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{ Monthly Archives } February 2007

GUSTER – Satellite

Maybe you will always beJust a little out of reach

This is the fourth clip in a row from Adambiz you find up there. But how could I possibly resist posting it? And, after all, why should I?
This time he makes us spin around. But it doesn’t seem exactly like a merry-go-round.
Guster is an alternative [...]

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HEEBOK LEE – Tread Softly

He wishes for the Cloths of Heaven
Had I the heavens’ embroidered cloths,Enwrought with golden and silver light,The blue and the dim and the dark clothsOf night and light and the half-light,I would spread the cloths under your feet:But I, being poor, have only my dreams;I have spread my dreams under your feet;Tread softly because you [...]

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Oh, well…
In the sidebar, added links to: Seward Street, Ma Kultura, Metafilter,Blogacine, RaShOmoN, Lukira, El mundillo, I Like, thisbluehippo, Mira y Calla, Massimo’s Blog. I really needed to refresh my sources.
Updated the best of section with the december 2006 selection (it was about time.)
Vediamo un po’…
Nella sidebar, aggiunti link verso: Seward Street, Ma Kultura, Metafilter,Blogacine, [...]

Pepsi Amp: Paper

An author faces the demon of the writer’s block and defeats it in the only way he could.
A cool commercial directed by MJZ’s Dante Ariola, with post production by Digital Domain.
The embedded MP4 clip is a de-interlaced version of the one posted on Stash’s feed.
Un autore affronta il demone del blocco dello scrittore e lo [...]

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PATRIZIA LAQUIDARA – Per causa d’amore

If we’re allowed to go wrongIt’s only because of love

Imagine you have a romantic rendez vous. Nice, uh? But it is in a car. And the car is just about to be wrecked. And your bound, stuck inside the vehicle. Ain’t that nice after all…
Patrizia Laquidara is an Italian pop singer and writer. Per causa [...]



The first rule of Fight Club is…

Remember Marla Singer, from Fight Club? The character from Chuck Palahniuk’s novel (or from David Fincher’s movie, if you prefer) is portrayed in this short movie, played by the actress Mélanie Biesemans.
The result is slightly far from the mood of both the book and the movie, but that is [...]

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Tender Buttons: Clip Updated

This is the fourth update for Tender Buttons. Hope it will last for a while…
Additional links for Industry, Doodles. Fixed the link for Three Legged Legs‘ Samurai.
Questo è il quarto update per Tender Buttons. Spero che regga per un po’…
Link aggiuntivi per Industry, Doodles. Corretto link per Samurai di Three Legged Legs.

REFERENCE: Il post di [...]

Levis: Dangerous Liaison

You’ve seen it all around the web, but now it is available at a decent quality at Beam TV.
Love goes thru time and fashions. But never changes brand, as you can guess…
Commercial directed by Ringan Ledwidge and produced by Rattling Stick. Post production made at The Mill. Editor: Richard Orrick.
The song is Strange Love by [...]

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Robyn – Konichiwa Bitches

See you next tuesdayYou is a punk.

Silly costumes. Silly moves. Silly voices. Silly lyrics. Everything that sum up to a great video!
Robin Miriam Carlsson aka Robyn is a Swedish pop singer and songwriter. She is best known internationally for her singles in the ’90s Do You Know (What It Takes) and Show Me Love.
Konichiwa Bitches [...]

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JARRETT MOODY – Intonation

Say what again. SAY WHAT AGAIN.I dare you, I double dare you, motherfucker.Say what one more goddamn time..

What does Marsellus Wallace looks like in text? Find it out in this typographic rendition of the well known scene from Pulp Fiction where Samuel L nails down someone who fucked with the wrong guy.
The movie is a [...]

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You wake up in the morning, with no memory about the night before. Your car is missing and shards of glass are on the floor. Then, you start to remember. Too late.
The film has been realized by Jan Christian Ormåsen with a budget of 1500 dollars, for a Norwegian short movie contest called Amandus. (Source: [...]

