...]

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MICHAEL LEVITON – Summer`s the Worst

A cautionary tale about the dangers of summer romance. Memo: do not fall in love with a mermaid, this summer.
Michael Leviton plays baritone ukulele and sing. He went on tour opening for They Might Be Giants.
Summer’s the Worst is included on his first album, My Favorite Place to Drown, released for Smith Street / [...]

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Shera Flexy Board: Love Story

A sweet romance between two geckos meets its ill fate in this commercial directed by Suthon Petchsuwan for the Thailandese Matching Studio. Special effects by Digital Magic FX House.
This version uses Love Story’s soundtrack, though ‘boards and feed are hosting a clip with a different score.
La storia d’amore tra due gechi va incontro al [...]


BJORK – Big Time Sensuality

we just metand i know i’m a bit too intimatebut something huge is coming up

Big Time Sensuality was Björk’s fourth single and music video, released in november 1993. Written by Björk & Nellee Hooper, produced by Nellee Hooper.
The video is shot on location, in the streets of New York, in 1993 by Stéphane Sednaoui, featuring [...]

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Body Echoes

The epiderm. Liminal response.A beacon of light. Traces and indices once signaled…

“The human landscape, the urban body”. A look at reality from the outside. Or, maybe, reality looking at us. From inside.
Body Echoes is inspired to the work of coreographer Paul-André Fortier, namely his event performance Solo 30×30 (see an excerpt here), a solo dance [...]

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Additional Updates

Added links to: Scratch, Zewebanim Blog, Laboratory 101, Elma Alt Shift, Iyi fikir!, Ample Sanity, Casabe con Wasabi and last but not least, NoZap.
I’m also glad to link back to Mixtape Club, Stefan Ringelschwandtner and Sean Hodges.
Updated the post for Hearts a Mess with links and informations from Shots Ring Out.
All this updating has messed [...]

Lucky: Clips Updated

Almost any link towards Nash Edgerton’s Lucky was dead, but a kind reader provided the new ones. Thanks!
Alternate links added for Horn OK Please. Updated the post for Still Island. (Thanks, aishu.)
Quasi tutti i link verso Lucky di Nash Edgerton erano andati, ma un gentile lettore ne ha postati di nuovi. Grazie!
Aggiunti link alternativi per [...]

Energizer: Immortal

A spot that shows “the pros and cons of immortality” but also how dumb people could benefit much of it.
The director was Nicolas Kasakoff at Flip Films. Editor: Chris Castagna. Post production made at Riot.
Uno spot sui “pro e contro dell’immortalità” che mostra anche essa sia tanto più utile quanto più uno è stupido.
Il regista [...]



A peaceful yet strong short movie that recreates the look and feel of watercolor painting using 3D graphics.
“This beautiful film shows the pull between harmony and competition in nature, represented by two dragonflies in a lotus pond.” (Source: Harvard Film Archive)
“Time seems to pass quietly at a slightly decelerated speed and we see carp and [...]

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The End: Clip Updated

One of the best movies out of Supinfocom in the last two years, The End, is available again.
Updated the post for Alfie. Added an alternate link for Skateboard and Get Down.
Also fixed the post for Gisèle Kérozène.
Uno dei migliori film usciti da Supinfocom negli ultimi due anni, The End, è di nuovo a disposizione.
Aggiornato il [...]

Tower of Grantville

“A sort Suessian fairy tale with awesome illustration, character design and animation, and a pretty sinister vibe.”
Another pretty promotional short movie realized by Buck for
“Una specia di fiaba alla Dr. Seuss, con illustrazioni, personaggi ed animazioni stupende, ed una atmosfera sinistra.”
Altro bel cortometraggio promozionale di Buck per il sito

via Motionographer

LINK: Visita il sito [...]

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NEDELLE – Our Little Selves

Sound the bell, our little selves are enough.

A daydreaming journey in and around a magical dollhouse and a fantasy forest.
Nedelle Torrisi (born September 27, 1980 in Redding, California) is an American musician who lives in Oakland, California. (Source: Wikipedia)
Our Little Selves is featured on her second album, From the Lion’s Mouth, released by Kill [...]

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It’s peaceful here.

You may have have thought that I was not gonna post this, after I put it on Ticklebooth. Wrong!
The Silent City is a short movie written and directed by Ruairi Robinson, starring Garvan Mcgrath, Don Wycherley and Cillian Murphy.
Three soldiers are marching in a desert landscape, after some battle has taken place (somewhat [...]

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Gisele Kerozene: Clip Updated

Gisèle Kérozène is back online, with a higher resolution clip. Go and catch it, if you want.
Also added an alternate link for Paper and Children 1st.
Gisèle Kérozène è di nuovo online, con una clip a risoluzione maggiore. Acchiappatela!
Aggiunto un link alternativo per Paper e Children 1st.

REFERENCE: Il post di Gisèle Kérozène.

Diet Coke: Back Lot

An intrepid production assistant goes to great lengths to save a shoot and provide the prima donna with her favourite soda.
The commercial had been directed by Ivan Zacharias at Smugglers. Director of photography: Jan Velicky. Editing by Filip Malasek at Robota. Visual effects by The Mill.
Two version available: one and two minutes long.
Un intrepido assistente [...]

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May have big bootyThey are sweet like tutti fruttiLips feel just like cherryAngels and thats why I’m screeching

A couple of rabbits is doing some ace dancing for some music video. But, between the shots, they do what they’re best known for: multiplying!
Groove Armada is an electronic music group from Cambridge, composed of two members, [...]