[BEST OF] January 2007

Again, don’t know when I’ll got time for another post. Maybe tonight. Maybe next week. So, here’s a selection from the last month.
Annie Let’s not Wait: old styled new school. Or old schooled new style?
Samurai: a pint-sized samurai is faced with a seemingly impossible challenge.
Transistor: a bucolic robot movie.
Inside-Out: a man who knows how to [...]

Samaritans: Doodles

Things on your mind?

Beautiful, touching animation that makes use of different techniques to bring the look and feel of ink and paper.
The director is Christian Bevilacqua for Therapy Films. Animators: Christian Bevilacqua, Chris Ratcliffe and Martin Stacey.
The song is by Sufjan Stevens off of his album Greetings from Michigan and it’s called Redford. (Source: Herald [...]

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Grizzly Bear – Knife

Can’t you feel the knife?

A human geologist (or may he be a Klingon?) meets a woman made out of rocks, probably called there by some strange machine. Falling in love occurs.
Grizzly Bear is a Brooklyn-based indie rock band founded by Edward Droste and Christopher Bear. Additional members are: Chris Taylor (clarinetist and bassist) and Daniel [...]

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Don`t Die Ding! A Holiday Spectacular

Ding is a little guy with a big idea— an idea so big that he is the idea. He’ll have to run from a trio of baritone sirens seeking to lure Ding off [...]

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Come for Brazil: Link Updated

Psyop’s Come for Brazil is back online.
Also, updated the post for Virtuosi with a bunch of links from Director Notes. Added a link for Knights of Cydonia, courtesy of The Last Minute Blog. A little update for Sugar Baby Love too.
Come for Brazil di Psyop è di nuovo online.
Ho anche aggiornato il post di [...]


Not Suitable For Work.

Like Ajit before me, I’m not sure of what’s this all about (generations? Potentialities? Both?) but maybe the secret is to just sit and enjoy the show.
Nessuno is performed by Robertina and Gatto Ciliegia Contro il Grande Freddo (Cherry Cat vs. The Big Chill) and is a cover of the classic sung [...]

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Atomic Monsters

Equipped with a jet pack and a plasma gun, Dynamite Dog is hunting down the little Puke, a space flea. In this pilot episode for the series, the dog will soon turn from hunter to prey.
The director and author of the series is Franck Demolliere, at Alligatoon. Sound by Barthelemy Defossez at Recisio Studio.
Munito di [...]


DeBeers: Dandelions

A dandelion may not be forever but, at least, it’s cheap. Unlike diamonds, as you may know.
The commercial has been directed by Chris Milk and produced at Radical Media. Editor was Livio Sanchez at The Whitehouse (now he’s at Final Cut).
Visual effects were done at MacGuff, by creative director Simon Scott, visual effects directors Stephan [...]



Oui c’est ça tout simplement jalouse.

In a strange coincidence with the current news, here’s story of an astronauts love triangle.
Born on 1975, Emily Loizeau is a French author, composer and singer. Jalouse is featured on her debut album, released in 2006 for Fargo Records, and entitled L’autre bout du monde (The Other End of the [...]


The Ballcocks

Hello and welcome.

“It was 1963, the cold war and nuclear threat was brought directly in to the public eye, in the form of an information booklet, advising the Householder on Protection against Nuclear Attack, to tell people how they could survive atomic war.”
The Ballcocks is a twisted (and certainly not animal friendly) short movie by [...]

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Performance video meets PikaPika. I’m usually not very fond for this kind of promos, but this one has very interesting visuals.
Acoustic Ladyland are a London based jazz band consisting of Tom Herbert on double bass, Pete Wareham on saxophone, Seb Rochford on drums and Tom Cawley on Piano. They are part of the F-IRE Collective. [...]

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Hiccups are at schools, learning about all the techniques and the tricks human try to get rid of them.
Probably not the state of the art, but I still remember this short for his funny story and the characters animation.
The author is Jessica Sances, former student of the Ringling School, who worked later on Dreamworks animated [...]

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Hearts a Mess: Link Updated

A better version of the clip is available for download, thanks to tapiq, on antville.
Potete scaricare una versione migliore della clip, grazie a tapiq, su antville.

REFERENCE: Il post di Hearts a Mess.

Lloyds TSB: For the Journey

Following a nice couple in the journey of their love and their life. By train.
The director is Marc Craste at Studio AKA. I love that man.
The MPEG-4 clip is identical to the Stash Quicktime, except that I compressed the audio.
Seguiamo una coppia nel viaggio del loro amore e della loro vita. In treno.
Il regista è [...]

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Voce cafeteria comigo

How do you say “I love you”?

From producer to consumer, here’s a “romantic psychedelic music video”, highlighted in a recent comment.
The song is Você cafeteria comigo (You cafeteria with me) by Jon Appleton and Künstler Treu, from the album Wunderbra!
The clip is a student work by Belgian 3D artist Jeef Berkey.
Dal produttore al consumatore, [...]


Mega Robot Returns

Just a very short animated slapstick, except that it involves a humongous robot.
It is a non commercial work by the guys at Kaktus Film, Sweden’s premier motion design, digital effects and 3D animation studio.
Una semplice, breve comica animata, eccetto che il “comico” è un robot gigante.
Lavoro non commerciale di alcuni tizi di Kaktus Film, uno [...]


Updates: Alternate Edition

Added alternate links for: Alfie, Right Place, 14th Raindance Film Festival.
Some new stuff incoming!
Aggiunti link alternativi per: Alfie, Right Place, 14th Raindance Film Festival.
La roba nuova sta arrivando!

Still Island: Link Updated Again

The link for Still Island has been updated again. Will it last, this time? I have my doubts…
In the sidebar, updated the link to vPIP.
Il link per Still Island è stato aggiornato di nuovo. Durerà, questa volta? Ho i miei seri dubbi…
Nella sidebar, aggiornato il link verso vPIP.

REFERENCE: Il post di Still Island.

Back in Charge

Sorry for the long long sleep… :)
Mi scuso per la lunga dormita… :)


Good Night

Dunno about you, but I really need some good sleep!
The Be Right Back Day closes. But it has been fun. We should do it again…
Non so voi, ma io ho bisogno di una seria dormita!
Il Be Right Back Day chiude qui. Però è stato bello. Dovremmo rifarlo…


Transparent City

There’s a new web portal about your town, in town. So, if you’re German, say bye bye to your privacy.
The nice piece of eye candiness has been directed by Marc Raymond Wilkins at BigFish Filmproduktion.
C’è un nuovo portale sulla tua città, in città. Perciò, se sei tedesco, dì pure addio alla tua privacy…
Un bel pezzo [...]

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Captain Nick: Gadzoola

We’ll Be Right Back!

Captain Nick saves the day and the girl.
The clip, realized at Atlantic Motion, is an ident shown between shows and commercials on Nickelodeon channel.
Acclaimed director Peter Wallach led a team of talented animators and designers as they built a legion of armatures, including the massive dragon lizard creature Gadzoola. (Source: VFX Talk)
Captain [...]

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RVS: Angels

He said come wander, with me lovecome wander with meaway from the sad worldcome wander with me.

In this ad for a Dutch insurance company, the agents are flying around (to get paid?) with umbrellas, a la Mary Poppins, or a la Golconda, if you prefer.
The director is Koen Mortier at Czar Films. Director of photography: [...]

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CWS: Say No to Dirt

You’ve probably seen this around, but just in case…
Ingredients: a disco club, a drug addicted girl, a high tech toilet seat. Guess the story.
A clever and funny commercial directed by Owen Harris and produced by Stephan Pauly at Film Deluxe. Director of photography: Sten Mende.
L’avrete già visto in giro, ma non si può mai sapere…
Ingredienti: [...]