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CARLOS FLOREZ – Wartype Fonts

The evolution of warfare and the evolution of typographic fonts are put together in this short piece.
I’m not sure if I understood it, but the effect is… weird? Well, it’s better if you watch it yourself!
Designed, written, directed and produced by Carlos Florez. The soundtrack is Clubbed to Death by Rob Dougan.
L’evoluzione della guerra e [...]

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Lux Provocateur: Link Updated

Last update for today: Lux Provocateur viral video is back online. Go for it!
Ultimo aggiornamento, per oggi: lo spot per Lux Provocateur è di nuovo online.

REFERENCE: Il post di Lux Provocateur.

Snowball: Clip Updated

The viral for Travelers directed by Dante Ariola is now back online too, with a slightly better clip.
Anche lo spot per Travelers diretto da Dante Ariola è di nuovo disponibile con una clip un pochino migliore.

REFERENCE: Il post di Snowball.

Naturally Capable: Link Updated

The clip is back online. Watch it, download it, ignore it… As you please!
La clip è di nuovo online. Guardàtela, scaricatela, ignoratela. Come vi pare!

REFERENCE: Il post di Naturally Capable.

Nissan Qashqai: Skateboard

What if you could ride a car like it was a sketeboard?
You’ve probably seen it this on TV or on some other website before, but this clip is in high resolution, so I thought it was nice to share it.
The commercial was directed by Joaquín Baca-Asay; the production house was Gang Films. (Source: tv spot)
E [...]

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MODEST MOUSE – Dashboard

I just wanted to catch the last laugh of this show.

In a decrepit bar we’ll be told a very fishy story, where “the lure of the high seas beckons lead singer Isaac Brock.”
Modest Mouse is an American indie rock band. Dashboard will be included in their upcoming album We Were Dead Before the Ship Even [...]

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The Lemon Tree

We get by just fine…

The Lemon Tree is a beautiful short movie that mixes real action characters on an environment animated with several techniques.
“It addresses our constant hunt for perfection. The closer we think we are, the more distorted our memory of it becomes.”
“Perfection portrayed through a world of plastic beauty, leading to neglect the [...]

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Want2BSquare: Three Years

The girl took a photo of herself every day, for three years (like this one) but she also slept with her head in a vice…
A funny viral from Buck for a trippy website.
La tipa si è scattata una foto al giorno per tre anni (come questa qui) ma ha anche dormito in una morsa nel [...]

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JUST JACK – Writer`s Block

Sometimes at night i think too much,About love and life and music and stuff

An exuberant trip in the mind of an artist in the middle of a chrisis.
Jack Allsopp, known by the stage name Just Jack, is a British musician. (Source: Wikipedia)
Writer’s Block is featured on his second album, called Overtones and released in [...]

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A love story with a science fiction theme and some scenes that are Not Suitable For Work.
Antarctica, some time in the future. Hebe (Magda Ritz) and Ciro (Benedicto Moya) are spending their vacation. But they’re not an ordinary couple.
Similo has been directed by Bruno Zacharias (also author and co-producer) and MacGregor (also editor and director [...]

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Sorry for the long pause, but my computer has been haunted by some scumware. Many thanks go to my ISP again…
Talking about scum, Steve Jobs made a public statement against DRM: genuine pledge or a the trick of a jester? Defective by Design wrote him an open letter. I suggest you to read and, [...]



Raymond, a lazy swimming pool instructor, would like to discover the oceans. A team of scientists offer to help him.
A short movie by Bif and The Mill.
Il più grande desiderio di Raymond, un pigro istruttore di nuoto, è congiungersi con l’oceano. Un gruppo di scienziati lo aiuta.
Cortometraggio di Bif e The Mill.

© BIF Pictures 2006
via [...]

DAVID SCHARF – Big Brother State

We believe, that peoplewilling to trade their freedomfor temporary securitydeserve neither and will lose both

“Since terrorism has become a global threat, especially after 9/11, governments all over the world have started enforcing laws which, so the governments say, should increase national security.
“These laws obviously aim at another goal: the states gaining more and more control [...]

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It`s Beautiful

Just because something it’s beautiful, it doesn’t mean it can’t be harmful.
Nicolas d’Haussy directed and produced this one minute short clip as a part of a 10 films series against AIDS.
He wrotes me: “On this project I experimented a video production with a simple visual.” And: “I was given the opportunity to direct and produce [...]

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Tech Issues

Be Back Soon

I’m experiencing some technical problems. Hang on: posting will resume in a few days. Maybe.
Sto avendo alcune difficoltà tecniche. Tenete duro: i post riprenderanno in un paio di giorni. Forse.


Pepsi: Pinball

Very funny commercial for Pepsi, even tho’ I don’t know what the message is. Maybe they added more caffeine. Or something stronger…
Directed and produced by Traktor, the ad features visual effects by Method Studios. Editor was Paul Martinez at Lost Planet.
Divertente spot per la Pepsi, anche se non ho capito quale è il messaggio. [...]

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Resfest 10: San Francisco

I’ll be fighting for the future of mankind.

It’s coming. And this time it’ll not take any prisoners!!! Yeah, but… What is it?
This teaser for last year Resfest has been directed by Eric Lava AKA Green Towel, Patrick Bowyer (of Transistor Studios) and Anders Schroder AKA dform1.
Sta arrivando. E questa volta non farà prigionieri. Si vabbe’… [...]

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Tread Softly: Link Updated

Lovely SPAM! Wonderful SPAM!

Tread Softly is now up on Vimeo. Hope it’s okay for the author: I can’t find any contact.
No Fat Clips!!! has been blocked for a little time, because someone/something flagged it as a spam blog. I may agree on it (for a certain definition of spam) however but it was upsetting.
Tread Softly [...]