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Will Be Right Back!

Don’t know when I’ll get the time for another update, so here’s some commercials to entertain you in the meanwhile…
Non so quando avrò tempo per aggiornare di nuovo il blog, perciò eccovi adesso mando la pubblicità, per intrattenervi…


Mysteries: Link Updated Again

Reuploaded the music video for Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man’s Mysteries.
Altenate links for Rootsnine and Nochwas.
Rimesso online il video per Mysteries di Beth Gibbons e Rustin Man.
Link alternativi per Rootsnine e Nochwas.

REFERENCE: Il post di Mysteries.

Tooth Fairy

The sad sad story of a man, his grandchild and the beginning of the kid’s addiction to high-fat fast food stuff.
Commercial directed by Alex Laubscher.
La triste storia di un nonno, di suo nipote, e dell’inizio delle dipendenza del bimbo dal lipidico cibo da fast food.
Spot diretto da Alex Laubscher.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Tooth Fairy.[Format: Quicktime - [...]

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Now how the hell do you ever expect that you’ll get laid,When all you do is stay and play on your computer games

Lily Allen tells us about her weed-smoker, onanist, nerdy puppet brother.
Alfie is the latest single extracted from Alright, Still, the debut album by Lily Rose Beatrice Allen.
The music video has been directed by [...]

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Drone tells the story of PJ. He’s obsessed with the society and the way of living that it’s imposed to him. He feels he’s alive only to work and produce.
This short movie has been made by Miguel Angel Tejerina and is the final thesis for his degree in computer science. It is based on the [...]


B LINE: Clip Updated

The clip for B Line (or B-Line, or B’Line, or whatever?) is available again for download.
Added some links for Jaws of Life.
La clip di B Line (o B-Line, o B’Line, o come cavolo si chiama?) è nuovamente online.
Aggiunti alcuni link per Jaws of Life.

REFERENCE: Il post di B Line.

La maquina del mundo

Yay! Steampunk butterflies!
Menu du Jour is an Argentinian progressive rock band whose members are Vicky (voice), Ivo (guitar), Sol (drums) and Johnny (bass) and whose name is a reference to Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain.
Johnny, the bassist, is also the author of this 20 seconds animation that will be the trailer for the band’s first [...]

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Perestroika: Post Updated

The post for Perestroika has been updated adding fresh informations and removing dead links.
I’ve also added a new link for Will the Summer Make Good for all our Sins.
Il post di Perestroika è stato aggiornato aggiungendo informazioni recenti e togliendo i link “morti”.
Ho anche aggiunto un nuovo link per Will the Summer Make Good for [...]

Singapore Airlines First Class

A brief but intense visual piece that will make you slip into “a world of yours, and yours alone”.
The ad was produced by Oktobor, a visual effects company based in Auckland, New Zealand. The directors are Jonny Kofoed and Damon Duncan.
Breve ma intenso pezzo visuale che vi farà scivolare in un “mondo tutto vostro, e [...]

DAEDALUS – Sundown

Director Clay Lipsky sent in the link to his reel for my viewing pleasure. So, now I’m posting this video for your viewing pleasure.
A motion graphics feast with a Victorian appeal and a steampunk aftertaste is a perfect match for a song that features a Brazilian Samba band and a stadium rock live audience.
Daedalus is [...]

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Fabio Santomauro kindly sent me a Winmedia clip for this short I posted on Tickle last week.
So, what do we have here? A metaphor for conflicts that sort out when three minds are at work on the same thing? Or just a fun piece about pieces of paper playing war?
Whatever it is, cut paper stop [...]

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Parenthese: Post Updated Once Again

Nuje dinto ‘e case nun jettammo nientesempe quaccosa ce po’ servìguardanno ‘a robba vecchia pare nova…

I’ve put back online the AVI version of Parenthese. I thought it was a waste to throw it away.
Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ll try to flood this place in the next few days.
Ho rimesso online la versione [...]